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Probably because as an application becomes more complex the functions are increasingly more abstract. For example what sort of familiar icon would you use to convey, say, things like "Assets, filters, history, export, edit." there aren't universal icons for many things and there isn't enough room in an iOS interface to write everything as words. There is a reason that iOS honors hovers in most cases - because it is stupid to have to abandon drop down lists that are not...
 I know, right? What I don't understand is where the survey discovered "Apple's positioning."
Right, because getting an idea of what some mysterious icon actually does before you click it is a horrible idea. Let's just click it and see what happens without an undo. With its small screen size, iOS navigation is often a severely compromised UI experience with lots of hidden and unusual interaction methods - far from intuitive. Force Touch should help to improve that to some degree, but there is a reason that EVERY desktop app and nearly every web page uses hover -...
I think it would be a long shot at best. You never know though. Apple is usually more evolutionary and doesn't make radical changes once they have released a product, with the single exception that I can think of which was a round Mac Pro, which I thought was a terrible idea.
Zero bezel tech on the Watch would be incompatible with the curved portion of the glass because the visual display would appear distorted. Same thing with the iPhone, perhaps to a lesser degree. In both instances, since the glass is raised slightly above the metal case, the curved edge makes the glass a little stronger in order to resist against accidental bumps cracking the screen, but you do lose some visual real estate. The same thing should be true of a round watch,...
You can adjust the text size. Right click on the desktop and select Show View Options, or use Cmd + J. Apps usually have their own text size options.
Well he does (accidentally) have a point. With the majority of iPhones being sold overseas, where they are predominately purchased at full retail price, people probably keep their phones a little longer so the upgrades from older iPhones will probably be greater than from only year old iPhone 6.
Some people might argue that the engineering was already done with the original Mac Pro. All they needed to do was add Thunderbolt and USB 3 along with the latest Xeons and GPUs. That big box was a Pro dream. You could do whatever you wanted with it.
I can't imagine that Apple did not consider the round vs. rectangle form factors for many months if not a year before coming to the conclusion that the rectangle shape fit their usage plan better than round. The Watch is a mini computer and much of the content is designed for the rectangular shape. The Calendar app, the Stocks app, the Maps app and many more that use scroll lists are just much better suited for the rectangular screen shape. Any small screen device is...
If you look at the clock speed of the Xeons, you'll notice as the core count goes up the clock speed comes down. In small quick tasks, the higher clocked iMac can actually be faster than an 8-12 core Mac Pro, but in tasks such as rendering full length videos or shading 3D animated scenes, the Mac Pro will eat through that much faster while the iMac starts to overheat.
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