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And you make these claims based on hands-on experience, right?
If Gartner is so wrong, why do you keep posting their stuff AI?
Haha, you guys are even trying to convince me not to buy Xoom, even though I don't have any plans to do so (or any other tablet for that matter). As for a 4G upgrade, I doubt he'd be interested in that given that there are no 4G networks in the UK to use it on.Of all of my Android-owning friends (I reckon there are about 10 that I know of), only one of them doesn't own a HTC Desire or a Nexus One/Nexus S. He has an Orange San Francisco and he seems to be very happy with...
Do you have any evidence of this whatsoever?You mean just like iPhone, which is given away for free as well?
You mean like the UK, where iPhone is on sale on ALL major carriers, yet plenty of people still buy Android handsets?
Unnamed sources at unnamed manufactuers cite "unstable performance" yet provide no further details. Is there a story here other than that DigiTimes wrote an article? My friend ordered his Motorola Xoom (yes, it does go on sale in a country other than the USA this weekend) a few weeks ago. Looks like there were a lot of people before him though, as the retailer has informed him that they have had high demand and are delaying his order. Seems like it's not just iPad that...
Haha, yesterday when there was a topic about iPad market share being high, it was the most important thing in the world to you guys. Today when we get one about iPhone marketshare not being that great, we have people saying it is "meaningless" and "misinformation". Make up your minds guys
The buttons are controlled by the developer of the Flash container, so in this case it would be CNet that designed those.
It always surprises me when articles like this about digital distribution of games compare any potential new products to Apple's store. Why is the comparison not to Microsoft's XNA service, which delivered low cost (even free) tools to small developers and allowed them to publish games to Xbox Live Marketplace a long time before anyone had even heard of "App Store"? Interesting World of Goo is highlighted here. You can bet the customers Gamestop is afraid of losing are...
iPhone is available on 5 carriers in my country and for free from many of them:http://www.vodafone.co.uk/brands/iph...hone/index.htmhttp://shop.o2.co.uk/mobile_phone/pa...e_4_16GB_Blackhttp://shop.orange.co.uk/iphone/choose-your-4g-plan Yet I know more people with an Android phone than an iPhone. I think your reasons are a bit out, or at least don't consider any markets outside USA.
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