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As usual, I disagree with everything you say.
My remarks were certainly not intended to be a personal attack. I'm sorry if you interpreted them as such. I wish only the best for you personally. I simply disagree with your political stance on just about everything.
That is correct at 30fps but in what scenario would you need to move full uncompressed video across a network in real time?
As is TB 
Are you kidding me? 4K video requires only a fraction of the theoretical 10 Gbps bandwidth available for USB-C even if you are not streaming, streaming would be even less. The 20 Gbps is for 2 way.  A 4K signal to a monitor is only one way. 10 Gbps, more than enough.
So I gather in your world, 'require attention' and 'deserve attention' are two different things. I hope you don't someday find yourself on the short end of that determination. Sounds to me that more GPs are better than fewer, considering your doomsday scenario.
Don't try that 50m underwater with your iPhone.
This sounds crazy to me. I'm in the medical industry so perhaps I'm too close to it to understand your issue with general practitioners, which probably has some absurd underlying libertarian political rational. If you have ever worked in an ER or with battle field medics, or volunteered in third world countries to help fight diseases, then you might gain a new appreciation for general practitioners. They are the front line. Perhaps you should think of general practice as a...
Is this true? I think a lot of pros prefer actual tracks over magnetic timelines. That is my preference anyway. Premiere and Avid are very popular among TV pros around SoCal. One reason is Premiere and Avid are both cross platform. I think FCP/FCP X has always been, and is still, in the minority in the pro video industry. 
 Thunderbolt and USB-C both have theoretical 10 Gbps, both have DisplayPort, both have 100 watts of power. Seems like a fair amount of overlap. Sure the Mac Pro should have several both, but if you are using Thunderbolt to convert to other formats like I am, you can't daisy chain them. Two TB ports is not enough. I have need for at least one more right now on my iMac.
New Posts  All Forums: