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Yeah right. As long as their stomachs are full they will quote the church doctrine, but let's see what they do when they have no food or shelter, that is when their faith comes into question. For the most part they will revert to the very basic animal instincts in order to survive, just like everyone else. Most Christians in the US will deny their religion at the first sign of adversity, unlike the Amish who are prepared for adversity,
Apple tends to keep limited support for older devices longer than other brands. One thing that contributes to that is that their hardware lasts a lot longer. I recently gave a friend my old iP4 running iOS 8. She was so excited about it because her old Samsung wouldn't hold a charge. She immediately went out and bought a bunch of cases and accessories for her "new" iPhone. She is only 21 but very excited about her new phone and she always thanks me over and over for giving...
I think the Boston Marathon bombing could be considered serious. Three killed and a couple of hundred injured.
I can only tell you where they do not come from: Bronze age scriptures.
Science comes from scientists. The laws of physics are things to be discovered. No one knows how the universe came to be.
My viewpoint is that religion is only useful to the point that it provides survival for the members of the congregation. If the security of the establishment fails, and it always does, it will be every man for himself. History is full of examples where the institution fails yet the people survive. Eventually, I see all religion falling by the wayside because it will no longer provide survival for the members. Science is our only hope for survival. When a catastrophic...
That's the thing about avenging Allah. If he were half the god he is claimed to be he could easily avenge himself. Sure, I know, who has the time when you have to tend to those thousands of virgins to be at the ready for the martyrs?  No different with all the gods, they never avenge themselves for the blasphemies of humans. They are all too busy paving streets with gold, building mansions for the disciples and keeping the brimstone burning. Maybe when they have some free...
Whether this world was created or evolved, there is still only one law: Survival of the fittest.   Organized religions were established as a result of this singular law. Us against them.   In time of plenty it is much easier to convince oneself that peace prevails, but the planet is just three missed meals away form total anarchy.   The islamist extremist are striking the west because the west has plenty and they do not. They become disillusioned that they are...
I am alive thankfully...recovering not out of the woods just yet.
Often when I ask Siri a question she simply shows a list of what she found on the web which is useless when driving. I'm not tempted to read it but I imagine some people are.
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