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 Everyone is different. It is not a matter of 'more money than sense', in fact it is more likely the opposite. Not everyone wants to part with $850 cash and not everyone wants to be on T-Mobile. Financing a phone over two years makes sense. What doesn't make sense is keeping a subsidized phone longer than the contract unless your carrier has a BYOD discount. That means you really don't have any money or sense.
The reason patents are written in such a way as to be as vague as possible is so that it is nearly impossible to determine if they are in conflict or not and to provide a legal advantage if someone else patents something similar. If the patent office had to guarantee that there were no conflicts at the time of application, they would be sued by thousands of patent holders and applicants if any of their patents were challenged or refused. Besides, patents contribute to what...
The administration doesn't care if there are patent conflicts. They want as many patents as possible. The more conflicts the better. Patent fees generate a pretty good revenue stream but the patent review fees are upwards of $12-20K when there is a challenge. It is not their job to determine if a patent application might be in conflict at the time of application. They let the patent holders and the courts decide. The USPTO is probably one of the few government departments...
It is sort of secure. It has a mixture of secure and non-secure elements on the page. But it is only 128 bit which I did not know was even an option. I thought 1024 was the lowest encryption you could use. Actually there is something weird going on. It does say in the certificate details that it is 2048 bits. The page is just not coded correctly for SSL. Safari doesn't let you access any of that information unless the page is actually secure. Chrome just pops up a warning...
Wow. It says excite is owned by  Mindspark Interactive Network, Inc, which apparently owns Vimeo as well, at least according to the info at the bottom of the excite home page
We'll have to wait and see.  I think the larger phone looks nice. Not too big. I'll wait to decide once I can see it in person. They will probably still offer the current size as well so everyone should be happy.
See, that would never work in our environment. We have 8 global offices and also a lot of graphics vendors, consultants and freelancers. We can't even make it 30 days without having to upgrade simply because someone is going to send us a file that requires a newer version.
I had someone bring me a CD made in the 90s. Back then it was fashionable in the Mac OS 7 graphic design community to name your finished projects with an ƒ in front of the file name. Those files are completely useless now. Not OS X, Linux nor Windows can even read the directory off the CD and even crashed my Mac. I also remember those 3.5" optical diskettes that claimed that the data was good for 100 years. You can't even find anyone who has a drive to read it and there...
No we are really busy but this stuff only takes me 5 minutes and PS is always open
I did a little Photoshop work on it to take out the distortion and then resized it to 100% based on the measurements of a iPhone 5 and it appears to be 4.7" screen.  
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