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Bought it off the lot mid july 2014 in Irvine, California. Just lucky I guess because it was fully loaded and in metallic gray with black interior. Exactly what I was looking for. They only had one and I got it the same day is was delivered to the dealer. EDIT: Well not exactly off the lot it was in the warehouse all covered in plastic.
Yeah same with me however BoA doesn't comment on why they replaced it just that it needed to be done. Happened twice so far, but I never saw any charges on my statement. I've heard that credit cards are better than debit cards for protection, but both times my card was breeched it was my debit card. Particularly inconvenient when you are out of the country and depend on ATM for operating expenses. As my wife says that's a whole 'nother Oprah. We have money locally but...
Yeah, I get it, you want a new BMW but with CarPlay. Love my 2015 535, but you know the 2015 models came out like mid year 2014 I bought mine in July 2014.
Maybe but they do have a couple iPhone apps already. 
It is the same in the US. The banks took a loss on the fraud but replacing your card was not exactly proactive.
Probably because it was used in a fraud. They don't tell what happened.
has anything changed since biblical times?
Surprisingly, no. The bank only replaces the card if you notify them that there has been an unauthorized charge, loss of the card or theft, or if they detect an obvious fraud. The criminal will typically test the card. That might mean going to the neighborhood of the stolen card and trying a small purchase. If it works, they head to the Apple Store.
Yeah I know but I look at it like when Apple let Motorola have the iTunes for their Rokr. How easy would it be now to just offer an Apple credit card? You want REAL security, then sign up now. We've talked about it for years on the forum.  Sure, anyone can get hacked, that is the reality of the internet, but honestly, I would trust Apple more than any bank at this point.
Criminals are everywhere. People have no respect. They cheat, lie, steal, drive over the speed limit with expired plates, drunk and no insurance. It really pisses me off. Then there is Putin and ISIS. Assholes all.   EDIT: This what happens when Apple partners with some other organization. They should have started their own bank and handled the transaction end to end.
New Posts  All Forums: