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never mind my error
I think Apple has a similar philosophy with regard to Javascript, CSS3, HTML5 and open standards in general. Vendor lock-in is sort of a controversial subject in terms of iOS apps but perhaps he was referring to server platforms such as jsp, aspx, php, cfm etc. because that is usually the context in which one would be discussing HTML5.
Almost everyone is racist. You are normal if you are a racist. Logically, it makes no sense but the notion persists in cultural perceptions. Obsessed is just a variant. The technical definition of racism means that you think another race is inferior but the practical definition is that you prefer to congregate with your own race or ethinicity.
Okay, I'm probably going get a lot of flame for this but I will comment anyway. Clear and light skin is a cultural value in pretty much all Asian ethnicities. We see Asian women wearing visors and the like when they go outdoors because they don't want their natural skin pigment to darken. I think this goes back to the notion that wealthy people do not work outdoors doing farm labor, etc, where they would become suntanned. There is a lot of ethnic discrimination in Asia...
I know. I was just reading the other thread to learn that Luxottica bought Oakley. I said wow, I did not know that, so I looked it up and it happened back in 2007 for guess how much? $2 billion. I know that was a while ago, but there hasn't been so much inflation that would make Occulus worth that much. At least Oakley makes stuff that everyone wants.
I was pretty sure it could be done I just didn't know how. Looks like quite a few steps to getting it working. I tried setting that sort of thing several years ago. I could never get working. The article says OS X 10.5+ so maybe that was my problem.  Still seems like an ongoing hassle though. I can tell you for sure our IT manager isn't going offer any help. I just use Windows when I need to connect to the Windows network. Fortunately that isn't very often. My printer has...
How do they handle Macs logging on to Active Directory? Does the company provide Office for Mac? Aren't there a lot of Windows proprietary files being shared around like Access?
100% of IT professionals surveyed said they preferred Win 7 or XP to Win 8.   (I just made up that statistic but it sounds about right to me.)
I would be very surprised if Comcast isn't already peering with Apple either at Apple's data center or Comcast's or even at AT&T's data center. The physical switches are probably not the issue it is the priority of the packets. Similar to how cellular voice has a higher priority than cellular data.
I never got a week of battery life on the 3G. One thing to consider about comparing the battery life of your old phone to your new phone is whether or not you are in the same home, office, car and have a similar usage pattern because depending on the strength of the WiFi, cell signal and the type of BT connections you have it could substantially affect the amount of battery usage. A weaker signal uses more battery. Also, to be fair you also need to consider if you are...
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