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Latinos are mostly Native Americans with a few other ethnicities mixed in which by the classic definition would make them Mongoloid. The definition of race gets quite ambiguous around the edges. At this point in time, especially in the US, there are so many ethnicities that we should really stop thinking in terms of races. People just need to be a lot more tolerant of different languages, cultures and physical attributes. We all have 99.99% the same DNA.
These candidates have all been hand selected as qualified applicants. These are young people with no job experience. All they've done so far is proven they are excellent students of computer science. You really don't know who is going to work out best until you hire them, intern them, train them and see how they grow into the position. Best to get them young and mentor them to be what you need.  Ethnic diversity is a good thing for Apple because they sell product around...
I think Apple has a plan, that in the long run, will benefit the company in ways that you simply fail to understand. They are not going to hire any unqualified workers.
  Whose idea was it to write Latino/as? That is absurd. 
When there is some fraud with Visa/MC, the bank almost always reimburses the customer and in many cases the bank detects the fraud first and doesn't even tell you when, where, or how much. I have read the CurrentC terms and conditions but it leaves me wondering what their policy will be. With a credit card you are an actual customer of the bank but with CurrentC they are not a bank. They specifically state that the transactions are strictly between you and the...
Millennials carry lower balances on their credit cards than Baby Boomers and GenXers. http://www.dailyfinance.com/2014/01/29/credit-score-generation-gap-debt-boomers-genx-millennials/
You can always jailbreak it. The restrictions are for the protection of the typical user. That is the whole idea behind the walled garden. The security is built in so you don't have to think about it. And by the way you can delete photos in bulk. At the top right is a Select button. Choose the photos to delete and tap the trash can.
I'm surprised the telcos even want the old phone back. They seem to be trying to get out of the phone financing business with these new plans by encouraging you to bring your own phone or pay full price up front. What are they going to do with the old phone?
Perhaps because the plans are so confusing people think they are getting a good deal when the truth is the AT&T Next still has the same contracts. Personally I like the new Verizon plans because it it is plain and simple to understand. That AT&T Mobile Share is crazy complicated.
I think it the new plans will have a negative effect on iPhone sales. People just might keep their phones longer because there is no penalty to do so. Before, the major carriers charged you the same whether you owned your phone or not so people tended to upgraded exactly every two years.
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