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No one? Does anyone else's iPhone have this problem?
When I left college I was able to upgrade an Educational version Creative Suite to a full version. I don't remember the circumstances, but I did it and have CS2 full version now. Give Adobe a call and see if they'll let you... CS2 runs fine on our Intel machines running Leopard. I've since installed CS3 on my work laptop though and it IS a lot faster. But if you're okay with pre-intel speeds (I don't think it's any SLOWER) then it'd be okay.
I'm a pretty experienced iPhone user (got it the day they came out), but I'm really frustrated. Safari search (set to Google) defaults to Google's classic search results (NOT iPhone optimized). When I go to www.google.com/m I can get the optimized results. When I go to www.google.com/m at the bottom it shows:Yet it still defaults to Classic from the search bar in Safari. I have tried when logged in and logged out. I have tried switching to Classic (in www.google.com/m)...
DVI VGA is an old, analog technology. DVI is digital and the quality is much better.
I just got a cheap USB 2.0 hard drive enclosure and upgraded my MacBook Pro to a bigger drive. That way, you get more hard drive space AND an external hard drive for the same amount or less than you'd spend on a name brand. No, I can't think of a reason you wouldn't want a USB-only (no power adapter) but most of the USB-powered hard drives can take an AC adapter too. Battery life is subjective... I usually just plug into my AC adapter anyway, so I don't notice more...
There's no comparison -- get an iLap: http://www.raindesigninc.com/ilap.html It's aluminum and the Macbook Pro's rubber pads will keep it a fraction of an inch above the aluminum allowing the heat to dissapate and it stays remarkably cool. I have one and use it constantly -- and my MBP seems to stay MUCH cooler than when on my lap or the table.
I've got the NES emulator on my phone and have a few hundred ROM's downloaded that I load onto it (not all at once). Right now I've got Tetris, Contra, Mario Bros. 1 & 3, Legend of Zelda, Galaxian, Ms. Pac Man and a few others. Definitely a fun time waster!
You're wrong -- Apple won't introduce another version of the iPhone with a keyboard. It fills a niche and it's doing a pretty darned good job at it. It does require you to actually look at the phone to use... but not to answer a call. If you have a bluetooth or wired headset you can simply push a button on the headset to answer and end a call. Accidents will happen but it has absolutely nothing to do with the phone -- it's because people are morons and try to text message...
Have you tried to do a soft reset? That might clear up anything that's hung up running in the background. Hold down the power and home buttons until the device turns off and then let go. Turn it back on and see if that gets you back to normal. (You won't lose any of your data -- it's just like holding down the power button for 10 seconds on a Mac)
We ordered the Leopard family pack the day it hit Amazon.com -- I can't wait. I hope the day it ships there are a SLEW of new features for the iPhone they just wanted to wait to ship (like a Finder, which might work with the new finder in Leopard).
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