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I have an idea. Let's revert to law of the jungle.
I've been saying for awhile that I would like to see Apple create an urban WiFi access throughout the US that was exclusive to Apple customers. They could deliver iTunes content free of carrier charges to Apple devices. You pay for the content but not for the broadband. As long as you are on an Apple device you are free to surf the Internet too.
Governments already have control. Controlling the masses is what they were elected to do. They pass and enforce laws. Control does not explain spying. Why would the US spy on both friendly and adversarial countries? It can't be for control of the masses because they are citizens of a different country. Your explanation uses way too much tin foil.
I think a much more interesting question is why are governments spying?
Neither the Chinese government nor any Chinese manufacturer make decisions regarding where Apple products are sold or shipped. Apple owns the devices and only they decide where they are shipped, within the approved list of US Export Control of course, and where not restricted by any trade embargoes that may be imposed by a foreign government.
They wouldn't really lose any money because Russians would find a way to get their iDevices one way or another.
With current tensions between the US and Russia, it looks like history may indeed repeat itself. Since the end of the Cold War, Russia has had easy access to all US hardware and software with only a few restrictions such as advanced encryption software. I remember before 1991, the computer embargo prevented US companies from exporting software and the boxes had a big label "Not for Export."   Even with the embargo, Russia was able to clone an Intel 8080 chip back in the...
No doubt Android copied iOS. The problem is that 'ripping off' as you say, is apparently not a legal infringement, otherwise Apple would have filed a suit against them. Everyone wants to take advantage of someone else's good idea. The trick is to do it without violating any patents. It is better, in my opinion, that another US company established the predominate alternative to iOS rather than some Chinese or Korean company. At least Google is bound by US law.
I seriously doubt proving SJ wrong was the motivation for embedding Flash. Perhaps an attempt at differentiating Android from iOS. Only fandroids are intent on proving SJ wrong. Google has nothing to gain from trying to embarrass Apple or Steve Jobs. Google actually wants to be on good terms with Apple. They need Apple and iOS.
Well, while you may be able to find some coins in those couch cushions, I still don't see any pockets.
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