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I need to force myself to learn these new applications. I bought them all when they were released but every time I need to do a video I alway revert to FCP 7 because I know it.
 I think it works much better on the bottom. 1) I like to keep my phone upside down in my front pocket so when I grab it, I have the home button as a grip location, safer not to let it slip plus it is in the proper orientation to view the screen when just checking the time, hence the earphone plug is a better fit pointing up when it is in my pocket. 2) If the jack is on the top, the wire is hanging down sometimes getting in the way of using the screen, 3) If the plug is on...
You are right. Touch ID couldn't possibly be metallic since it is the feature name for the complete digital fingerprint security system. Of course I meant the ring. Sheeh...
Something fishy with the second photo. Underneath the audio jack the metal of the case is sort of wavy and there is a silver line that just stops under the speaker. Even the shadow is wavy.
Why is the Touch ID not a metallic color?
Let me be the first in this thread to invoke soggy's deaf man...
The only reason to have 1080 would be so every pixel has its true original color value instead of an interpolated value. Of course since the video is compressed, the pixels are already interpolated, so yeah it is not a difference you would ever see.
The Type C, the spec for which has been finalized, is not backward compatible. I really can't see how a new Type A will be either, at least not with a sheath.
Clearly it will not be backwards compatible. If Apple adopts the new design they might also need to design some transition adaptor as well.
Just in case this sounds confusing, it is probably worth mentioning that Dropbox bought Mailbox last year.
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