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Every company has a web page and almost all of them have their current address and phone number listed. There is also invisible web server, network info which can be cross referenced to registrars to know what types of searches are being done from a certain location by knowing the IP blocks that serve a company. Google crawls my web pages almost every single day.
I don't use Street View much at all. I know it is important for realtors and home buying, leasing and getting to know a new city, but I rarely need that. What do you use Street View for?
I don't think that is all that important. Apple has prime visibility on the iOS home screen. Most people will default to that rather than intentionally go to Google Maps. Also, MapKit will give developers the ability to integrate Apple Maps into their apps. Once Apple Maps is really good, then people will forget about the stumble out of the gate. I would guess it will take at least a few more years before they get there.
Search is not really a stand alone product. It is generally expected that it be coupled with ads. Businesses want to achieve top page rank so search is by definition very commercial. Apple has dabbled in the advertising sector but mostly to support third party developers not to really be in the advertising business. I don't think iAds is really a commercial success either. All of Apple's online services are designed as benefits to Apple hardware buyers not commercial...
Independence has its benefits, but sometimes working with partners is more practical. If Apple wanted to, they could get white label Bing search just like Yahoo does. Building ones own search engine from scratch is a decade long undertaking, just like Apple Maps will end up being before it will be considered truly professional grade.
In southern California, before Internet mapping, there was a company named Thomas Bros. Maps. They published new maps each year for every county and every government vehicle was required to have the most current version. I think they are out of business now. Their headquarters in Irvine closed. Anyway they indeed listed every single street, highway, alleyway and public building, but they surely had to contact every little city, every county, and the state, and the...
I think Google will continue to be the map leader for two main reasons. One, they can use their search data and apply it to maps, and two, they can use their Street View data and apply that to maps as well. They have all the data they need. Apple has none of that.
I don't believe that contrast ad for a moment. The guy is wearing a white shirt. If that didn't show up on an iPad I would complain too, but we all know it was just a lie.   Read the last disclaimer screen. "Certain images and video may be enhanced."
Oh quick. Apple did a parenting ad. We need a parenting ad too!
The problem with polls like that is that people are far more familiar with recent events and tend to forget about the past presidents, especially 18-24 year olds because they were too young to remember very many past presidents. If you look at the actual numbers, Obama and Bush are within a couple points of each other and ranked worst and second worst. You might notice there is a lot of disparity between men and women in the polls. The women seem to give him a much higher...
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