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Do you want to explain which part of the HTML5 specification you think is more useful than Flash as a whole?
This is always going to be the case though, you can't force everyone on previous versions of browsers to upgrade. I'm sure that most web developers are more concerned with how their sites look on the majority of systems, and that certainly isn't any of the tablets mentioned in this article (including iPad).The fact is that as a consumer, I want to be able to access the websites I visit now. I don't buy an iPad today in the hope that in three or four years, web developers...
I'd much rather have Flash support than perfect page rendering of features that are rarely (if ever) used on the websites I visit.
Yes. I'd still love to know how you find a use for 600 different apps!
There were three third party apps I used on a daily basis on my iPhone: Twitter Facebook Reeder I've found equivalent Windows Phone versions for them all, and the only application I used frequently that I can't find a substitute for is TomTom. I can't imagine having a use for 600 applications on any phone, regardless of how many are available.
I just posted my thoughts on my new phone here. After all this is a forum where we can talk about technology in general as well. I know how difficult it can be to try new phones - very few stores let you try them, and with contract commitments it can often be difficult for people to change. I wasn't trying to start a war, I was merely sharing my honest opinions about my new purchase. If you guys aren't interested, that's fine but please don't accuse me of having any sort...
My Samsung phone was delivered on March 15th and I sent my iPhone off to a recycling company on March 16th, one day before I posted that message.
Umm, nothing? Even if Samsung stopped selling this phone, mine wouldn't suddenly stop working.
I recently decided it was time to upgrade my iPhone 3GS - but what to? I looked at iPhone 4, Google Nexus S and Samsung Omnia 7 and when a deal came up on the latter, I decided to go for it. I've now had the phone for a few days. The hardware feels very nice. I really liked the metal back on the original iPhone and I love this phone too, as the whole of the rear of the phone is made of metal. There isn't any creak or flex in the phone, and the buttons that are on the...
I don't care about this test. I don't own an iPhone or an Android phone. However, what confuses me is the response from the Apple fansites to this test. It seems that they see it almost as their "duty" to defend Apple against what they see as inaccurate information. If the test is inaccurate, then why post about it at all? By doing that, all you do is draw MORE attention to this test (I hadn't heard about the test until I visited this site today) and giving MORE traffic...
New Posts  All Forums: