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Should I really be surprised that people here seem to be passing judgement on Microsoft's products without even using them? Clearly none of you saying things like "crummy products" and "crappy OS" have used Microsoft's offerings lately. If you had, you would be praising what is on offer: Windows 7 Office 2010 Office 2011 for Mac Internet Explorer 9 Windows Phone 7 Zune Xbox All of these are truly excellent products, most of them worthy of being the market...
To me this isn't a "casual conversation" though - Jobs is addressing shareholders as part of a formal meeting where he is representing the company.
The dispute is about a trademark, it has nothing to do with the quality of the product.
Apple doesn't have a leg to stand on here when even Steve Jobs uses "app store" in a generic way:http://seekingalpha.com/article/2307...all-transcript
Micro SIM looks to have failed to gain the attention of other manufacturers and rightly so - it isn't THAT much smaller than a standard SIM.
Huh? Why does Apple have to offer a device with NFC to support NFC payments in its stores? Lots of banks are issuing debit and credit cards with NFC chips in them, and more and more shops I go into these days have NFC readers. The current system of entering a PIN while the card is in the reader at the Apple Store is fine for most people, but NFC would make things a bit easier.
Correct! I see "contactless" payment terminals in a lot of shops and restaurants now. Most banks are now issuing cards with NFC chips in them, as well as the standard chip and pin authentication method. I was so shocked to hear that in the USA it is still common to verify your identity when paying with a credit/debit card by signing your name . That went away many years ago in the UK.
But how many iPhone 4 owners actually use their phones for gaming?
Another great update from Adobe - they are also promising JSON support in future versions. If they keep up this pace of development and quality, I think a lot of companies will see little reason to change their entire workflows and invest in the training required for staff to be able to produce the same results using alternative technologies such as HTML5 and CSS3.
Neither iTunes or YouTube comes close to Sky Box Office for movies on demand IMO.
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