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Turn off data roaming.
Is he married?
So in other words, Apple is making your 'so obvious a dead man can see it' 5.5" iPhone in the US because there have been no leaks from China.
I just went to Apple and watched the Gigantic ad again. I like it much better than this Christmas ad mainly because it shows people using the devices and having fun. The Christmas ad is moody and sulky.
Taking photos and short amateur videos with a smartphone is pretty routine. Putting together a professional looking multi-clip edited video is a different situation altogether. My complaint with the ad is that instead of showing the exciting features of the iPhone they create a dark emotional drama about a troubled teen, then surprise you at the end. The complete video capturing and editing process is hidden to build the wayward son drama. I much prefer the Apple ads that...
Misunderstood is a good title for this ad, because most people would not have understood that the video was being made on the teen's iPhone. Only people like we have on this forum would have known about iMovie and Airplay. I'm suggesting that the reality version I described before would have made for a happier story and also sold more iPhones. For non-Apple-tech people this ad was just a Christmas gathering with one reclusive child who hugs his mom at the end after seeing...
It was titled Misunderstood so they couldn't really show how the iPhone video editing would have actually taken place. In the real world the teen would have been interacting with the family to get the shots for the video. Your points are all well noted but in this case the director of this ad wanted us to believe he was reclusive in order to have the big surprise ending. In reality the teen would have had evaluated social status in the family because everyone would have...
It was ok but it was contrived to make you think the teen was socially disengaged. They didn't show him actually using the camera or editing the clips so a person not familiar with how iMovie or Airplay actually works wouldn't get it. I prefer the ads that demonstrate the features more clearly. 
I think they use a different LTE frequency so, probably as you say, less demand.
I don't sell my old iPhones. I unlock them through AT&T and use them for two more years as an international phone with a local sim. Then I give them to someone in our circle who needs a better phone and it will probably last another two years.
New Posts  All Forums: