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"experimental support for Flash is still not able to deliver reasonable performance even for web videos" You mean the final version of Flash, available on Android Market that delivers video perfectly as the below example shows? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gq6xzyxVYg0
All of my friends with Android phones use Firefox to browse the web. Does this data include that as well? Also, "4 million unique visitors over a large portfolio of websites" doesn't seem like a very good sample to me.
These "rumours" are funny. So even if Sony is providing sensors to Apple, at what point did anyone say they were 8MP sensors? Where did that information come from? It certainly didn't come from Stringer, and it didn't come from Apple either.
Have you ever used Zune?I was fortunate enough to try it when I was on holiday in the USA (they haven't released it in other markets, which may account for lower sales). Very well made player, with a very nice UI.The Zune software that it connects to on Windows is also miles ahead of iTunes. Much better interface and far, far more responsive.
I don't care about earnings, and unless you're a shareholder, I don't know why you would either. However, over the past few years Microsoft has released some awesome products, many of which were innovative, and most of which were very good executions: Windows 7 Office 2010 Windows Phone 7 (they could easily have copied iPhone/Android, but chose to make a truly unique mobile OS) Xbox 360 Kinect Zune
Microsoft spends a lot on research, and thankfully for us they occasionally let us see what they are working on. I'll take that any day over the secrecy there is at Apple, but I'd also bet that there at least as many abandoned projects in Cupertino as well. Just because we don't get to see them doesn't mean that they don't exist.
I was specifically referring to the BBC News application, which has only a very limited number of videos available.
Yep, but you're extremely limited in what videos are available. Try streaming a video from a local news story, for example.
1. I must be doing something wrong because I can't find any. Could you post a link? 2. I don't know if you tried 10.2 yet but I haven't seen a crash, hang or other problem since I installed it. I have a friend at work who is now able to watch the videos on BBC News website on his Nexus One. Very cool when our other iPad owning colleague can't see any of them. 3. You should probably read my post again. I didn't say that. Of course it is useful. However, whether it is...
I've not seen any benchmarks that say that HTML5 video playback is more efficient (and thus less of a power drain) than the same video inside a Flash container. If you know of any, please post them here, I think it would be very relevant to this thread. I'm also not ignoring anything. I'm just confused by people who claim that HTML5 is some sort of legitimate replacement for Flash, when clearly it doesn't offer anything close to that functionality right now. I'm well aware...
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