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Anyone else completely bored of sales figures and market share? I mean, I used to come to this site because it offered nice info about upcoming Apple products. Now all it seems to do is offer sales figures for every tech device out there. Maybe time to rename to TechSalesFigures.com or something.
Let's not forget that since you started buying Macs, the quality of ALL computers has increased significantly. Even since you got your iMac G5, Microsoft has released two new versions of Windows, with the latest one being extremely stable and easy to use.
I can't possibly think of changing your mind about which device is best, and you are entitled to your opinion. However, I don't understand why so many people here believe that someone has to be an "Apple Hater" to buy a non-Apple tablet. It's like saying I'm a Ford hater if I buy a Chevrolet. The only people that stand to gain from iPad holding such a huge market share are Apple's shareholders. As consumers you lose because if there isn't competition in the market then...
Nice to see them adding content for users outside the USA... Oh well, I'll stick to my PS3 streaming BBC iPlayer, ITV Player, 4oD and LoveFilm.
Maybe next time try reading the article before posting a comment.It's slow, freezes (I don't mean crashes) very often when trying to perform any operation and the UI is terrible. And I'm running it on a 2009 Mac Pro Quad.
Which is exactly what the application developer does when they produce an app for iOS. People don't want to make an in-app purchase because the application was approved by Apple, they want to make an in-app purchase because they have seen from the application itself that it is worthwhile.
I think it's time to remove AppleInsider from my RSS reader. There's nothing "Insider" or "Apple" about this site any more.
Just visited App Store on my iPhone. Here's what I could find without searching: Sexybooth+ Finger Cutter Paul Talking Babies Doodle Dumps Talking Tom Cat 90 in 1: APPZILLA The Moron Test BaldBooth AgingBooth Ringtone Designer JobJuice Marketing Photo Captions Premium PANASCOUT Killer Apps Viber Cat Physics Where are the "gems"?
iPhone is available on over 100 carriers. In my country, there are 5 carriers that have iPhone 4, yet still Android does well here. Some carriers also give iPhone away for free when you take out a data plan with them. The notion that Android is only successful in the USA because AT&T has been the only carrier of iPhone is ridiculous. People make a conscious decision to buy an Android phone because it offers what they need. If AT&T's iPhone exclusivity was the reason...
So unless Kindle changes to allow in-app purchases it is in danger then? Seems ridiculous - like others have mentioned akin to paying a cut to your car manufacturer when you top up its fuel or to your TV manufacturer when you watch a DVD.
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