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You mean just like iPhone is free as well?http://www.vodafone.co.uk/brands/iph...hone/index.htm
Can no one just accept that HTC has purchased this company because it believes that it will allow them to create better products and have that be the end of it?Why is everything always a competition?As for your "piece of junk" comment - how many HTC devices have you used?
"Apple has jumped into the lead again" suggests that Apple having a greater market cap than Exxon is a result of Apple's stock price increasing. In fact, Apple started the day at $374.01 and closed at $363.69. The change is because Exxon's price fell more over the day than Apple's.
Why does it say "seamless" when there are 10 seams clearly visible in the image?
Two stories, two different sites. The only source? "We have been told".
What other software are you talking about?
Had a look at the Lion features list and I'm struggling to find one that is making me want to upgrade. What features do you guys think are worth paying to get?
Android was 500,000 per day (or 3,500,000 per week).
The two patents HTC allegedly infringes are incredibly general and describe functions that are surely not specific to mobile phones.
mailto: links were around a LONG time before Apple filed that patent. I hope this was taken into account.
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