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Google is actually building a car, one of those self-driving one.
I received a free Google Logitech Revue as a developer, I'm just starting to use it. While I agree that it is not perfect and there is room for improvement, I really believe that it has a great potential. Also, I don't subscribe to cable and I think more and more people do the same. So the argument that cable set boxes are free or cheap isn't really going to work in the longterm. It might too early, but I think both Google and Apple are right to invest in this industry.
My father is about to make the switch to Mac. His only problem is that he has a lot of stuff on Microsoft Outlook. He uses it for emails but also for contacts (lots of them), calendars and notes. What are his options to keep doing what he does? And also, how to make sure he does not loose data? He also happens to have an iPhone and needs to synchronize that stuff. Any advices? I don't know anything about Macs and neither does he... Thanks. Nathan
Hi, I have the iPhone first-gen with ATT. I traveled to Europe and wanted to use a local sim card. Maybe I shouldn't have, but I rolled back to 1.3, unlocked and jailbroke my iPhone. When I come back to the US, I'd like to make everything go back to normal, use the 2.1 firmware, no need for unlock or jailbreak, etc... Is this easy? Or am I about to "brick" my phone? Any advice, links, how-tos welcomed. Thank you! Nathan
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