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Basically online browser based software as a service use one of two models to get around using plugins such as Flash. One, they use Javascript to do the actual work or two they use Javascript to display in the browser window the work that has been done behind the scenes by a Java app and/or database running on the server or some combination of the two methods.
Religion is the curse of mankind and Islam is the worst of the worst. We waste so much time, money and lives because of these people. Don't blame the NSA for us being spied on, blame Islamic religion, culture and ideology. They are intent on destroying the whole world and especially the US. Shoot first ask questions later.
Has anyone read that Apple support page? Absolutely disappointing.   1. Each accessory needs it's own app   2. To remotely access through TV you have to be signed on with the same Apple ID which means only one person in the household can use that feature.   3. You need some third party app to arrange scenes   Why does Apple not make a HomeKit app that incorporates everything together? The single TV user is deal killer in my opinion.
You can use dual Thunderbolt cables on Mac Pro or new MBP to get 5K right now using a Dell monitor
I seriously doubt they will write any browser plugins. I believe they, or Steve, has publicly said that browser plugins are no good. They already have some seriously complex productivity apps running on the web in Javascript. Apps like those are nearly impossible to copy due to the obfuscated programming and for anyone to make use of it they would have to already be a major player. Google and Microsoft aren't going to bother disassembling Apple's code. That would be harder...
I like Skype. I use it all the time. It does a few things that Apple communication apps do not. For one, I can use it as an international telephone to call business land lines for pennies a minute. I mostly use it because it is cross platform and ubiquitous, especially in Asia where I do a lot of collaboration. I almost never use video, mostly voice and txt so it is nice that it is integrated into a single app. You can also transfer files within Skype, not that I have used...
I never understood the crowd sourced traffic scenario like Waze. Doesn't this just encourage people to text while driving?
I have an older Sony consumer 1080 video camera that has FW 400 cable, compact to full size 6 pin. I had to buy a FW 400-female -> 800 male adapter plus a TB to FW adapter to use the camera with my new MBP. It cost nearly $50 in adapters to use old camera with a new computer. I guess the good thing is that they will continue to make adapters for all different situations.
60Hz refers to the display refresh rate. For example my iMac 5K has 60Hz refresh rate all the time, whether I'm watching a video or not. 60 fps refers to how fast a video was recorded. It can also refer to the capability of the computer to play back that video without dropping frames. 60Hz is sort of slow and 60 fps is sort of fast. The original poster wrote 'supporting up to 8k video @ 60Hz' which lead me to believe that they meant 'video' as in a movie but perhaps they...
How high is your fence? I have seen deer climb over 2 meter tall fence to get to a vegetable garden. From Google: to the astonishment of deer control experts, the U.S. Department of Agriculture rates white tail deer as being able to jump 15 feet high.
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