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The rest of the world is calling. They want to know what AT&T is.
Cupertino, start your photocopiers!
App updates on iOS are a mess. I don't want to have to download a 500MB app again just because a developer fixed a tiny bug. It should be possible for them to release a patch, rather than simply forcing users to download the entire application again. Also, Apple needs to go a long way to get rid of the hideous iTunes client download process on PC and do more to be like http://market.android.com. Android users can purchase an app on this website from any PC and it will be...
Microsoft already offers subscription TV in the UK on Xbox 360.http://skyplayer.sky.com/devices/ This includes all of the major sports channels and is a partnership with the biggest subscription broadcaster, BSkyB, which is part of News Corporation.
Still waiting for an HTML5 authoring tool that offers what Flash does. Still waiting for a way to display DRM protected HTML5 video. Still waiting for HTML5 consistency across browsers and devices. Until then, Flash is the only way you can achieve these things. Web developers won't be ditching it any time soon. (And that's why I'd rather have the CHOICE of having Flash, rather than nothing at all)
Europe is where iCloud will probably have the biggest problem. Spotify is now very well established, supports just about every mobile platform out there and offers a massive library of music all streaming for a flat rate every month.
Looks awesome. Just what a tablet OS needs to be. Did you ever consider that because the Windows Phone 7 OS is actually very nicely designed, Microsoft decided to take it further? I love tiles on my phone and I can imagine they will work even better on a tablet with more space to play with. The way they've allowed apps to share screen space is also a very nice touch. I guess you must be pretty satisfied with rows of tiny static icons and single, process interrupting...
I get about 3 hours of battery from my MacBook Air 11". Hardly the "5-7 hours" Apple claims.
"Samsung's own devices, which compete with Apple's iPhone and iPad, are powered by the Google Android mobile operating system." Except the ones that are powered by Windows Phone 7.
I got a new Samsung phone not long ago - Omnia 7. It's a really nice device. It feels better than iPhone 4 in hand, has a better screen than iPhone 4 and unlike my previous iPhone 3GS, it can actually hold a signal in my house. I'm not sure if Samsung could learn anything about hardware from Apple because they seem to be on top of it already.
New Posts  All Forums: