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 I  thought it was on by default but I could be wrong. I use mine a few times a year but I don't recall seeing any SMS. Perhaps an onscreen message. But I haven't seen those for a long time, not lately. When I take it off Airplane mode the massage asks me if I want to enable data roaming but that is about it. AT&T has some new international roaming agreements in different countries where I think it goes into roaming automatically without any message if roaming is on. 
So we are still using NSString and NSURL with Swift?
What is the data speed of the flash storage?
Maritime Wireless has roaming agreements with AT&T. With data roaming off you would still have Maritime for important phone calls. Data roaming off should be the default but it is not.
It is about the quality of life. The upper management and high level employees don't want to live in the midwest. They want vistas of mountains and oceans, sailboats, fine dining, fancy country clubs, private schools, expensive boutiques and malls and they don't want to have to drive 6 hours to get the oil changed on their Bentley.
Looks staged. Perhaps he has already purchased another home.
Turn off data roaming.
Is he married?
So in other words, Apple is making your 'so obvious a dead man can see it' 5.5" iPhone in the US because there have been no leaks from China.
I just went to Apple and watched the Gigantic ad again. I like it much better than this Christmas ad mainly because it shows people using the devices and having fun. The Christmas ad is moody and sulky.
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