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very helpful, thanks!
I've had my macbook pro for about 2 months, after 4 years on a pc (and 4 years on an imac before that). I love my MBP, but one major gripe I do have is that when I have a lot of windows, especially when I have a lot of word documents open, they can be hidden behind the current window I have open, but not show up on the dock (only show up on dock if they are minimized). On windows, this wasn't a problem. So, is it possible to make it easier to switch between windows that...
bumping up.
I saw the marware protection pack, but I read it left glue on the MBP's. I dunno if I want it to be permanent. But the constant marks on the MBP of my wrist and my wrists getting a little sweaty while i type is really annoying. The marware protection pack would be perfect, but 1. not sure if works, 2. i;m not sure i want glue residue left behind if i ever took it off - but maybe it would be good enough that I never would! Just wondering what you guys thought.
no mac drivers...
dell photo AIO printer 944
I have my pc directly connected to a printer, that i have my laptop wireleselly set up to print to. I am in the process of doing this for my father as well- who owns an IBM. This part is easy, there is always a pc connected to this printer, and both computers connected wirelessly are PC's. However, to get the macbook working, I am not sure how to do that. Any suggestions? software? etc.? I would rather not buy some wireless hardware just for network printing,...
I am having major problems with video playback on my mac. I installed firefox to see if it was a safari issue. Doesn't seem that way. I have downloaded flipformac and i have quicktime. I also downloaded VLC. I am not sure what else to do here. I was able to get some AOL videos to work but when i tried a CBS news video it didn't work. I have gone into safari settings and plug ins are enabled, and java and javascript, all enabled, and have been since the beginning, and i...
yea there should be a way... all of this is only a google search away-"How to disable spotlight"http://www.google.com/search?q=how+t...ient=firefox-a
just wondering, thanks
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