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I was pretty sure it could be done I just didn't know how. Looks like quite a few steps to getting it working. I tried setting that sort of thing several years ago. I could never get working. The article says OS X 10.5+ so maybe that was my problem.  Still seems like an ongoing hassle though. I can tell you for sure our IT manager isn't going offer any help. I just use Windows when I need to connect to the Windows network. Fortunately that isn't very often. My printer has...
How do they handle Macs logging on to Active Directory? Does the company provide Office for Mac? Aren't there a lot of Windows proprietary files being shared around like Access?
100% of IT professionals surveyed said they preferred Win 7 or XP to Win 8.   (I just made up that statistic but it sounds about right to me.)
I would be very surprised if Comcast isn't already peering with Apple either at Apple's data center or Comcast's or even at AT&T's data center. The physical switches are probably not the issue it is the priority of the packets. Similar to how cellular voice has a higher priority than cellular data.
I never got a week of battery life on the 3G. One thing to consider about comparing the battery life of your old phone to your new phone is whether or not you are in the same home, office, car and have a similar usage pattern because depending on the strength of the WiFi, cell signal and the type of BT connections you have it could substantially affect the amount of battery usage. A weaker signal uses more battery. Also, to be fair you also need to consider if you are...
Dude, there is no flaming sword of truth or a exorcism of demons. Get a grip man. Apple is a money making machine. You are delusional if you think that you belong to some elect group because you purchased an Apple product. Grow up.
I don't think that works. Some cars already have the automatic trunk lid opening when in range. If you stand next to the trunk for three seconds with the key in your possession, it opens. I suppose it is designed so if your hands are full it is helpful. Kind of impractical in my opinion. It just isn't smart enough. if you wanted the trunk to open, then fine, but that just means you need to stay away from the rear of your car or the trunk will open unexpectedly, like if you...
Jump to 25:00 on the time for the major iPad prophesy 
You are right. It was a bit over the top. I apologize to all who were offended. My point although poorly communicated is that Apple is NOT A FUCKING RELIGION. just a pretty good corporation.
Quote:Well, I haven't been to the States very often in the last six months, and when I do go I am always at corporate where almost everyone has an iPhone. As far as I know, no one has a 5c. Lots of 4S, 5 and a few 5s. While traveling, dining or in business meetings, I honestly have never seen a 5c. Perhaps in other settings 5c is more prevalent. 
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