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iPhone 3GS has been free with contract for a good couple of years now. This isn't news, other than that it is now free with contract on a couple of other carriers.
Amazon owns the biggest movie rental company in Europe, who also offer streaming movies just like Netflix do:http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/LoveFilm
Headline is inaccurate. Should read "roughly 40% of mobile phone users surveyed... plan to buy the iPhone 5". It's ridiculous that such a small sample can be extrapolated to include the entire population of mobile phone users.
The $79 version of Kindle is not on sale in the UK. The UK version is equivalent to the new $109 version of Kindle "without special offers" (as Amazon doesn't serve the special offers in the UK). The UK price is £89. Subtract the 20% VAT that is included in that price and you get £71.20. Converted to dollars it's $111.06, or $2.06 more than the US price.
List of devices books purchased from the iBooks store can be read on: - iPhone - iPad - iPod touch List of devices books purchased from the Kindle store can be read on: - Kindle - Kindle DX - iPhone - iPad - iPod touch - Mac - Windows - Android smartphones - Android tablets - Android PMPs
I went to the websites of a couple of carriers, and found these:So you're right, "free" is everywhere.
Instead of doing this, how about investing some time and effort into developing better security for the accounts than a simple password? Google has Apple beat here, as does Facebook. Both offer two step authentication, something Apple badly needs if it wants to be taken seriously in the online space.
A company makes $300m in profit in 3 months and it's "failing"? So why is it that every time I go to major events I see more people with HTC and Samsung phones than I see with iPhone?
If you have an Android or Apple phone, you can get an app that will generate the code for you. If you don't have one of these phones they can send the code to you by text message (even for those not in the USA) or call your phone and an automated voice will read the code to you. It's a very impressive system (I especially liked the QR Codes used during setup!) and it really does "just work". I've never had any problems receiving the codes or logging in. At the very least,...
I don't think you understand the system. To log in on a new PC, you need to know my password AND also have access to my phone. Having just one of those things will not give you access to my account, because the code sent to the phone is not a replacement for the password, it is used in addition to it.If you knew my password and tried to log in to my account, you'd be prompted for a code that is sent to my phone. Likewise, if you had my phone you would need my password to...
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