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Even more important to professionals is that much of the really high end Mac software needs to run on an x86 chip as well. People sometimes assume that Xcode will simply recompile for whatever new architecture is targeted, failing to realize that almost all of the high end Mac business software is built in C++ precompiled executables and if they use Xcode at all it is just the last step in assembling main.
I suppose I should have mentioned the premise of my argument was that there isn't really a post-PC world. People who can get by with only a mobile device have very trivial computing needs. A life without real big screen computing would be very boring to me. That would be like living without a kitchen and eating only prepackaged ready-to-eat fast food. I like my organic vegetable garden and eat only hand made gourmet meals. Same idea. I despise modern society's...
I sure hope not. That sounds terrible. Do we really need more disposable electronics? Personally, I'd much prefer a 60" 4K monitor and a PFLOP computer with pixel perfect input control. I sincerely hope that visual arts based computing will continue to be developed in parallel with small personal communication devices. Neither replaces the other. Since the days of carving petroglyphs, visual art has been part of the human experience and I don't see that ending anytime...
Seeing as Siri is not able to dial 911 without asking you basic questions first, I doubt we will see that kind of automated feature. I think they are concerned about accidental 911 calls.
Strapping a big iPhone 6 to ones arm is going to be pretty bulky. I don't like going anywhere without a phone. It would be nice if the iWatch could actually be a phone. If Apple could ever get the carriers to go along with a software programable SIM, perhaps there would be a way to transfer the phone number back and forth between devices so you could exercise with just the iWatch.
okay got it, but now the 4S is zero
Why mention the 5c at all if you really meant the middle tier? What else is in the middle tier? Edit I see. you mean 5C sold better than the 4S did the year before. Okay. But that is kind of weird because the 4S was a two year old phone for $99 and the 5C is a brand new phone at full price. Sorry I didn't listen to the conference call.
Well since it only has one year and it started at 0. That would make it like 10 million % YOY
Categories iPad of buyers: 1) Consumers replacing home Windows PCs that were always infected.2) Nerdy halo buyers who have an iPhone and a MBP3) Families with children4) Schools5) Specialty industry such as outdoor logistics, fire dept., transportation, medical6) Coffee shop and commuter readers  Perhaps those categories are approaching saturation at this point although I'd think K12 education has a lot of upside. I don't know, just curious.
Can anyone explain why it has dropped for two quarters in a row?
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