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Saying merry christmas to non-observers in the US and expecting them to return the greeting just because this is America is simply rude. That type of attitude is why Americans are generally considered rude when they travel to other countries. Certainly the case in Panama where most Americans refuse to learn any spanish and expect the locals to speak english. This isn't the 1800s. Things change as the diverse populations start intermingling around the world. In my opinion,...
No where. They aren't fighting words at all. In the US If you said that to someone who did not observe Christmas, they would probably say thank you, and to you as well. People of other faiths have learned to accept things like that. They don't want to stir up trouble. Very much like jews who have a job that requires them to work past sunset on Fridays and Muslims who have to work on Friday. It is not the end of the world. They put up with it because it is better than...
For the sake of continuity I was responding to the parts of the garb that I was accused of using in vain. Since we are always in Panama for Christmas we say Feliz Navidad. Try saying that to strangers on the street in London. Second thought...maybe you better not. "What the f*** are you saying? Do I look like f**ing Jose Feliciano?"
I thought I was responding to your accusation that I stole your garb and after explaining exactly the events that we participate in you bring up Christmas Mass. How the bloody hell did I steal your mass? We don't have any religious observances whatsoever.
Wow! I know it was just a quick approximation, but I didn't realize I was so far off.  better put a /s in case someone takes that literally.
Actually I think most of the garb is Pagan like the decorated tree, the yule log, feasts, parties, wine, etc. Perhaps the gift giving has some biblical roots, and although I've been known to gift some gold, not too much incense or myrrh. Mostly toy trucks, dolls and stuffed animals.
Yeah, home button. It is just an approximation because also I made some other assumptions. After using Photoshop to skew the image to squared up perspective, I checked the corner radius and the bezel widths of the current iPhone. I scaled the image of the phone to match all those measurements and the screen measured 4.7 almost exactly. 
No disagreement from me, just a disclaimer.
My stance is it is not a religious holiday, it is a social gathering gift giving holiday. If people want to perform a nativity plays it is fine with me. That part is in the bible. As far as children, I'm referring to grade school age. Perhaps we are a bit behind the UK because our children are not writing symphonies. Heck even our adults aren't. Some fanatical religious people won't allow a christmas tree in their house and their children get no gifts. I think that is just...
In my town, no. The event is depicted as part of the nativity plays though. We do eat the cake but all during the week of christmas. In Panama it is one giant festival from November the 8th, which is Mother's Day all the way through the first week in January. We also have two independence days during that time. Fireworks almost every night. Don't plan on getting much sleep if you live in town. I live about 5 km away and you can still hear all the partying until the early...
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