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They know. Apple  has to unlock the phone through Tunes unless it was sent from the factory already unlocked. Also there are contracts that the reseller has to abide by such as not discounting the price below a certain point and especially not giving them away. Even the way they are advertised is strictly controlled.
I can't follow your logic. First you said iPhone subsidy was the same as comparable phones. I offered an example where it was not. You said that no one wants S6 anyway because it is inferior which is why they are giving them away. I observed that first you said comparable phones but then you say S6 is not comparable, hence, no phone is comparable with iPhone, which I agree with, but you can't have it both ways. Either the subsidy is the same for comparable phones or there...
You get what you pay for, but I'm just saying that comparable phones cost less to own. Your argument seems to be contradictory as you now appear to be saying that the S6 is not a comparable phone. 
Mel: I saw a TV commercial yesterday for Sprint giving away Galaxy S6 free and another one free every year thereafter. They've been doing BOGOs for years. A free phone dramatically reduces the the overall cost of ownership to the consumer.
It is the same with any scroll mouse be it Logitech or Apple. Google Maps interprets the scroll wheel as zoom, by design. To pan, horizontally or vertically, you are supposed to click and drag. Good or bad, it is just a programming decision not a bug. For consistency, they made horizontal and vertical the same type of action since most mice do not have a horizontal scroll. Think of it as the same way you would interact with a map on a touch device.
I don't buy it. Less dining and more working out. Trade the Foie gras for a celery stick.
Jony needs to hit the treadmill 
Perhaps however the material is remarkably silky smooth and feels very luxurious. Most unlike any plastic I have ever seen or touched.
Nope, it will be expressed as logical evolution of watches,  hence not patentable.
Question for anyone who has their watch. Based on the picture above if the watch is charging with the digital crown resting on the table  is it inconvenient to press the buttons since the charging wire is pointing the other way? Not sure if I described that well enough but if there was a charging stand it would obviously be no problem. Can the wire point in any direction?
New Posts  All Forums: