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…was released? disseminated? publicized?
I think in this case 'collectable' means that if it comes in multiple styles and colors, people might buy several. It is sort of like the wife's collection of shoes. It is fashion not just utility. Personally I think it is a ridiculous product for Apple to get into, but that is just me, I don't like wristwatches. 
This rumor was originally delayed by an alleged glitch in an algorithm used by a Taiwanese rumor generation firm, but the problem was rectified so this rumor was ultimately delivered on schedule.
Good point.
Unless of course is is about futbol, French Open or Tour de France
Exactly how many Apple Chief Executives have there been since the days of Steve Jobs?
 By the way Wall Street has nothing to do with Samsung. Samsung stock is not traded in the US.
Let's see an ad with hundreds of young Korean school children all studying on their iPads, Korean scientists using a Mac Pro, Korean businessmen calling on their iPhones, Korean graphic designers using FCP on their iMacs and a Korean family using Apple TV with a Sharp TV monitor. Dissolve to the Apple Store in Seoul, full of customers... Ninety-nine out of a hundred Koreans prefer Apple quality consumer electronics!
I don't think you can do that. Writing an app does not change the behavior of the SensorTag firmware which is just sending out regular iBeacon identifiers. I would be surprised if the interface for programming of the SensorTag would allow you to do that. I can't see it being part of the SDK because that only applies to the app running on the smartphone. To get the data from the sensor and send it to the iBeacon is not likely, but it is not necessary either because the app...
Small to mid-sized companies are not required to collect sales tax except where they have a physical presence. Larger online retailers in the US are now required to collect sales tax for all regions in the US which is quite difficult for a merchant especially for places like California where there are perhaps more than 100 different regions. I do agree with you it does seem a bit unethical for it to be advertised that they don't charge sales tax in other states "wink...
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