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It seems to me that if Swift functionality was equivalent to PHP such that it was essentially a tag replacement runtime engine like all the others including Coldfusion .Net, or RoR, etc., there would still have to be a compelling reason to port existing web apps to Swift. Unless it is light years faster or more secure and have a large enough developer base, I don't see it displacing PHP. It is really expensive to rewrite software. If your app is already tested and...
That will be interesting to see. Do you think Swift will actually be a server scripting language on the order of PHP? Currently PHP does integrate with compiled binaries such as curl, gd, apc, module, mysql and others so perhaps apps written in Swift could be compiled in but that would depend on whether PHP itself can be compiled with LLVM.
These models won't even spin the propellers if it is in a restricted air space. Not sure about the altitude limitation. That one might be difficult to implement. 
It is going start happening in a big way very soon because the EMV-compliant POS system deadline is October 2015. I'm not sure why so many retailers have not upgraded yet but there will probably be a big rush at the last minute. Since they will have to replace all their CC readers they will most likely opt for the NFC capable readers at that time. At that point there would little reason not to accept Pay.
  Are you kidding? Apple doesn't even run Mac servers in their own data centers. From the few pictures I've seen, they appear to be HP servers. Apple doesn't even make servers. Why would IBM implement a Mac server program when they have been pushing Linux in all their enterprise solutions for a long time? Makes no sense. Go read the IBM website. All their enterprise solutions are Linux or IBM AIX. IBM does not offer any Windows based server products so I'm not sure what...
Nope. IBM servers and back end infrastructure is all Linux. This IBM/Mac initiative is about creating an ecosystem for their iPad apps and nothing to do with servers.
Apple should discriminate against fat people. Ive and Schiller need to get on a treadmill.
Great info. I still think it would almost impossible for Apple to get a similar arrangement in California. For one thing, Apple's properties are not contiguous, or even all in the same city or county and they are not considered a landmark, public space or a tourist destination. Their properties are located in a highly developed area as well, unlike the open land that most likely comprised the Disney land purchase. It would also offer no benefit for the State of California...
Does he say it in English or Spanish? The way Craig says it really grates on my ears.
Probably. I love the iMac 5K. Superb machine although I have pretty much maxed out the ports. Most people shouldn't have that problem though. I have a lot of stuff connected. I have not looked around the support forums, but the first 5K we bought, the screen died in the first couple weeks. Fortunately I had Back to My Mac running so I was able to log in and wipe the data. Besides that slight annoyance the replacement machine has been flawless for months.
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