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If you only have one computing device your experience is going to be compromised and very limited in scope. Combo/hybrid anything is usually pretty awful. Not that I have tried it, but the Surface looks like a terrible tablet and a terrible computer. I'm just thankful I can afford lots of devices/computers. That way I always have the right tool for the job.
If greyed out icon only lasts for a second or two I may have missed it, but if wifi assist is only on for a few seconds before it switches completely to cellular, how is that even useful? I would have expected it to have a wider and more significant effect than just a second or two at the absolute edge of your wifi range.
I think you are right. I just tested it, but I'm still not sure how it differs from just switching over to cellular like it always did from an icon perspective. I originally read about it here http://money.cnn.com/2015/09/30/technology/ios-9-wifi-assist/ I apparently have a really strong wifi signal, I had to walk about 50 meters down the driveway and out of line of sight to get out of wifi range and it did remove the wifi icon and replace it with the cellular....
I'm not positive but I don't think that is how it works. If you have a strong wifi signal, regardless of data throughput, I don't think it will switch to cellular. 
Those speed tests are bogus because they don't test real world usage. Speed test just sends a large chunk of data, but in the real world a web page might make hundreds of individual http requests to more than a few different servers just to display a single web page. It is usually the requests, handshakes, ssl encryption, jQuery min, stylesheets, etc. that cause the delays, not a slow down of the overall throughput of your ISP.
Thanks. At least someone agrees with me. And, make matters worse, when wifi assist is using cellular data it doesn't remove the wifi icon, it just makes it grey. Assuming it will be a tiny bar since the signal is weak, the user might not notice right away. 
It may be somewhere in the documentation, but I would like to bring to your attention that public Wi-Fi can be dangerous, especially if it is unencrypted, as in no password required. You check your mail, fill out a web form or check your bank balance and you could potentially be giving away your login credentials and personal information to a hacker sitting next to you at a cafe. I have ask to join wifi turned off and only use cellular when not at home or at work.
It is the estimated total of the entire class action, (potentially millions of users affected.)
Yeah well I think that some things should have a warning. Not everyone is as knowledgeable as you. For example when I got my first car my dad taught me to always check the tire pressure to avoid excessive tire wear. Did I do it? Well sure if the tire looked low. But by then the damage was already done. Now-days my BMW pops up a warning if it is even 1 psi high or low. With technology today this would be so simple for Apple to have given a warning, especially if you didn't...
That is ridiculous. Not everyone is a nerd. If an aspect of a product could have an adverse affect such as draining your wallet there should be a warning. That said, at least with AT&T, I receive a text warning my data is almost depleted and another text when I actually go over.
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