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Well that wouldn't be me. I'm arguing the opposite.
That would be like saying that my Mac is not a computer because I can write applications with Windows and Linux in a cross compiling environment that will run on a Mac. As I recall the first Mac could write applications that ran on Macs, so yes, even by the outdated definition they were computers.
Apple is set to release KeychainTouchID to third party developers. I wonder if that might open up the ability to authenticate for Android Pay. I'm no expert in that area, just idle speculation.
I don't believe it is public knowledge that it will not work with iPhone. Google is closely involved in the project and we all know how interested they are in iOS apps. There might be a pretty good chance Google will write a Tag Heuer app for iPhone.
Sure, an iPad is definitely a computer. My auto also has several onboard computers. The lines are blurred between what makes something a device or makes it a computer. I think the old school definition was that if the machine could be used to write a program that runs on the same machine then it was a true computer. Otherwise it was some sort of device or controller. That definition is bit strict these days and perhaps we should expand it to include any device that allows...
And we'll probably never know.
That is good to know. I continued to use it after the trial so I guess that is why they charged me. I remember the language they used when I first signed up sounded like they were going charge me unless I decided I didn't want it.
Probably not a good idea to install right away on a mission critical machine.Here is a message  we received from Quark, not that we use it very often: 
Better than having to opt out at the end of the free trial like Amazon Prime.
El and Capitan are not English words.
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