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How many does he have? 
It might be that simple but the design and engineering gets locked a couple years out. They don't usually change the specs after they finalize the design unless something is broken. They sign contracts with suppliers pretty far in advance as well. They also have to test everything very carefully or open themselves up to potential product recalls. Those infotainment units are quite complex as they integrate all the various sensors and computers onboard. Plus it is not just...
You do realize that Apple is most likely already hard at work on iPhone 7 which won't be released for two years?
I've never heard a Taylor Swift song but I have everything Lana (aka Lizzy) has ever released. Her lyrics are very clever. Not just another pretty face.
According to the iFixit teardowns, the iMac uses WD Black and the Time Capsule uses a Seagate Barracuda. Similar dives but I'd say the Time Capsule doesn't get as much of a workout as the iMac and probably not as hot either. We had a bunch of WD Blacks from that same time period that failed rather quickly. Prior to that we've had very good service from them. Not sure what changed. They don't specify a MTBF for that drive. WD does make a real enterprise grade drive called...
Sure, I'm just using that as an example to point out that the ad brokers adjust the rate they pay per ad by the number of listeners and ASCAP and BMI base the licensing on the amount of revenue the service is generating, hence if they lose listeners and subscribers, the bands get paid less. The band may lose money as opposed to loose money which is how I operate. /s
But the royalties and the ad revenue are subject to the size of the subscriber list and the number of listeners. If Spotify had zero listeners, they would receive zero ad dollars and pay zero music licensing. The revenue is directly proportional to the number of listeners and subscribers.
If the subscribers bail on Spotify to switch to Music then the bands will lose money. There are only $X dollars in the streaming market. If Apple takes customers away from competitors the bands lose money during the free trial period. Eventually Apple may be able to grow the market but in the beginning the bands will lose money if Apple doesn't pay them.
Apple should be at least splitting the income from the subscriptions with the rights holders during the three month period. Perhaps they each make a little less than they would at full price but it would be a partnership.
Funny stuff!
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