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Are you kidding? Siri is terrible at most things I need. She is ok at setting calendars, sending texts, calling and  reminders but try to get specialized information from the Internet and she fails 90% of the time, whereas Google app is right on the money in the high 90% range . I always give Siri first shot since it is so easy to access with the home button but in order to get the right answer, you usually need to use Google app.
Even if the law was enforced, what I would do if I were running Apple (joking) is I would sell the iPhone with no operating system and let the end users figure out how to get iOS on their own, They are resourceful. Just load some generic bootstrap that can connect to the internet. They'll all get  iOS from their friends. 
I doubt Apple said anything to them. They just figured it out on their own that it would cause huge problems for them. It was probably one of those decrees made by some security manager but once the senior members of the government were advised of the impending economic catastrophe, it was quickly rescinded.
Yeah but once you cram a couple radios and a much bigger battery in there, you'd probably see your watch double in thickness too.
I think that would be difficult to do. You'd need some high end CNC machining. Don't forget you would need to make the digital crown and the button as well.
Sorry still not following. Their watch should have its own NFC but it would need an app to input the cards, to control it and authenticate, at least I would assume. You know, just like the Watch does. I know about the other browsers but I believe Apple decides on a case by case basis whether or not they will allow an app and in the case of a payment app I would think they might not.
I just checked and the new MB beats all three of those models. The Asus comes closet at 9 hours with Lenovo the worst at 6.6.
Not sure what you are getting at. Do you see Google Pay, Google Wallet, Loop Pay in the App Store?
The question is - Will Apple allow their app in the App Store since it duplicates native functionality?
Which was just one ship not the entire fleet. I think my point is best illustrated by the saying which I have quoted before on the forum: "To err is human - to really foul things up, you need a computer." We as a society sometimes become complacent, not realizing that everything we depend on is controlled by computers and vulnerable to a cyber attack or natural disaster. Even the distributed nature of DNS can be disrupted on a global scale. With everything being so...
New Posts  All Forums: