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Okay then if you want to go with the Electoral College then he won with 61%.
The entire idea of government is to create an environment that benefits the citizens. When the Republicans filibuster in order to block good legislation, even bills that they themselves sponsored just so Obama will not get any credit for helping to pass a popular law, that is abuse of the laws founding the government, but it is unsurprising that you don't comprehend that.
Obama isn't really that unpopular. He earned 51% of the vote in the last election and his approval rating is down to 43% recently. Not great, but under the circumstances, certainly understandable. He has accomplished some pretty significant goals. For one, he got us out of the recession, that he inherited, passed Health Care Reform, killed Osama Bin Laden, ended US involvement in Iraq, among some other positive things. I'd still like to see gun control and immigration...
I know that sounds reasonable but it doesn't explain why an accomplished scientist, head of the materials department and vice dean at a prestigious college would lie about something like this. That part doesn't make sense to me.
Add another $2,000 for the additional 8 MB of RAM option. It came with 1 MB. You could have a max of 9 MB.
That Mac Portable cost $7,300 in 1988
Windows 8 runs on ARM doesn't it?
So what does that mean for iMac refresh? I need at least two. I don't want to buy at the end of the model refresh cycle so I've been waiting.
I stand corrected. thanks.
Which is exactly the interpretation that AI wanted you to have. The proof of concept was posted in a blog on July 8 and Adobe patched it on July 8. If you read the blog, the author praises Adobe for the quick fix. In other words it looks like the flaw was not publicly disclosed by the security researcher until Adobe had time to fix it. Adobe also acknowledges Michele Spagnuolo for helping them identify and correct the issue. Google and Adobe have always been good working...
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