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I have an idea. Let's revert to law of the jungle.
Yeah, I'm completely against this. I believe Israel should buy their defenses with their own money.
Yes Israel has an unfair advantage. Remember when the Republic of Panama declared war on the United States in 1990? Not a chance in hell they could prevail, but that didn't stop them from posturing as if they could.
I disagree. I don't look at this as Israel trying to make a land grab like Russia did with Crimea. They need to live with Palestine. They have self defense as their main objective. Imagine yourself surrounded in a hostile environment and what you might do if attacked from various adjacent zones. Their reaction seems like a reasonable defensive posture to me, but as I said I don't judge. Let them settle this among themselves. The US does not need to get involved.
Classic Slurpy! Generally I agree with your assessment about Apple ][ however, there are no rules during war, only Geneva convention, International tribunal  lawsuits afterwards. What Israel is doing is no different than what USA did during WWII. Indiscriminately bombing an entire country is what modern warfare is all about. It is not pretty but that is the nature of war. I'm a swords to plowshares kind of guy, but my opinion is that it is none of the USA's business. I...
I've been saying for awhile that I would like to see Apple create an urban WiFi access throughout the US that was exclusive to Apple customers. They could deliver iTunes content free of carrier charges to Apple devices. You pay for the content but not for the broadband. As long as you are on an Apple device you are free to surf the Internet too.
Governments already have control. Controlling the masses is what they were elected to do. They pass and enforce laws. Control does not explain spying. Why would the US spy on both friendly and adversarial countries? It can't be for control of the masses because they are citizens of a different country. Your explanation uses way too much tin foil.
I think a much more interesting question is why are governments spying?
Thanks. I remember reading that now that you posted it, however there are three very important words in that article. "may", "possibly" and "could"
New Posts  All Forums: