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I look at it as an experiment. I take really good care of my gadgets so it will likely be in near flawless condition after a year. I don't know why I even said I would resell it. I always give my old iPhones and iPads to someone who needs it, like a relative, employee or family friend. I keep the packaging so even if it is slightly used I can still make it a nice gift for someone. Last Christmas I gave my friend's niece my old iPhone. It was in pristine condition and she...
I have my track pad where the numeric key pad usually is and since I am right handed my mouse is to the right side of that. Eventually what would be pretty cool is the track pad becomes a full LCD screen where you could have any number of layouts, such as a numeric key pad or shortcut keys that are application specific for FCP X. Sort of like an iPad mini without any bezels hooked up to your Mac. The default could be just like it is today.
In Panama there are some PCs that have latin American keyboards. One notable difference is there is no @ sign for whatever reason. Seems crazy in this world of the email. Most people have the standard US keyboard though. 
Perhaps, haven't made a final decision yet. I was initially leaning toward passing on this one since I don't wear watches and it is sort of ugly in my opinion, however if I do get one it will be the sport model. I'd rather have next year's thinner and lighter version, but if other Apple products are any guide, I would be able to resell V1 for a pretty good price anyway, so it not such a risk. I would definitely not buy the more expensive models because they don't offer any...
Last February Apple published a report about reducing their use of conflict minerals. Does anyone know if they have released a report for 2015? I'm wondering where they sourced their gold from for the new watch.
It is rumored that the new TV will serve as a portal to access your HomeKit devices both while at home and away, as well as stream TV/games/apps, which doesn't interest me all that much as I don't watch much TV anymore either. For me, HomeKit integration would be worth the price, all by itself. I'm in the market for a new TV so I'm anxious to see what they are releasing.
I believe they have on a few occasions regarding Google and certainly mentioned within several articles regarding efforts by traditional car manufacturers. Nevertheless it is a very popular discussion topic among the forum members so in relation to Apple's rumored entry into that space, an article on this Delphi vehicle certainly wouldn't be off topic, especially since this appears to be the most advanced self driving car we've seen yet.
I'm surprised AI hasn't reported on the latest self driving car. http://abcnews.go.com/Technology/driverless-car-begin-cross-country-trip-sunday/story?id=29807224 This car looks nice with all the sensors/cameras cleanly installed flush within the original body design. 
Got to give AI credit for being forthright with their Google bashing since Google ads probably accounts for 90% of their revenue.
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