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Whether it is a case of lack of will or lack of capabilities, the population is not being fed, so more population is only going to exaserbate the famine issues the world's poor are already experiencing. It is a quality of life and proper nutrition problem not the technical definition of X number of calories in food production divided by the number of people on the planet.
Surely the exploit can do more than delete its own MMS message. Does the attacker get control of the device?
It always seemed to make sense to put the camera lens closer to the center of the device. I occasionally get my fingers in the shot with the iPhone because the lens is so close to the edge where I'm holding the device.
Admittedly, I don't get out much, but I have not seen any Watch in the wild, except mine, and also not counting at the Apple Store. Mostly I just go from home to work, occasionally to the grocery store. I'm the only one at work who has one, although we have many iPhone users, and several Rolex owners. A few people have noticed mine and commented. I keep forgetting to wear it though. It has not become a habit to put it on in the morning. I like it though. Before the launch...
Wonderful. We can't feed our current population so let's add more.
The main problem the human specie faces today is overpopulation. A perfect storm for war, poverty, famine and ecological disaster. Just mix in three parts religion and stir. Excess CO2 is probably not what is going to kill us first. It will probably be a rogue nation with a nuke.   Regarding climate change, you might find this movie rather surprising. It critical of the global warming science. I'm as far from being a right winger as one can get but the movie does raise...
The 3072 bits is not the overall issue. RSA encryption is not a direct conversion from bits to bytes. 3072 is a huge amount of data. Plus it needs to be decrypted on the other end, all very processor intensive not to mention the curves. It is the algorithms of the handshake that causes the lag. I'm getting very tired of responding to people who have no understanding of the actual issues at hand.
Read the article. They use Bluetooth Low Energy chips certified by Apple. (It's not Bluetooth. It's Bluetooth LE. Two different things)
Wrong. The devices handle the encryption just fine over WiFi. Manufacturers want BT LE chips that can handle the amount of bandwidth required for 3072 bit encryption. The chips certified by Apple from Marvell and Broadcom cannot handle that much data, at least not quickly enough. I swear does no one read the article?
New Posts  All Forums: