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I was thinking that the 5.5 might finally use LM. Also we don't know for sure that the 4.7 actually uses sapphire either. Kuo did mention that the 5.5 uses sapphire. It has also been speculated that the 5.5 will have a better camera. Too many unknowns to to make assumptions. I'd lean towards going with Kuo's predictions over some anonymous forum poster.
Right, credibility, that's us. I think Kuo manages millions in customer investments.
Do we know that the 5.5 uses the same materials? Hint - No we don't!
I agree. Those who dismiss Ming's track record, please go read his predictions made in January 2013. Dead on the money, 9 months out. http://www.icreatemagazine.com/news/apple-to-release-new-iphones-ipads-and-macbook-pros-in-2013/
The feeling is probably mutual. If you read the forum regularly you'd know that when Ming releases a note, it is released to his investors, not to AI forum readers. Also, you may or may not have realized that AI is a rumor site not a fact checking journalist news site. Furthermore, in the note he identified three areas of concern. One, the irregular color of the metal, the touch sensitivity near the edges and the screen drop test. All seem to be fairly specific as if he...
I think they should and probably will, but it has nothing to do with iBeacons. To summarize, I am sticking to my narrative that: iBeacon does only one thing, sends out BT identifiers. It is not connected to the Internet or communicating with the receiving device or a server. HomeKit needs to be in the foreground to issue any commands and in my opinion it is generally going to be more trouble than it is worth to turn on a simple light using your iPhone and an iBeacon rather...
Just saying it isn't using either of those protocols. There are tons of proprietary home automation products out there. I just asked for an example of an iBeacon that did all the stuff like motion detection, humidity, temperature, etc. As far as I know, iBeacons do only one thing, send out BT identifiers. I'm not saying you could not add on an iBeacon, but the iBeacon is not integrating with any of those other communication and detection tasks as far as I know.
In other words, not iBeacon and not HomeKit.
Yes and no.  It could involve a bit of home remodeling, though. In order for the physical wall switch to override the automation actions, you would need the equivalent of a three-way switch. This new functionality will probably involve somehow getting a new heavy duty custom switching mechanism crammed into a typical shallow residential switch box, which may already be quite full of wire nuts. Retrofitting an existing residence is probably going to come with a lot of...
I thought of that but apparently there is some security measures that only allows the HomeKit appliance to be operated when the HomeKit app is in the foreground. So I imagine it would have to push notify you and then you would need to confirm the preprogrammed operation.
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