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Well he does (accidentally) have a point. With the majority of iPhones being sold overseas, where they are predominately purchased at full retail price, people probably keep their phones a little longer so the upgrades from older iPhones will probably be greater than from only year old iPhone 6.
Some people might argue that the engineering was already done with the original Mac Pro. All they needed to do was add Thunderbolt and USB 3 along with the latest Xeons and GPUs. That big box was a Pro dream. You could do whatever you wanted with it.
I can't imagine that Apple did not consider the round vs. rectangle form factors for many months if not a year before coming to the conclusion that the rectangle shape fit their usage plan better than round. The Watch is a mini computer and much of the content is designed for the rectangular shape. The Calendar app, the Stocks app, the Maps app and many more that use scroll lists are just much better suited for the rectangular screen shape. Any small screen device is...
If you look at the clock speed of the Xeons, you'll notice as the core count goes up the clock speed comes down. In small quick tasks, the higher clocked iMac can actually be faster than an 8-12 core Mac Pro, but in tasks such as rendering full length videos or shading 3D animated scenes, the Mac Pro will eat through that much faster while the iMac starts to overheat.
Ad blocking is probably one feature that Google will not copy.
Google fiber is in so limited deployment it is not an option for 99% of people. And it costs $70/mo for fast internet. They also have a smaller plan $300 setup fee +  $25/mo for the first year and then $0 afterward for 5Mb speed but that isn't really enough to stream TV reliably. And you still need their special router as well. If you are going with Google fiber you might as well just get their TV as well for $130/mo.
Go for it then. All I'm saying is the cable companies are not going to become a dumb pipe willingly. If people start opting for internet only, that subscription is going to get very expensive. Their shareholders want to squeeze at least $100 from every household and they control the last mile.
Plus a $50 per month internet account, and you still don't get local channels without a quality outdoor antenna and some wiring that could be expensive to install.
The cable companies buy the programming at wholesale and package it to maximize their profit by up selling to the consumer. That is why the movie channels are in one package and the sports in another. That way the consumer has to buy the top level subscription. If they would let you subscribe to just the channels you wanted, the price would be much higher. The cable company isn't going to charge you less. Most people are still going to be paying $100 a month or more...
 The packages seem like a nuisance but without them there would be almost no foreign language channels or local community programs. Those can only exist in a package by the large top tier programs paying their freight. The diversity of programming would suffer if everything went ala carte, plus it would probably end up being even more expensive if you have 20 or so different subscriptions.
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