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Hard to use Find my Phone when you're in handcuffs.
The only way I know of is to issue a refund. I have never heard of any way to just send money to any type of card.
Exactly, but that is not what the article says. It mentions you click on the "Add Card" button. In order to deposit money in someone's account, there are usually fees involved unless it is within the same bank. If between two different banks it is usually called a wire transfer and requires safe pass codes. It would be interesting to know how they are doing this. Not that I trust Facebook, but if it saved transfer fees, I'm sure some people might consider it worth the risk.
That is not what is happening here. It takes three things to accomplish a hack with this exploit: 1) Unpatched server2) Man in the middle3) Old browser It is completely platform agnostic. The fact that the credentials are still being transferred with SSL means it is not a password in the clear, just old SSL.
Many people are using old hardware and can't upgrade to the latest OS.
If they are using https:// then I think they have to use WebKit or the app will not be accepted. There is no direct relationship between the number of unpatched servers and the 7 really bad apps. The number 7 does not get lowered.
 It is easy enough to charge a debit card, but I'm curious how you pay to a debit card. I did not know that was possible. Wouldn't they have to get your bank account info to deposit funds?
Should have been a Pixar production. They could have made a virtual Steve and probably even synthesized his voice.  If they are telling the story of the history of Steve then they are going to have to make him appear aging. Why not just make him look like Steve while they are at it?
https://www.apple.com/watch/battery.html It says 18 hours. 
Reading through the employment opportunities was very interesting. It provides some insight into what they are working on.
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