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Perhaps because the plans are so confusing people think they are getting a good deal when the truth is the AT&T Next still has the same contracts. Personally I like the new Verizon plans because it it is plain and simple to understand. That AT&T Mobile Share is crazy complicated.
I think it the new plans will have a negative effect on iPhone sales. People just might keep their phones longer because there is no penalty to do so. Before, the major carriers charged you the same whether you owned your phone or not so people tended to upgraded exactly every two years.
How does UBS get search stats for ´ú┐Watch?
If doing everything under the law to minimize taxes is good enough for Apple it should be good enough for Google.
Funny, but water conservation, at least in California, is not a tree hugger environmental issue as much as it is a survival issue. There is nothing green about our lawns, that's for sure. Brown is the new green around here, some are saying their lawns are 'golden'. In our case, we have to treat water like money. You don't want to blow it all unnecessarily. You need to save some for a not so rainy day.
Are you currently taking a 100% hot water shower? I think you could probably use the shower mixing valve to increase the temperature to your liking without adjusting the hot water tank temperature. Personally I don't like the rain from above type shower heads because the water is continually dripping down your face and in your eyes.
I think the new carrier plans such as the ones announced by Verizon could have a negative impact on iPhone sales in the US as people may not upgrade every two years like they did before. Most previous plans did not offer any discount after the contract subsidy was complete so people thought it was worth it to pay another $200 and get back on a contract with a brand new phone and sell their old one. Now that the wireless/data and phone prices are separated, they may feel...
The benefits of more rain rather than less is worth the downside of mudslides. They claim that 90% of the fires in California, which ultimately cause the mudslides, are started by humans. People flick their burning cigarettes out the window of their cars all the time while driving near dry vegetation. Also, many people do not maintain their older cars and they overheat and catch on fire on a hot day while on the interstate, so they pull over to the shoulder and the winds...
The leaching of plastic chemicals (MTBE) in modern PEX is very low. It is much cleaner than older copper which can have some lead, other metals, and corrosive acids from the solder and flux. PEX may leach some chemicals in the very beginning but the amount continues to decrease over time, so in general is considered as safe or safer than copper.
We could build pipes from the Great Lakes area to So Cal, but the problem is capturing the rain quickly enough and getting it into the system to prevent flooding on their end. Plus it would need to be cleaned up somewhat before transporting through pipes. When you get giant thunderstorms, the water just comes down too fast. With oil pipelines, the oil is being pumped in at a manageable rate and it is economically feasible because the price of oil is much more than the...
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