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I think there are many NFC mobile payment systems around the world. In order to use a payment system the user and the retailer would both need to have membership or support for the program such as a participating bank, Google or transit authority, etc. Just because a retailer has an NFC equipped terminal doesn't guarantee that they accept all NFC payment programs. I think it is similar to how Cirrus, Plus, Maestro, JCB, etc work for ATM machines. Right now Pay is US only...
No that is entirely stupid. It needs to be consistent across all similar products, Home button and ID needs to be on the front, We have a beautiful implementation of Touch ID in the home button. Why would we want to change that? Go evangelize the Android users. IPhone users are very content with how Touch ID works. It is up to Android to one up us if  they can. Let's see how that works out.
If you send me to a pay wall your argument is essentially dead. No one is denying that a little bit more space is required for Touch ID but, the end result is much better. Apple's design aesthetic is about proportion and consistency so they want all iOS devices to be exactly the same in terms of user interaction and also proportions of the top area and the bottom area being of equal size as well. In my mind there is less compromise in iOS devices compared to Google devices...
What a joke. First you have to calibrate your screen which requires a credit card. LOL!
Find what? I have an iPhone 6 and a ruler. Do you have a Nexus 6 and a ruler?
Dude get out a ruler. The total space on my iPhone 6 is like a 1/2 inch at most. The Nexus looks like 3/8" guess-timate. I was giving you the benefit of the doubt but I'm sure the CAD files are online by now. If you want to argue that it requires an additional 3/4" more, you need to go get the actual specs and then lets compare. It is a tiny amount of difference but I'm sure Apple has look and feel patents that would prevent Android manufacturers from duplicating their...
It appears that the Nexus 6 has a home button. It would not be an additional 3/4" Maybe additional .25 +/-  
I'm not sure this is true. The retailer has to be connected to a merchant gateway that accepts Pay. Probably most NFC equipped terminals are connected to an Pay bank but it is not necessarily automatic. For example Chevron is promising to integrate Pay in early 2015 but they have had NFC payment capabilities at the pump for several years. On a related topic, I got my my first chip and pin credit card today in the mail from AMEX.
@ Gator, Admittedly, I have never owned and only very briefly looked at a friend's Android to try to get his email working, but putting a fingerprint reader on the back is just crazy in my opinion.   Mobile devices are always going to be a series of compromises based on battery life, small screen size, hands and fingers, cell data etc. One thing that Apple always pays attention to is consistency. If they were to put a Touch ID on the back of one iPhone they would need to...
Very funny, no I'm not deformed. The index finger in the picture is hidden because I was trying find the Touch ID on the back of the case. /s
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