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 My mistake. I meant cable TV company. Split hairs much? I guess it was too difficult for you to discern what I meant with my reference to the "last mile." 
Absolutely everyone I know gets their broadband from a cable company.
The irony of an Apple TV service is it still requires a subscription from a cable TV company to deliver it. Steve may have cracked TV but the last mile is a tough nut as Google is discovering.   Edit: Clarity for the anally retentive 
MS has probably been working on Obj-C compatibility for a couple years now, even before Swift was announced. They are likely in the process of adding Swift as we speak. That said, the Swift GM runtime libs are currently embedded into the app not the host OS like Obj-C is, so theoretically the Swift apps might run in the MS Obj-C environment anyway. Right now, Swift is still calling the same Obj-C libraries but that might change soon with upcoming iOS updates.
I don't think it fair to criticize either .Net or Java in general without more detailed examples, because both platforms can be implemented in numerous modes. If you were to narrow the discussion to websites for example, both JSP and ASPX pages are some of the fastest you'll find in connecting to databases and dynamically building response pages. It is difficult to compare executable apps though, because you then introduce variations due to runtime performance when you...
That really depends on the situation. In business it can certainly impact your ability to advance. You could be overlooked for promotion by conservatives who are often in decision making positions of power. If someone tattoos their face, it is probably going to be pretty difficult to get a job even washing dishes. If you are a millionaire sports or music sensation, well....
And one's hearing if standing too close to the speakers.
http://www.theworldofchinese.com/2013/11/chinese-tattoos-gone-wrong/ This is a really funny page. 
Someone did point out that the inks contain sometimes even heavy metals, which to me seems like it could present a health risk if those elements eventually dissolved into the blood. 
I've heard from a reliable source that iPhone is the preferred phone for the blind, at least in the US.
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