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I just don't get why people complain so much about Flash. For end users, it provides an unmatched combination of animation, vector graphics and interactivity that simply is not available via a single alternative method. It is supported by the vast majority of web browsers in use today, which means that if you view Flash content in Safari on OS X, it will look identical to Firefox on Windows. This is not possible with HTML, as it's down to the browser and the operating...
Much of what you see as a lack of commercial success is actually not caused by a lack of demand or a lack of revenue from the products (and subsequently software sales). It's caused by other factors - piracy in the PSP's case and hardware defects in Xbox 360's case.Microsoft never had a "casual" gaming audience on Xbox or Xbox 360 before Kinect. It's impossible to "recapture" something you never had before. Actually, the concept of providing tools to small and individual...
Are you going to post any sources or just continue posting your opinion as fact?
There is far more to look into when considering this than simply overall sales numbers. For a start, 62m sales of a device which is largely single-purpose is quite incredible. It's even more impressive when you consider the single purpose is entertainment and isn't something "essential" like telephone or internet. The latest figures I can find (for NA only) show an attach rate of around 4.1 or 4.2 games per device. If we take an average game price of say $25, that means...
Right, so 62 million units is now selling poorly?
Will this website's editors ever stop slinging mud at Microsoft?
Why don't you write about the "disgruntled" Leopard users who also have to pay a fee for a "maintenance release"?
I have never used antivirus software on any of my Windows machines and they work just fine. I think that AV causes more problems than it solves (I can't tell you how many friends I've helped out by removing Norton from their machines after it screwed them up) and is definitely unnecessary these days. XP, Vista and 7 are now rock solid and are very secure. AV is not needed.
Why does this keep getting compared to the MacBook Pro? Surely its specs dictate that the only machine it can be compared with is the MacBook.
I am shocked at the naivety of some members here. You all seem to be forgetting that iPhone is available only in one country at present - there are billions of people who live outside of its sales area. Here, Apple will actually gain money by selling phones to people who cannot legally sign a contract with AT&T because they are not US residents. Seriously, this is a mess. Quite why this device wasn't just sold SIM free is beyond me.
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