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I just weighed my SS watch, band and all, at 3.2 ounces, sure not the same as gold just a rough estimate. Then I looked up the price per gram of 23K gold... 23k $34.94   Converted 3.2 oz to grams = 85g x $34.94 = $2,970 But even if you go by Sog @ 55g it still comes out to be $1,922
  it was showing 112 all day even when it was at 114.It often displays NaN (not a number).
I don't know why AI even bothers to put the AAPL stock ticker in the header. It is not working most of the time.
I really don't see the hate. Not like before. The IT guys all have iPhones and iPads now. Yeah, they are still afraid of Macs but fortunately for them they don't have to work on them because they don't ever need any work. We coexist pretty well in our dept. We can traverse their Windows network, but they don't know how to find us. We have our own router and IP block with tons of Linux and Macs. They just steer clear of us and we never ask them for anything.
Sure I agree, robots would be essential to manufacturing in the US, but we should also consider that although Chinese workers are only making perhaps $20 per day, they do receive a lot of benefits such as housing, food, medical, utilities, entertainment, etc. which could add up to another $20 per day in wage cash facilities. Then add in the the 30+% tax repatriation expense and you start getting closer. But as you have pointed out in the past, you would need to get by the...
There would be no tax repatriation if the devices were made in the USA. 
I know right? It is like the thousands of people on the highway at rush hour are hearing each other's phone conversations through their BT ear phones. Sure, that happens everyday. /s
Huge black border? The Apple watch utilizes the display area quite well in my opinion. Perhaps the round timekeeping screen has some extra black around it but go to the maps, the stocks or other apps that are oriented for a rectangular display and it is quite well suited to utilize the entire screen. The black border is the curved portion of the glass. If content was displayed in that area, it may look distorted.
Solid 23K gold would be around $2800 for 3 ounce watch. My SS Apple watch weighs 3.2 ounce according to the postal scale.
Sorry I'm naive about these things but how did Apple interfere? was it a DDoS attack?
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