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I see a darker line on the left most image which might represent the lens but it is not as prominent as how the side buttons are shown. On my iPhone 6 the lens protrudes at least as much as the buttons so it should be visible in all of the edge and end view profile images, unless they just decided not to show it in the drawing.
That is about right. Regular 24 lb. bond copy paper is .089 mm
You've heard the expression: "Can't put the toothpaste back in the tube..." That is basically what happened when the US sent all of our manufacturing to China. Those jobs are not coming back. CE currently made in China cannot be made in the US because the end product would be too expensive, no one would buy it and whatever corporation tried to do that would quickly go out of business. That is why only products like the Mac Pro can be made in the US. It is the most...
What does that mean? Depending on the process, Apple can probably work within .01 mm tolerances. 
It doesn't show a protruding camera lens
You are the biggest hypocrite of all. In the frenzy leading up to the Watch release you were claiming you were going to buy multiple gold editions just for investments. You were cheering on the Watch like a madman and still have some projected sales goals in your signature. Now you are saying you haven't even purchased one yet. What? I have always been a bit critical of the Watch, but, last Thursday I decided to see what all the fuss was about so I went to the Apple store...
I buy many things that are completely unnecessary and I can change my mind from day to day.
I don't understand how people's emotional connection to an Apple product can have such a detrimental affect on their reading comprehension. I didn't say I would never buy it. I said it is unnecessary for me. As a matter of fact I did buy one, I just canceled it later. Some people are so defensive they perceive every comment that is not raving admiration of the product as completely negative trolling. I'm always willing to reevaluate my opinion especially if the product...
I did not say it's a useless product. I said there are different use cases. I clearly understand some people find it extremely useful especially those who use the health monitoring workout features. It is not something that I need but that is just me. I thought I made that clear.
New Posts  All Forums: