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That Gravity app is pretty sweet. I'd buy that.
Perhaps you should reread the Constitution. Below is the opening paragraph. It reads the opposite of individualism.  Although the Bill of Rights amendments do spell out individual rights. It does not address any differences between individualism and socialism. It is not so much about what people are allowed to do as it pertains to liberty but rather puts limits on what the government is allowed to do. Socialism is a natural human characteristic. Without it we would still...
With iPhone there are all kinds of antennas, but only one speaker assembly, whereas the MacBook has two speaker assemblies, both with integrated antennas, at least according to iFixit. I'm not sure, but I think I recall there is some FCC regulation that the cellular antenna must be on the lower portion of the phone to position RF radiation further away from the brain when the phone is held to one's ear, but in the iPhone there are various antennas at the bottom and the...
I have 2 iPads, a mini 1 and an iPad 3. Both work perfectly with iOS 9. Thing is, I seldom use them. Maybe once or twice a day for a few minutes. I have the mini at home on the coffee table in the TV room and the iPad 3 in my office. The iPads are great but I have no motivation to upgrade because they are not really significant computing devices for me as I prefer to use my Macs most of the time.
It's all Al Gore's fault for inventing the Internet.
I remember reading about police busting some mafia guy maybe 10 years ago. They used General Motors OnStar to eavesdrop on a conversation while they were driving a car.
Banks don't issue AMEX. You get the cards directly from American Express. Same with the payment processing, AMEX processes their own transactions completely separate from any bank or merchant gateway. 
That is one way to get around stubborn banks. AMEX is not bundled with traditional merchant gateway accounts. They run their own ecommerce service, at least in the US.  Not sure about AU and CA.
Growth is in Revenue, not profit, so according to Mel, $1.3B in Beats sales. According to Gatorguy they reported $3.0 vs. $2.6 = 15% 
Isn't Apple Music in the Services category?
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