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Doubt it. Now days the manufacturers design the onboard computer system to integrate the whole car. For example my auto has probably hundreds of sensors, many of which display information on the screen or heads up display and some control features do highly specialized tasks. There is no way Apple could build a universal electronics package that would meet the needs of auto manufacturers.
I always watch my local channels OTA because it is uncompressed with pristine video and audio. So much better quality than cable. I have a $20 HD antenna mounted in the attic of my garage so no unsightly outdoor mounting required.
I tried FM around the year 2000. I made a web app for a friend using the Windows version. At the time I was mostly using Mac/Tango/Butler to create dynamic web apps. Butler was an SQL database, so I was very familiar with SQL. FM was not SQL so it was quite foreign to me. I'm not sure whether FM is SQL now or not but personally, I wouldn't recommend any database that is not SQL compliant since that is the standard. OS X ships with SQLite3 and there are several GUI apps...
I liked the podcast. They talked about the TV and cable companies. I think it would be cool if the next TV, assuming it is still a box and not a stick, would include a pass through switch so you could have cable, WiFi, ethernet, and HD antenna all connected to it and use the Apple remote to switch among them as needed.
That is what I thought too. Apple makes iTunes for Windows so you need an Apple ID if you want to buy a song. 
The thing about a stick is it works well mechanically because it just plugs in and stays there. Great for mounting TVs on the wall. The term set-top-box has been looking for a replacement for several years now because you can't really put anything on top of a TV. TV just isn't the right form factor in my opinion. I've never used a stick. Does the remote still work well even though it is not in the line of sight?
There is this video: http://player.vimeo.com/video/98560323 although the music is difficult to listen to with the bad recording and all.
Yeah, mine is the same way. As small as it is though, it is huge compared to the Google or Amazon HDMI sticks. I think anyone who follows Apple knows a new TV is coming soon.
As do most clear thinking Americans, but face it, there are few clear thinking Americans. Everyone is angry. You can see it how they drive, the way they talk and the programs on TV.  They have no regard for anyone except themselves. The whole world is in a state of disfunction.
Sure, but aside from the resolution there is the compression to consider. That is where the variable bit rate come in.
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