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Let's rearrange the deck chairs on the Titanic while Putin and ISIS are trying to start WWIII.
Every Edition watch they can make will likely be sold as soon as it comes off the assembly line. They will be difficult to acquire and people will be settling not selecting. 
Good Point.
Looks like Thunderbolt is not supported in either of the multiport adapters. That is disappointing. Perhaps Intel licensing fees were too high or something. I can't think of why they would eliminate it.  Also neither of the adapters offer a second USB-C port.
Does the Apple store accept AMEX?  What do you know? They Do. AMEX has lots of advantages, but most people including the rich have more than one credit card anyway. Personally, I don't leave home without it.
Rich people should be smart enough to know they can buy it on their AMEX Platinum then try it out at home. If they don't like it, return it within 14 days for a full refund. 
  Are they going to specify which type of USB? Is there even a reversible micro USB that might be suitable for iPhones?
 I'm running hard drives with TB 2 TB 3 specification allows the cable to provide up to 100 watts of power
Personally I think they should have included a Thunderbolt port. Apple makes a slew of Thunderbolt adapters to all kinds of other ports. As far as I can tell there is no USB 3-C dongles that will pass through power and also adapt to some other port at the same time, at least I couldn't find one. Thunderbolt is a pretty small port so they could have easily put it on either side if they had wanted to. Ultimately I see adding another USB 3 C as slightly problematic unless...
Well we used to have a mod who had zero tolerance for anyone he decided was a troll and that was sometimes just as bad. So called 'trolls' have degrees of offensiveness. Sometimes there is a grain of truth in the comments, which is not so bad. Others are just outright haters.
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