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I'm loving my 8GB iPhone. I really have few complaints. Edge is fast enough when there is no wi-fi and the thing seems scratch proof and boy is it slick. But every so often, and usually a few times with in a period what ever I am currently doing, Safari scrolling, or map zooming, the program quits and returns to the home screen. It was a if I hit the home button. Has anyone else had this happen? It happens very randomly while scrolling, and the best way to describe how to...
I love my MacBook *black* It's perfect!
As the owner of a nearly maxed out 1.5 SD 15" PB I would say go with the 12" SD. I love my 15", but there are too many problems with it, namely the battery life. I'm luck if I get a full 2 hours. 2.5 hours if airport turned off. The 12" is a decent size, and not bulky at all. Plus its nearly a grand less. And no, the backlit keyboard isn't worth it. In fact it kinda sucks. I've even thought about trading my 15" in and getting a 12SD" -Matt
OKAY so don't really know why, but all the sudden my PB started to work and now well.. ITTSSS ALLLIIVVVVEEEEEEE! Sweet. Thanks! and Sorry for the post now :-) -MJE
So I had a lovely Kernal panic last night while copying MP3s from a data disc. At least what must have been a kernal panic. White text w/ a black background (only around the text), it said very random stuff, including Darwin Kernal .... (BTW I'm running 10.2.6) so I manual powerdown and start-up. Oh crap. I hear the HD starting to spin but thats it. No tones, no screen, no blinking lights. I changed the slot the RAM was in ans restarted nada. I really don't know what to...
Apple sold Dual Proc. Powermacs w/ OS 9, when only OS X and special software. Possible...
ON Avg. uses 15-25% and spikes to 66% using a 550 G4 Powerbook, I agree that is WAY to high, esp. considering it runs all the time, but it still wont stop me from ussing it, but my comp. is all ready slow so \
Nope, I own a Converted Windows iPod, it comes w/ a 6-to-6 pin cable, but instead come w/ a 6-to-4 pin adapter.
Sweet thanks man, now to start re-ripping my songs
"Proof" of my problem http://www.spymac.com/gallery/data/500/16410QT.jpg
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