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I've read that the continuous auto focus is not as good as with high quality video cameras. If the scene does not require auto focus perhaps they are good enough.
The sensor is much more than 4K. I think it is the internal processing that is holding it up. To save out 4K lossless at 60 frames takes a lot of horsepower. Anyway, DLSRs have never been all that great at video. Canon does sell some excellent high end video cameras that also take mediocre stills.
Can you elaborate about the sports and wildlife issues? I'm still thinking of switching to Canon but I keep upgrading my Nikons because I have so much invested in lenses.
How do you get your Internet? I have only one choice for broadband, cable, and it is expensive, often goes down or is slow and I'm convinced they throttle it intentionally when I try to stream a movie. (TWC)
Wait, What? Does Watch have a Metal chip in it?
It apparently works for him, however, personally,  I don't use my iPad to that extent because I have an iMac 5K and a Mac Pro and a MBP so iPad is just a casual device for me and I am sure many others fall into the same usage scenario.
How do they make money? Are they just hoping to be acquired by Rosetta? I checked it out and their web interface is pretty cool HTML5
Yeah that and the SCO guys who just won't retire
Wow, this is my area of expertise.  Would be cool but I doubt I have the qualifications, plus I'm too old.
This the earliest reference I could find: http://www.azillionmonkeys.com/qed/appleOld.html
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