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Well since it is rumored that it will serve as a HomeKit hub, it probably has the same 3072 bit encryption and might have similar lag issues reported by ElGato with their BT device, but hopefully Apple gets that sorted out and once it is paired, it will connect quickly. 
 The food resources are only one aspect of the consequences of overpopulation. There is also shelter, fresh water and sanitation issues. Just take a look at India if you want to know what it might look like. You think we have a homeless problem in the US inner cities now...you haven't seen nothin' yet.  
If it comes with a control pad, it is probably using BT not infrared. If it doesn't need line of sight and if it is thin enough, perhaps you could velcro it to the back of the set completely out of view.
How about USB-C ?
I though 3.1 was backwardly compatible with 3.0 devices.
As I stated earlier, putting another USB port is not a design problem, the single port simply represents Apple's philosophical perspective on mobile computing. The MB fills a very small gap between the iPad and the MBA. The iPad has only one port too, yet people around here are claiming that it can fulfill the needs of enterprise. I think some people have come to use their MBP or MBA as their primary computing device. Personally, I only use my MBP when on a business trip,...
 I probably should have clarified that I meant external drives are obsolete for a portable [while] portable. Nobody wants to carry around an external HD and if they need more ports then they should get a MBP. You can always backup with a TM drive when you get back home. The point is that because it has the newer battery technology, average users do not even need to bring a charger with them when they leave the house. In normal usage you should usually have the USB port...
Type-C  8.4mm by 2.6mm Lightning 7.7mm by 1.7mm iPhone 6 is 6.5mm thicknessiPhone 6+ is 7.1mm USB-C might fit except for the curved edges of the devices.
No, but perhaps Apple's invention of the reversible Lightning port did influence the USB committee to redesign their plug.
Yeah they could have but I think they didn't just to prove that it was unnecessary. They are advancing their vision of the way people should be using computers. Charge it up at night and work all day storing data in the cloud. USB external and flash drives are obsolete for a portable. 
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