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That is the phone I use for my international travel phone since it is unlocked. Works great. I only upgrade every two years so I will be unlocking my iPhone 5 for travel as soon as the iPhone 6 is released. AT&T will unlock it for you when your contract is up. I plan to gift the iPhone 4 to my housekeeper who is currently using a feature phone. I have all the original packaging so it will look like brand new. I'm sure it will serve her well for a few years to come.
What does being a doctor have to do with the price of tea in China? Just get a battery case and stop worrying.
I don't understand how these undersea cables actually work. There are some indications that there are repeaters which I would assume require power but the illustration below does not indicate any power, just fiber elements. I'm curious how the sharks are detecting electromagnetic fields when there is only optical fiber. 
Perhaps Apple being the ultimate control freaks bought the entire country from the Netherlands. 
Fine except Aruba is a different island.  American Airlines has flights to Curacao from the US for $545 from Miami. Copa and Insel also fly there from Miami according to Expedia. Jet Blue starting in December
I still think Panama is better for several reasons. Check out this historical hurricane map. As you can see we never get hurricanes, 
Actually that example illustrates an important point. It is considered rude for non-muslims to eat in view of muslims who are fasting during Ramadan. In general other religions are much stricter than Christianity so it is better to be sensitive to their practices when you are aware of them. One on one between two individuals it is usually no big deal and any misunderstanding in greetings is overlooked, but for corporations and the government it is better to be generic...
I'm very truly sorry about that. I was wondering what part of my comment made you so upset. Actually the part about the cricket bat was not a threat at all. It was stated as "perhaps" and  "if" and "probably" and "years ago" and then a question. I have no reason to threaten you whatsoever. The part of my comment that was a borderline infraction was the first part where I postulated something about your mental state. Again, sorry about that, but by all means keep up the...
Only tourists buy Panama hats and they are usually made in Haiti or China. Probably our most famous asset is the Panama Canal, perhaps you've heard of it. Another claim to fame is our coffee which is world renowned. Panama is far from boring as it is a popular tourist destination with some of the finest surfing, fishing and scuba as well as a rich national heritage. There are also many wildlife species including over 300 types of hummingbirds. We also have a couple...
I was just doing some research about that and it turns out in the US 90% of people celebrate Christmas but only 50% of those who celebrate view it as a religious holiday. I would have thought it would have been less observers and more secular participants so I guess you point is noted. I still think  saying happy holidays is preferable for businesses but apparently it makes no difference for individuals. I am still surprised that you find that people saying happy holidays...
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