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 I just can't find that in writing anywhere on their site.
I still can't find any info about the trade in upgrade policy. I don't want to trade in my phone at the end of the contract. I want to keep it to use internationally and eventually hand it down to family member or friend.
By the way that magazine has since taken down that page.
I use it at Sprouts as well, but the other day I had to return something and they made me swipe the credit card. I suppose they are able to record my personal information because of the swipe. I returned some merchandise at Home Depot (when they still accepted Pay) and I didn't have to do anything, it just went back on the card. I have seen a number of clerks that are clueless about Pay. Perhaps Apple needs better training and support for the proper usage and protocols.
This could be useful although helping to frame your shot seems a bit of a stretch since you can't move the camera from a distance. If you are trying to take a selfie maybe you can move in order to center yourself in the frame, but with the rounded edges of the iPhone 6 you are going to struggle a bit to get the phone propped up accurately. I used to do that all the time with the iPhone 5 and it was easy because of the flat edges, you could just place it on any flat surface...
Nope. Flash CC supports any HTML5 feature but at least 20% of Flash features are not supported in HTML5.
I bet you didn't know the #1 way to build rich HTML5 content is with Flash CC. It is so fast and clean and really easy to make incredible animations. You just build it like normal Flash and then export to HTML5. Genius really.
You can't grow your business on repeat customers alone. There are billions of people on this planet and Apple has sold 200 million iPads so far. I think there is room for growth if the product is useful enough. My point is, it doesn't seem useful enough to me. I have two but rarely use them. It is sort of an extra in-between non-essential device, whereas a phone and a computer are considered essentials in a modern society. When you suggest that the long life cycle is...
No. They have percentage holdings in around sixty different companies many of them 100% ownership with lots top brands that you have heard of. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_assets_owned_by_Berkshire_Hathaway
I believe the ranking is on total revenue, not profit. Exxon sells a lot of gas but they don't make as much on margins as Apple does. A lot of people put the equivalent of the cost of an iPhone into their gas tank every couple months or so. But when you think about it, gas is actually pretty cheap even though people say it is expensive. It seems expensive because you use so much of it, however if you buy a gallon of just about any consumer processed liquid such as laundry...
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