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Google knows how to maximize their profits from ads which may not make sense to average people. For example I have AdSense running on a few of our domains. One in particular is all about coffee, however the domain name has the word "stone" in it which is logical because that is a family name. The funny part is that Google decides to run nothing but architectural stone, marble, pavers, granite and tile ads even though the site is 100% about coffee, I really don't care...
Perhaps. We use a Google paid business email for our domains and we don't see any ads. I believe they also said they don't track us either since it is a commercial account. We switched to Google for our corporate mail a couple years ago but I have had a personal Gmail account since they first came out.
Ok well to test your theory I paused Ghostery and reloaded the page. I got some ads for App Annie, which is not anything I would have a need for and an ad for Hilton Hotels where I have never stayed although I do stay at a lot of hotels so maybe. Then I went to the AI home page, littered with ads and absolutely none of them interested me at all. Nothing about coffee, medical imaging, programming, gardening, home remodel, cars, motorcycles, bicycling, wine, gourmet dining,...
Apple should start scrapping data from Google app like Bing did so they can figure out how a search engine actually works.
I'll let everyone know when I start getting junk mail and web ads for Koi fish. I doubt that will ever happen. I haven't received any ads or spam related to a Google search yet and I have been logged into Google continuously for several years.
Of particular note at that link is China. 2 requests of 4 users with data revealed 50%. I'll bookmark this post so when we get information on what Apple is going to give the Chinese government is exposed we can compare. There is a reason Google bailed on China. They refused to bend to the government demands. Will Apple?
Still a long way to go to be useful for general searching. She can set a reminder or an alarm but still lacks understanding natural language. I'll give you an example: This how she interpreted a recent query. "How to raise Choi fish?" Let me think about that. Sorry... Choi? Really? I always give Siri first shot but if she fails, I switch immediately to Google app. In this case as in every other, Google got it right without a hitch. If you use Google in a browser, you'll...
It is actually 1.4 as of 2014 but that aside, I think you just forgot about the one child policy in your original comment and now you are trying to act like you are some sort of professor of Chinese studies to wiggle out of it. I based my remarks on frequent discussions I have with a very close friend who is Chinese. And yes she has cousins and siblings but they were born before the policy was instated. I learn many things from her about China, their ceremonies, culture...
Whatever…I was just pointing out that your original comment about all the siblings and cousins in China was completely ill-informed. There are no siblings or cousins. 
Actually it is not so much a law as it is a policy. In the major cities it is almost universally followed as there are rewards for adhering to the policy, however, in the rural areas not as much. Even though China's population is still growing, the birth rate per woman is less than sustainable. Anyway, the point is that the cities are where the wealthy people live, the ones who are buying iPhones, and they are generally following the one child policy.
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