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http://www.pl32.com/pages/func.php this does: -raster (photoshop) -vector (illustrator) -pdf (indesign/acrobat) -gif/flash animation (image ready/flash) .it reads all of adobes own formats (wow) .its shareware (free for 30 days im sure its easily k'able too) .it has its own effects .it works just like the other apps so if you know them then you know how to use this too .+more i hope this little company gives adobe some tough competition. theyve been a...
hey guys just wanted to show you all this software. this is something that basically replaces microsoft office. it is completely FREE. everyone benefits from threatning the big companies with competition and microsoft has resently made public statements belittleing this site/product. it obviously shows their fear, and just like with the adobe replacer (found in this thread) http://www.openoffice.org/ the only thing people dont seem to like is the interface but it has...
perfect! thank you
??? thanks
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