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I have been using Flash CC for some time as my go to tool for HTML 5 animations. To me it looks like they recognize that SWF is dead but people still want animations. Looks good to me.
Like others here, I hadn't worn a watch for a very long time. I wasn't all that impressed with the design of The Apple Watch based on the original photos and even after trying it on at the Apple Store, but I always like Apple products so I gave it a try. I had an extra $800 so I went for the SS 42mm. I'm still not all that excited about the physical design but the features are ok. I wear it pretty much every day. It gets a lot of comments. I do use Apple Pay with it when...
Well yeah but it is required moving forward as the OS for all new Macs. The free upgrade for existing customers just costs bandwidth.
Looks sort of like the original Poser app that I used once an awhile.
Cool, but I have you beat. Illustrator 1.0a. Did yours come with a VHS demo tape?
Understood, however this discussion has wandered into another topic. My original comment was that a 1-pixel image in straight HTML without JS or PHP, etc is useless to do any precise or useful user tracking. The 1-pixel image is no different than serving an ad. You need JS to make it useful to the ad broker.
As far as I know the HTTP cookie cannot be accessed by the server scripting language be it PHP or .Net. If your form data is saved so you can hit the back button, the server should not be able to access that data. Only if you set a browser cookie with Javascript or a server cookie such as in the registry, url, Flash or other methods like HTML5 local data can the server access that data.
How exactly do you set a cookie without Javascript or PHP?
Should not be allowed to cross domain the cookie.
All Facebook pixels are now up to 3X faster. We’ve rewritten a large part of our server response code and used javascript minification so that pixel load times can meet even the most strict customer SLAs.
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