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 Just estimating, but for pros, it is actually cheaper now than it was before. If you purchased the Master Collection it was like +/- $2,400 and then another +/- $1,000 every 18 months which works out to be over $100 per month over the first 3 years and you had to wait 18 months to get updates. Even then, not all the apps were significantly updated. That was annoying. Now it is only $50 a month and you get updates all the time. When Adobe first released the program it was...
Most consumer wifi routers do not have the ability to send certificates to visitors although they sometimes do provide a certificate on the admin side but they are usually self signed. More expensive commercial routers, otherwise know as hotspot gateways, can serve up secure welcome screens such as you might see at a hotel. The encryption for wifi does not use SSL certificates. They generally use AES with WPA2 which is a different protocol altogether. Where is Soli when...
TLS does replace SSL. SSL 3.0 was a fall back and that has been deprecated in all popular browsers, at least on the desktop. What individual apps are using is unknown but, by and large, all commercial servers have disabled SSL 3.0 and earlier. TLS 1.2 is the current version although some older servers can only implement TLS 1.0 which still is better than SSL and all current browsers still work with it.
I know, right? Your long time clients love you. They will pay any reasonable expense to have you work for them again. Just bill them. I would suggest $100 extra to reestablish your Adobe ID. After all, you need to login to Adobe and click yes a few times. That has to take at least 3 minutes. Surely that would be covered with $100, if not, charge more.
Good to know. I guess they just want to know which one to install.
It doesn't matter. She wears it anyway she wants. It is not at all difficult to use your thumb or index finger on either side of the watch to adjust the digital crown or press the button. Have you tried one yet?
Okay, got it. I can now see your objection is based on Adobe hate, not anything practical.
That can't be the original because it shows the on screen controls in the actual video. It also has subtitles so it was originally done by a professional.
If you retire and then someone asks you to do a job based on an old work, just charge them to reestablish your month to month account. Just add the $50 into the job cost and then cancel when complete. You are not screwed. You can alway use the CC version and when you save the file save as an older Illustrator version for safe keeping. 
If you have 10K files I would assume you are a professional. It is usually the pros that find the CC program acceptable. Compatibility with other users is often necessary in a professional environment. The other thing that is appealing to me is it makes pirating the apps much more difficult. I was always annoyed that other designers could compete with us using bootleg copies. Gave them an unfair advantage.
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