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I believe Apple Watch is just another ecosystem/halo device to sell all things Apple. The only reason you need an iPhone to unlock the potential of an Apple Watch is because they couldn't fit the complete feature set inside the small case. Eventually they will be able to.
I see mental telepathy, teleportation and immortality as trending.
Really? I thought you subscribed to the theory that large screen smartphones were trending.
Sounds like a horrible idea.
My assumption was that the rewards card had absolutely nothing to do with Apple Pay which is why I asked what the association was between Apple Pay and the rewards card. If the rewards do not involve a transaction going through Apple servers then it isn't Apple Pay.
Honestly, I think Jeb has the best chance to win. Even moderate Democrats probably trust Jeb more than Hillary. I know I do. Plus he would bring in the Latino vote.
World war doesn't start with nuclear missiles, it ends with nuclear missiles. Trump is totally flip-flopping on his foreign policy. Last year he was critical of Obama on the Ukraine issue, calling on him to 'be a man' and stand up to Putin. Now he says he is supportive of Russia saying he can work out deals with Putin. He also has some strong words regarding China, Mexico and the Middle East. He has said he wants to seize control of all the oil fields in the Middle East...
I wonder how Apple Pay has anything to do with this rewards card. If you redeem your rewards with an iPhone does the transaction some how go through the Apple servers?
Doubt Trump could get the nomination. He may have a lot of popular support from angry white males, but when it comes down to the delegates, I'm pretty certain they realize they would never win a general election with such a bombastic egomaniac, which, I for one, am thankful for. Trump would start WW III the first week in office.
I would not vote for him. This will be the worst election in my recollection. There are no acceptable candidates in my opinion, although both Bernie and Hillary have a better chance of winning their party's nomination than either Ben or Donald. In the end the nominations never go to anyone who has not held public office before and neither of them have.
New Posts  All Forums: