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It really depends on the type of work you do. For example the ultimate cloud-based workflow might be something that needs to be maintained in realtime such as worldwide database records or relies on remote collaboration. No amount of local storage is going to help you if your cloud goes down. But, the best way to protect your data is to backup often and have multiple backups in various physical locations. Also important is logical and detailed, dated file naming...
Apple page show everything is up now:
People say that Apple is worse than other cloud providers but all the major providers have about the same availability statistics. We just tend to hear more about Apple's downtime around here. Google consistently ranks a little higher but Amazon and Microsoft usually a bit worse, but not huge differences.   There are a number of different categories to consider such as Compute, Storage, DNS, CDN, and PaaS. Each type of platform affects different services. Because Apple's...
Better be careful with logged in pages. Make sure you log out not just close the window. I just tried it and it will log you right back in which is somewhat unexpected behavior.
Maybe they were looking for instant gratification. 
I was considering the attention span of a high school student not a mature adult.
I completed the first two courses on Swift on Lynda.com but I still haven't had time to write any apps. I'm so busy with web development where I'm using Javascript, SQL and PHP that I've probably already forgotten most of what I learn regarding Swift. In terms of "strongly typed" Swift is pretty much statically typed. Although it can use weak ownership and explicit overrides it is for all intents and purposes statically typed. I came to programming through Perl which...
If I was going to teach an absolute beginner how to code, I would start them out on Javascript. It has immediate gratification for small animations and transformations and also teaches them to code by hand. Javascript has very nice standardized implementations and is surprisingly similar to Swift.
I wouldn't put It in terms of searching for a mate but you do have point that there is more opportunity for different enthicities to live together in the cities. That is why in California we have China town, Korea Town, little Saigon. Santa Ana etc. Although Latinos share some ideals with Republicans such as Christianity and pro-life, and they may be either conservative or liberal they are generally anti-republican as Republicans are mostly viewed as pandering to the...
It's quite simple really. The large cities especially those on the coast is where all the large corporations are and large corporations have the highest salaries which attract the most educated employees. Highly educated people tend to be less religious and more liberal.
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