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Seriously you are in some sort of denial with a strong bias against Adobe, A lot of credit is due to Apple for their continued effort to patch even older versions of their software but equally a company like Adobe is not going to let vulnerabilities go un patched either. It is fine if you don't like Adobe but you ca't fault their commitment to keeping their software updated.
I think I receive more security updates from Apple than I do from Adobe. Maybe there is a correlation but all I'm saying is that ALL security updates are good.
The more the better. Apple has lots of security updates, they just don't make the news on AI.
Those are some rude gestures in some countries.
That is where OS X apps are going to be looking for it. I think the best approach is to uninstall it and use Chrome for occasional Flash access for trusted sites like Google finance. 
It is installed in /Library/Internet Plug-Ins That way there is only one instance accessible for all applications and users.
The new home will be in Panama. There are very few regulations there. You just need friends in the building department to get stuff approved /s. Some of the issues I am trying to overcome are the high electric rates and the unreliability of the electric service, hence the solar and generator. I want to have the option of city power but would rather rely primarily on solar. I know nothing about home automation but I want to make sure, as you said, that I don't limit my...
Most external drives and USB flash drives come formatted as Fat 32 which is a Windows format but OS X can read and write to it just fine. If you want better performance, you can use Disk Utility to format the drive as Mac OS X Extended (journaled). Just make sure there is nothing already on the disk that you want to keep. If there is, you should back it up somewhere because formatting erases all data.
Even I am getting fed up with Flash. I used it for years because it is such a powerful tool. And that is the main problem with Flash, it is too powerful. It can access the file system and the OS and memory space. None of that is very necessary these days. They should make a Flash Lite which just displays content to the screen. I have pretty much stopped using it except for one case. I have these vertically mounted monitors at the trade show booth and I use Flash because I...
The point is that if you want seamless integration between your brain and Google you will have given up your free will. Only Google will determine what you think.
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