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I have yet to be convinced that a fat finger is superior to a pixel perfect mouse pointer. Touch is a mobile convenience not the the future of computing.
Ha ha!. Why do we know nothing about you, especially compared to the transparency of the long time posters. Soli: entrepreneur and network adminMel: advertising agency, media expertDigitalclips: entrepreneur computer sales, video expertLorin: Audio engineerGator: digital printing and technology expertDick: Apple authorized retail store, IBM and othermstone: medical software engineer and entrepreneur I'm not forgetting anyone...there are just many, many others who have...
You talk big but I bet you live in a tiny little room with your squirming little thoughts, wishing that you had some friends or respect. It is so clear even sog can see it.
Do you suffer from ADHD? Apparently any post longer than a few words leaves you completely confusded. It was the post I was replying to that suggested that a larger iPad might be an attempted replacement for a notebook. I'm pretty sure the original poster was expressing doubts  and I'm certain I was not advocating such a strategy, so yes, if you want an iPad buy one, but not to replace a notebook. As far as your other insults are concerned it only demonstrates that you...
...keeping... the iPad mini at 1 GB? Tune in tomorrow for the exciting conclusion.
Nothing is going to replace my rMBP. If you are trying to replace a notebook with an iPad, you'll need a keyboard for starters. Then you just have a crappy notebook that can also be used as a tablet with a slightly better camera, but you still don't have a file system, external i/o interfaces, a mouse or lots of ram, more powerful graphics, overlapping resizable windows, and a ton of other powerful stuff. All you get is a cheaper price and onscreen touch capabilities. I...
I wonder if Apple could have done more to assist the teachers and the school district. The standardized tests should have been reworked to be compatible with the iPad. Apple should have also known that the keyboard issue would come up. That should have been included in the contract. They also could have helped with the curriculum in matching up the schools with the best apps. I have not read what apps they are using, but if all of this was left up to the teachers without...
Welcome to wonders of Javascript.
As it should. That is because Mobile Safari is programmed to handle the URL properly. Any other http client will execute the command without a verification prompt. If you try it with a desktop browser you will see that the behavior is different. It will put the bogus URL in the location field. You can then back up and examine the script.
I received this email today. Haven't studied it yet. I'm not working in that area so I don;t know what it actually entails. Interested to learn more.
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