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I had a Mac that was crashing on boot to a perfect BSOD. It was running SL. Was an iMac which had been running 24/7 for 8+ years. I decided to format and reinstall so I could give it away clean. Installation was normal but when it booted up to the welcome animation, it would get about 10 seconds in and crash to a BSOD, the exact shade of blue that Windows had. Never did get it to work after several reinstalls. Finally tossed it.
Just so you know which other companies to boycott, here are the 379 companies that urged the supreme court to support same-sex marriage. Here is the full list of companies that have signed the amicus brief: A.L. Nella & Company, LLP, CPAsA.T. KearneyAardema Whitelaw, PLLCAcacia Home LLCAccentureAetna Inc. aetnaAir Products and Chemicals, Inc.AJ Leo Electric and SolarAkamai Technologies, Inc.Alaska AirlinesAlcoa Inc.Amazon Services Inc. Amazon.com, Inc. American Airlines...
I can't believe we have so many hateful people in the Apple fan base now. My how things have changed from the old days of the desktop publishing an artistic community. I guess I'm just a liberal, at least according to the Merriam-Webster definition.
There is no love in the symbol of the Confederate flag, only hate.
People with Confederate flags on their license plates are probably not a very large market for Apple, whereas the number of people who are offended by the bigotry and racism the flag represents is huge.
Apple may be skipping the Intel E5 V3 and maybe V4 as well because the support for 5K resolutions, dual 4K monitors and TB3 will come with E5 V5 chip architecture. They may also be waiting for the new AMD FirePro W series GPUs because of the new emphasis is on GPU tasks rather than CPU. Right now the main advantages for the V3 chips is more cores, DDR4 and more RAM, which isn't to say that wouldn't be a nice upgrade. The V3 chips have been shipping since late 2014 but the...
Many posters on this thread are misinformed. There are plenty of Confederate flags in the iTunes store which you could verify for yourself if you bothered to type the word Confederate into the search. Only the apps with the Confederate Flag used in an offensive or mean-spirited way were removed.
Yeah Bill and Rebecca Goldsmith guest DJs. 
They are not likely to reverse this policy. That would be a total PR disaster. It is not a complete censorship of all confederate flags - just the ones that are offensive and mean spirited. 
1861 version
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