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I hope they don't decide that the Mac Pro needs a splash of black plastic to match the rest of the line. I for one think that we were sorely robbed of amazing looking laptops when Apple decided to pair its awesome case designs with black keyboards, rubber and screen bezels. Can you imagine how amazing those things would look if it was ALL silver like the old PowerBook G4? Mac Pro is the only machine remaining that hasn't been tainted by this new design strategy.
That's great, but we are still 3-5 years+ away from the point where web developers can confidently implement what they are doing now in Flash in HTML5. For most companies, it's not simply a matter of deciding "hey, today we will change to HTML5". There are massive workflow changes required, not to mention costly retraining.HTML5 is also a minefield of compatibility issues. For every visitor with a browser capable of rendering your site, you might have three or four who...
"According to the report, Facebook is scared of Apple and has to "tread lightly."" Yep, because Apple's online offerings of the past and present have been so, so good
Samsung is a South Korean company.
This is interesting. I guess a good benchmark would be the Internet Explorer 9 Mobile Test Drive that Microsoft released this week.
The real question is, if there truly is demand for flight charts delivered electronically then why is there not a dedicated device for them? It could be built into the cockpit and powered (with battery backup) from the plane itself and have a much larger and higher resolution screen than the frankly archaic 10" 1024x768 display in iPad. I'd worry about any airline that is so quick to jump on a consumer technology for an environment that needs the most reliable of...
Huh? What part of Facebook's current implementation uses Flash?
Interesting that AppleInsider decided to omit the rest of the interview, where he said:Also, how will they get the application on to the reporters' phones? Presumably the application would either be in the App Store (unlikely) or every phone would have to be registered in the developer program. Either way, a lot more cumbersome and restricted than a similar application would be on another platform. Not to mention the lack of a physical keyboard that would slow down their...
Interesting price. Nexus S is only $499 unlocked.
The thing I have never understood about USA and some Americans is the way they will argue for these "rights" and "amendments" and uphold their consitution no matter what. Do you honestly care so much that people have these "freedoms" that you are willing to assist people who drive under the influence of alcohol or drugs to endanger the lives of others? The same goes for the whole texting while driving thing. What is it about Americans and road safety that doesn't...
New Posts  All Forums: