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True but we were discussing forgetting a charger while traveling so likely you won't be on a familiar wifi network. Thanks for the list though, how do you make and receive phone calls without an iPhone? I just tried it on a familiar wifi. It doesn't work for me.
Why is AI recycling articles?   I wish someone would explain how, where and which app you actually use to create scenes. So far I have not seen this elusive HomeKit app.
Ok shall we take it one step further? I really don't understand how an iPhone can be redundant. If you went away for the weekend and forgot your phone charger, but not your watch charger, your iPhone and Watch would basically quit working at the same time because the Watch is virtually useless without an iPhone, not the other way around. We all got by just fine without wristwatches ever since the invention of the cell phone. One might argue you could get by just fine...
The watch is completely redundant. It is the least important thing I carry.
Perhaps for an RF window on a phone but not the whole case. Cubic Zirconia is a strong thermal insulator which is not good for a phone. Need a material that can disperse heat. My iPhone 6 gets hot pretty quickly while streaming music.
Sometimes I forget the entire watch. It is not the end of the world.
That is not the watch's fault.
With my typical usage the watch theoretically could go two days because it uses about 50% battery per day, but you are right, it needs to be charged everyday. If it had a couple extra hours it would for sure make it two days with a little bit to spare. The good thing though, is that it charges pretty fast. It can go from 50% to 100% in about a half hour, so if you forgot to charge it you can get enough for the day in the time it takes you to shave and shower in the morning.
In this case you are just wrong. The hair / fur edge detection is outstanding, better than Photoshop or Affinity.
The point is that you don't have to deal with the fine hairs yourself. You just position the brush over the area that needs work and the software "knows" what you want to do. It is sort of like telling the gardener to cut the roses and pull the weeds. You don't have to tell him to cut each individual flower and pull each dandelion one by one.
New Posts  All Forums: