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Ben you really should go download a copy of my blocking tool so you don't have to read the absolute idiotic crap you post. Give it a try, everyone else has, although I'm still going with the comedy gold meme. http://forums.appleinsider.com/t/185450/apples-tim-cook-plans-to-give-away-all-of-his-money/40#post_2699793
Honest question: Has there ever been a left handed wristwatch?
Yes! There are only about 50 million of us, including the girls.
So when it sells out and has a 4 week back order delivery date, we can chalk it up to adrenaline rush?
The bezel is 1.8mm or 3/32" but I don't think that the cornered display is the right measurement. I think there is some black border inside the screen area.
It is difficult to measure the diagonal of a rounded rectangle. See image. If for example I measured to the theoretical extended corners on the 42mm it would measure exactly 2". Sorry about that I'm not very good with inches
That's all you need. The rest can be inferred from the many photos available.
How is the 42mm measured? Diagonally? I'm thinking to mock up one with a 3D printer.
I'll probably order one on the first day even though I originally said I wasn't interested. A few hundred dollars is not so much to try it out. I know all my friends are going to think I'm a brainwashed sheep since I already said I wasn't going to buy one. Oh well maybe they are right.
That is a better idea. If the laundry room had an iBeacon it could pop up all the laundry consumables on the screen and you could scroll through them.
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