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So since you are no longer a Mac user, is there not a more appropriate site for you to post to like www.formerappleuser.com or whatever they call it?
I do respect your research, civill discourse and the generally respectful manner in which you reply but many of us wonder why you spend so much time here when you clearly are not a Mac type of guy?
Oh jeez, I've done it again. Accidentally offended another ethnic group. For the record, I used to date a Turkish girl who is now a doctor. We went to college together, She had a rather unusual name which drew a lot of mockery and I always defended her in that regard. Her father was an air conditioner salesman in the south west costal region of Turkey. I have nothing against Turkish people. I was just making a bad joke about Constantinople as being the "old" name. I guess...
Cool, but where do  the berry addicts carry it? It is like way too tall for pockets.
That's what happens when you hire a creative agency to produce your video. - you get a lot of product placement that represents the artist's bias.
Yeah, that was quite the soliloquy. I thought about refuting some of those comments but he was not entirely out of the mainstream group think on any of the topics he addressed. I would disagree with all of his prophetic scenarios but it is pointless to argue with his talking points because they are all based on the future which no one can predict. BTW I admire your post count/sign up date. Quite an accomplishment to be able to refrain from commenting when so much BS is...
The way I work is not ideal because things are disconnected from one another. For example I use Google Apps Mail for business. I'm not sure if that is different than gmail or not but I like it a lot better than Apple Mail or web based iCould mail. For the occasional productivity app usage I still use iWork (the old version) on the desktop and for cloud storage I use Google Drive. It would be nice if Apple offered similar solutions because then I could use all Apple...
I'm not sure about Google Docs, but I thought it was part of Google Apps. I still use iWork, but Google Apps for Business, especially Mail and Google Drive are is really full featured and lightyears ahead of iCloud.
I decided to download it, even though I have no use for it. I just wanted to see if you can actually create Office documents. Turns out I was unable to even run the app because I apparently don't have an acceptable email address. It says to get started enter a Microsoft email address or the email address of your organization. I entered my corporate email address but it was rejected. I entered in my iCloud address and that was rejected as well. I'm not sure how I am...
Last time I checked Cupertino was still in California. Edit: Sorry I forgot to mention that California has earthquakes, wildfires, drought, really high cost of living, crime, illegal aliens, and too much traffic. You really don't want to move there (here).
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