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That is a better idea. If the laundry room had an iBeacon it could pop up all the laundry consumables on the screen and you could scroll through them.
Same with Panama. Example: type in "David Panama bus station" Apple maps takes you to Taiwan. Google Maps gets it perfect and also shows you things you might need like nearby hotels and also the airport.
Once it gets going it is impossible to recall. Just think about the "World Wide Web", not "worldwide" mind you, it's "World Wide." I wrote script that takes the www off of our website URLs. Jeez, they did some goofy things in the beginning. http://hyper-text-transfer-protocol.com. And when you think about it, the com should be first not after the domain. It should be com.apple/iphone. It is just like the USA date format should be dd:mm:yyyy not mm:dd:yyyy, smaller to...
So if you use Tide, Bounty, Clorox, Woolite, Shout, etc, you'll have these buttons all around your house. That is stupid. Since you have to set it up in your phone to start with, why not just use Siri? "Siri launch Amazon." Then say "Order Tide" in the Amazon app.
I'd have to say that is pretty amazing to be able to fit everything in such a small device, but you will still need a keyboard. If you can get by with only online office apps like Office, iWork or Google then more power to you, but it certainly does not work for me.
I've only used Pay a few times at Home Depot and Sprouts Grocery with AMEX. Worked perfectly each time.
I've always been that way, with very few apps. Most of the apps I have are free from big name companies which are tied to services I use such as a bank apps, radio & TV, Google, Uber and some mainstream social apps. I have only a few independent apps such as RedLaser and SpeedTest. The only paid apps I have are the iWork suite, iConvert and Star Walk.
Obvious they don't want to be thrown in jail.
100% owned by Apple Inc. a US company. What is your point?
Whatever, I have no dog in this hunt. I'm just happy I can live everyday 2000 miles from the madness with no worries. I own no AAPL shares although they built my house.
New Posts  All Forums: