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There is still one child per couple law in China. Interesting circumstance is that in addition to two parents, every child also has four grandparents who give them gifts and who have no other grand kids. So... 1 iPhone1 iPad1 MBP1 iMac1 TV1 Watch
Something like this can happen unexpectedly but usually only under heavy load. It may not be related to the application code itself. The fault might be within Webobjects. Something like a duplicate primary key was assigned or erroneous session variable stored in the database can inexplicably occur, sometimes cascading through the application logic causing all sort of issues. Often the problem is not reproducable or is something that wouldn't even be detected in normal QA....
I'd have to disagree with that. They were all terrible in my opinion, especially the current version. It is getting hard to find good mice at the computer store these days. I still prefer a classic USB wired Logitech 3 button laser with indexed scroll wheel.
It is extremely complicated especially the managed state functions which is what must have gone wrong in this instance.
Webobjects is one crazy complicated piece of legacy software.
I let the flight attendants know and they logged it into to their report. Whatever about the credit.
Yeah, my project manager told me recently that reclining your seat more than just a fraction is considered to be extremely rude. I recently had the opposite problem where in first class the hydraulics of the seat were malfunctioning and the seat would slowly recline all the way. I kept having to adjust it as it is impossible to enjoy your caviar when the seat is all the way back. /s
Do you have a medical condition or do you obtain your supply illegally? Personally, I would never voluntarily put smoke into my lungs, even if the intoxication effect was enjoyable. Regardless that I have a pulmonary condition, I think smoking of anything is not a very wise thing to do. I did smoke some pot in college but that was more than 30 years ago. I have never smoked any tobacco. My pulmonary condition was caused by too many airline flights with cramped leg room...
I don't buy that either. There are definitely different cases for various consumers groups, but the average super user of Android and Windows is not price sensitive. It is a conscious choice to choose anything but Apple. The really cheap people who are on Metro PCS with a voice only plan and a free phone are just budget challenged but that is not the profile of a vocal Android fanatic. You are either saying the "open source" proponents are zealots or they have price...
Yep, not going to happen. At best it is a poker game and Apple holds all the cards.
New Posts  All Forums: