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I still wonder how many people here have actually used Android phones, because judging by the comments here you guys seem to think that the experience on the cheaper phones is bad. Have you guys tried the Orange San Francisco or HTC Wildfire? Both of these are low end phones (available without contract for £100 or so), but in my experience both provide a very good user experience. Sure they don't have an ultra high res screen or great camera, but they are still good...
This is how sites like AppleInsider, MacRumors and ThinkSecret work these days. Since all of the people who were leaking genuine info got found out and/or fired, all they have to go on are their own guesses.
A good move. Microsoft is making the best products they ever have right now and I think the only thing that's holding them back is exposure. If they can get people into the store and using Windows Phone 7 there's no reason why it can't start gaining the marketshare it deserves. Maybe it will also be easier when the new Xbox 360 UI is released that is similar to Windows Phone 7.
Yeah, and it kinda defeats the point of coming to sites like this, Think Secret and MacRumors if they don't post any "insider" info. All we get now is sales figure shill.
Every carrier I've seen offers iPhone 3GS and iPhone 4 for free on contract. You pay for the phone over the life of the contract and of course the iPhone 4 contracts cost more, but I don't really see why this is news. Certainly the headline "Apple will offer free iPhone 3Gs with 2-year mobile contract" is silly since it's already happening.
iMessage and Facetime are limited to Apple's devices. I don't know about you, but the vast majority of my friends and family don't own an iPhone, iPod touch, iPad or Mac, so I can't use Facetime to talk to them.
Do you honestly think it would be "incredibly good" for a single company to own a patent for something like a gesture? Is it really fair on other companies that they must pay money to someone else just because they registered the idea first? I doubt many users care who did what first - and I think even those who are in favour of this will have forgotten in a few years as well.
I get all of my music from Amazon. Their prices are consistently cheaper than Apple's and they have a really slick program that automatically downloads and imports the music into iTunes on Mac OS when it's done. Very quick and very easy after the initial setup is done.Where do you play with the Kindle right now? In all of the stores around the world that sell it. Here in the UK just about every electronics store sells them and has demo units and the biggest retailer (3rd...
Syncing contacts isn't anything new, nor is it something that Apple does better than others. In fact, until iCloud arrives Apple will be charging for what Google and Microsoft have offered for free for a while now. The setup is the same on an Android or Windows Phone device. Enter account information and your content is in sync. Apple is playing catch up here with features like auto-upload photos and making the service free.
Another comment from someone who clearly hasn't used a device running Windows Phone 7. Probably best this was in the landfill instead.
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