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There are some good points in the article, but bringing up comparisons to the 1980s Apple vs. Microsoft events never adds anything particularly useful when describing present market conditions. Times have changed because of the Internet and globalization. Those old analogies are as stale as the car analogies some people make when describing iOS verses Android. There are hundreds of car brands none of which have an ecosystem. Simply apples and oranges. As usual, the...
That went really well didn't it? The IP in question originates from Las Vegas, NV. Looks like DED's article inspired a few people to vandalize the page and insert their own biased remarks. At this point it appears that cooler heads, with actual Wikipedia trusted user status need to edit the page and include references and make notes regarding the reason the edits were necessary. Going in there with just an IP address sans user name and writing "Samsung go suck a duck" is...
You are right. I checked the iSuppi site. Please adjust the total cost by $1.97 per unit. But they bring up a good point that I forgot to include. Software licensing and Royalties.
An iSuppi summary of parts cost does not include R&D, manufacturing, shipping, packaging, marketing, customer support, software development, warranty costs, etc. The margin could be slim to none, but the parts cost certainly doesn't tell the whole story.
That was the old Apple Store. 
Yes, but the political standoff currently afflicting the country could become worse with the pending elections and demonstrations in Istanbul this weekend. Their government's blocking of Twitter and YouTube could tend to dampen the sprits of the otherwise exciting event of an Apple Store opening. Turkey might become the next Ukraine.
Sapphire is better than Gorilla Glass for Apple's purposes because Gorilla Glass is produced by Samsung Corning Advanced Glass, LLC.
Interesting conspiracy theory, but I think the accepted explanation for the iWork for OS X downgrade is so that all versions of iWork have feature parity. The hope is that they will restore the missing features as they can be reintroduced on the platforms simultaneously, especially difficult on iCloud, which is shackled with the limitations of HTML5. 
I think the target market for MS Office for iPad is business users who are more than likely iPhone/iPad/Windows users and whose company will pay the subscription price. People on Apple centric forums like this seem to forget that most iPhone/iPad users are also Windows users, especially if they are business types. Apple fans tend to think that all Windows users are Apple haters. Not only is that not true, there is a strong acceptance to the iPhone/iPad by almost everyone...
I used to have perfect vision, but once I hit 40 my eyesight started getting a little fuzzy. Even corrective lens can't make your vision perfect again. I would like the UI elements a little bigger. That is the one area that the OS can't give control over to the end user. They allow you to make the content text larger but there is no point really because that is the part you can usually pinch zoom anyway. It is the tiny UI elements that are the problem for older eyes.
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