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Thank you for your insights!
Hi all, I hope this request is not naïve, or otherwise revealing of my technological ignorance! I have a Late 2008 15" MacBook Pro with a 2.8GHz Intel Core 2 Duo and 4GB of 1067 MHz memory. (I also opted for a SSD, which has been fantastic.) I'm considering buying an 11" MacBook Air with a 1.8GHz Dual-core Core i7 and 4GB of 1333MHz memory. How would the performance of this new machine compare to my current MBP? The main thing that's hard for me to gauge is the...
The proximity sensor problems are causing me headaches. Today, my cheekbone managed to create a very awkward conference call... (think about how many steps are required for that! ugh)
Do you consider this desirable? I don't. A phone is meant to be used, not coveted. Are you going to pass down your iPhone 4 to your kids? If not, why should you conceal it from other human beings and the normal demands of human life?
SpotOn's prediction made this thread. An apt username, no doubt! (No foul meant to any party in this debate -- but preferably it will happen where appropriate.)
Don't these politicians have other businesses to mess with?
This makes sense, and it won't infringe on Apple's ability to launch its products through press events throughout the year. But it won't play like that -- it plays like Santa canceling Christmas, like the end of an era, like Steve Jobs being seriously unwell if he is unable to give the final Macworld keynote and finish what he started.
My thoughts exactly. The New Year's celebration in Marienplatz was unforgettable.
So who else has ordered the new MBP? Have any shipped? Jobs said "shipping today" during the Keynote yesterday, but it seems 3-5 days is the estimate.
Where's the trackpad button gone? Will they use multi-touch for all clicking purposes? Interesting...
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