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Five years coincidentally is the estimated timetable for the Apple Car, with the entry model having a 64 km range while the top model offering 1024 km range. /s
Thanks for link. This my fantasy flight in seat 1C:http://www.seatguru.com/airlines/Taca_International_Airlines/TACA_Airlines_Airbus_A320.php
For the last 9 years Warren Buffet has driven a 2006 Cadillac. Last month he auctioned it off for charity.http://www.cnbc.com/id/102410571 The vehicle he had before that I believe was a pickup truck.
Welcome to coach.
 Good to know.I just board first and easily find my seat, because it is the first row. The one thing that bothers me is looking at all these people headed to the back of the plane as they board. I know they hate me. I'm not a bad person, I'm just rich. I'm not sure of the implications but it might be better if first class boarded last as long as they keep our overheads clear. I've been on many flights where there was no first class and even had chickens on board in the...
I may be mistaken but on my flights there iis no 1B.
Yeah, but even with all the wine and gourmet meals, I still hate to fly. And not even a private jet solves my fear of flying. although I have only done that once
Hard to beat seat 1A, but I like 1C better.
You don't bribe, you entertain, donate to their charities, sponsor a luncheon, etc. it is all on the up and up. You make them like you then offer your yet to be released product to be entered in the design awards competition. This organization wouldn't even be on the radar or in the press without giving top honors to the Apple Watch. I'm not saying the Apple Watch isn't a great design just that everything is carefully orchestrated. 
I wouldn't read too much into these design awards. Only sales numbers prove anything. Too bad Apple put the watch into the other category, so they probably won't report sales numbers unless they are really good.   We get awards all the time for our products, but then again, we donate a lot of money to foundations and sponsorships and advertisement placements and paid reviews and luncheons, parties etc. Don't think Apple isn't greasing the wheel with this rollout.   A...
New Posts  All Forums: