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Wait, isn't stockpiling units like this the sort of thing that you guys normally criticise Samsung, HTC et-al about?
Why would someone with "vision difficulties" buy a touch screen phone?
Surely people in any country in the world are buying because it's the latest iPhone, not because of Siri. I can't imagine anyone who bought the phone uses Siri on a regular basis, or that anyone would think they would.
Well no, because there is still no way to implement DRM using video delivered using the HTML
Did you read the article? This is merely rumour and speculation - Amazon hasn't announced anything or "confused" anyone. They have one tablet.
From: http://www.appleinsider.com/articles...lass_cube.htmlLooks like there are still seams visible.
If you had actually used Microsoft's latest products (like Windows 7, Office 2010 and Windows Phone 7.5) you wouldn't be saying this.Right, that's why Microsoft provides a web interface for Office and offers syncing of documents across all devices (desktop, laptop and phone, soon tablet as well). Remind me again how I get to the web interface where I can edit my iWork documents from iCloud?Office 2008 is available for Mac OS only.Surely this is also something that will...
If you actually knew anything about 3DS, you'd know there isn't yet a Mario game released for the system. Why would "Mario fanboys" buy the system if there isn't a Mario game for it? The two new Mario games - Mario Kart 7 and Super Mario 3D Land - are released in the next few weeks.
The original iPhone was crippled by its lack of 3G data. The next two suffered from cases that would randomly crack and screens that would ingress dust. The next couldn't make calls if you held it in your hand and now we have a new one that runs out of juice over a normal day of use. Will Apple ever make a phone that lives up to the "it just works" slogan?
Conveniently omitted by the author of this article - the fact that Nintendo's 3DS has sold more units than the Nintendo DS sold in the same period after it launched.
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