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I think the target market for MS Office for iPad is business users who are more than likely iPhone/iPad/Windows users and whose company will pay the subscription price. People on Apple centric forums like this seem to forget that most iPhone/iPad users are also Windows users, especially if they are business types. Apple fans tend to think that all Windows users are Apple haters. Not only is that not true, there is a strong acceptance to the iPhone/iPad by almost everyone...
I used to have perfect vision, but once I hit 40 my eyesight started getting a little fuzzy. Even corrective lens can't make your vision perfect again. I would like the UI elements a little bigger. That is the one area that the OS can't give control over to the end user. They allow you to make the content text larger but there is no point really because that is the part you can usually pinch zoom anyway. It is the tiny UI elements that are the problem for older eyes.
The new Office apps for iOS is only part of the MS announcements today. The New mobile enterprise management suite is a pretty big deal because not even Apple or Google have a suite as full featured as the EMS system from Microsoft which works across most mobile device platforms including Windows Phone, iPhone/iPad as well as Samsung Android devices reportedly. A real advantage for big enterprise IT departments who need to accommodate BYOD. For people or companies who use...
Doesn't work in my opinion. It really screws things up and doesn't affect many aspects of the GUI.
The iPhone 6G, geriatric model. Honestly though, I could use a little bit larger type sometimes. As long as a larger phone still fits easily in a front jeans pocket, I wouldn't mind it being a little larger, but only if the text is a little larger. I don't need more screen real estate if it is going to have the same 4 point type currently used in some areas of the interface.
I wouldn't buy it even if it was a stand alone app. I just don't need any of the advanced features they offer which may not be supported in iWork apps. I have not had Office on any Mac since like 2003 or whatever that version was. I have Windows Office for a fall back solution, but rarely used, in fact, the PC is rarely even turned on. For business people who need it, I'm pretty sure the subscription is not going to be an issue. Probably paid for by their company.
When is it available? I couldn't find it on the App Store.   Edit: I found it   https://itunes.apple.com/us/artist/microsoft-corporation/id298856275   Then slide iPad apps to find Word, Excel, PowerPoint as separate apps.   I guess they only offer those three apps.
As long as it is not an in-app purchase or a link to an external website to purchase the subscription, they probably comply with Apple's restrictions. Most likely depends on what sort of message is in the application to inform users that they need a 365 subscription in order to edit documents.
Snow Leopard is a really solid version for sure. Nothing fancy, just a great UNIX computer with an OS X GUI. I have various Macs running SL, SL Server, L, ML, M and I like like them all.
I have one of those too. Still cranks out projects all day long. Best Mac ever in my opinion. I love how heavy duty it is. The new Mac Pros look so delicate. I'm debating getting the new Mac Pro, but I'm still not sure which configuration to buy and I am also hoping for a matching 4K monitor from Apple in the near future. The desk space argument you make isn't really much of an issue in my mind. A new Mac Pro and an external raid together represent less desk space than...
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