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GMail's security features (specifically their two step mobile authentication) are second to none. Unless Apple can match this, I won't even bother trying MobileMe or iCloud. Apple needs to learn that it is no longer sufficient to protect something as important as an email account with only a password.
Not good enough.
Well since iOS is likely vulnerable, shouldn't there be an update for iOS as well?
Where is the update for iOS?
I live in the EU and I can tell you for sure my country does not have "full nationwide 4G". I also regularly drop into GPRS because there is no 3G signal. On lots of different networks this happens.
The graphic in the original article is hilarious. Thanks for the laughs again, Dan.
Not really sure why people keep posting that tablet image. How about this: Before iPad: iOS5 on iPad:
Obviously Google needs to do a better job of advertising its two step authentication if you haven't heard of it. Basically, you tie your mobile phone to your Google account and when you try to sign in it will send a text message to your phone containing a code that you must enter in order to sign in. This happens after you have supplied the correct password, so even if someone found out your password they would also need access to your phone to get into your account....
Considering Apple basically copied the look of their entire notebook computer line from HP, this would actually be quite interesting to watch.
Interesting you say that, because the security available on Google's online accounts system (for accessing GMail, Calendar and Android Market etc) is far, far beyond anything Apple has offered.I will never switch away from GMail unless an alternative provider offers the same 2 step authentication methods. It's amazing that Apple charges an annual fee for its email service, yet the only protection offered to users is a password. Not secure at all.
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