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What makes you think Apple will announce any numbers for Watch?
I ordered one but then later decided I didn't want it after playing around with it at the store a couple different times. It is nice but I just don't think I would use it for anything. My life is so routine these days, I don't have any issues keeping it organized. My schedule is my own. I rarely need to be anywhere at a precise time.
If you don't want to donate to the Red Cross you can view this web page that lists 7 vetted charities working to provide aid for this disaster.   http://ht.ly/M7eJc   AmeriCares CARE Catholic Relief Services Direct Relief GlobalGiving Save the Children Seva Foundation      FYI: Personally,  I used the iTunes link   View this page to see the Red Cross expense and program donations   http://www.charitynavigator.org/index.cfm?bay=search.summary&orgid=3277
When you live there and you see very young teens, maybe 14 years old, nursing babies, you sort of put two and two together. It is sad, and I blame it on cheap rum which many of the unemployed men consume like soda, chugging it down by the roadside starting first thing in the morning. There are more responsible indigenous families though, and they provide the workforce for the farming industry there. It is a very complicated situation. In a way they are both protected and...
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ngäbe_peopleSorry we call them indians as do they. We all know what we are referring to and even though they get drunk and fight and sleep around with incest, no one is judging them because they are our heritage along with the Spanish. We are a complex and confused ethnicity.
You don't live in rural Panama, there is no ridicule EVER! (I could go on about this subject) The battery life is a variable based on the number of recharges as well as age so it is possible. I have witnessed the use of original iPhones as recent as two years ago and a 3G only a couple months ago.
Yep, a young student in Panama might have an original iPhone in her backpack. The guy who washes my cars in a very rural area of Panama has a 3G. I have yet to see any of our beloved local Indians with iPhones but that will probably be happening soon.
I haven't done the research but with AT&T and Verizon I don't believe they give you any discounts for bringing your own phone. As we know, ALL iPhones continue to be handed down over and over until they break so they naturally migrate to carriers who do offer a discount if you own your phone outright. In Panama none of the carriers offer subsidies so everyone is on pay as you go. As far as I know every one of my previous iPhones, going back to at least the 3G, are still in...
Sorry to pile on but if you didn't notice that you would need an adapter for your camera card before you began writing this review, how did you even make it into the professional career you are currently in?
I know, it seems crazy and I still haven't seen where Tim said that but there is a lot of wealth in China and throughout the Pacific rim of Asia. I sell almost all our coffee to that region and they pay insanely high prices that the Americans and Europeans just won't pay.
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