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Actually the diverse genealogy of Panama started much earlier than the canal project. Slave traders, gold miners, sugar cane farmers, conquistadors, pirates, indigenous tribes, etc. My town is actually older than the canal by several years. European immigrant gold prospectors became tobacco farmers, later turned to coffee farmers. The Chinese came to work on the canal, though.
I think I am qualified to have a valid opinion in this matter as that is where I am from. In Panama we have a broad and diverse genealogy but generally speaking we are of a unique ethnic group. We are Panamanians, even if our heritage is Chinese, European, Indio, black or some mixture. I think of ethic groups as a combination of language, culture, religion, food, location and genealogy for which the limitations of the term 'race' makes it completely unsuitable as a...
But not really. The current day Israelis are a different ethnic group than the original Israelites of the old testament. Today's Jews are mostly of mixed European decent. Hebrew is actually a Latin word derived from Yehudah.
Excuse me, I was merely commenting from a scientific perspective. The "races" are often too vague to be of much value as a description. It becomes more common to have an identity, to be part of a community, than to be part of a race. Hispanics are a combination of indigenous and Spanish in varying proportions. Their culture is a blend as well and distinctly different from Spain and from indigenous cultures. I consider Hispanics an ethic group because it is completely...
We don't use the word race any longer. It is too ambiguous. It is preferable today to use the description ethnic group. 
People living in Silicon Valley are disproportionately over represented in the Apple employee numbers as are graduates from Stanford and Berkley.  Instead of looking at the overall US population to compare racial diversity, perhaps we should examine the college graduates and also those with advanced degrees. That is the labor pool Apple prefers and the white percentage is probably well over that of the general public. This is what needs to change to balance the...
Which statistics are you using to arrive at this conclusion? Apple is laying off over 40% of Beats employees and only keeping those in engineering and creative positions. As far as I know, there is for sure, only one non-white member of the Beats team transitioning to Apple. Unless you can find some stats about Beats Music's racial diversity and in which fields they were in, we have nothing to go on to substantiate your speculation.
I don't think anything is necessarily wrong with the numbers. As long as the disproportionate white male figures are the result of skills and not preferential treatment, the numbers are fine. Just make sure that other ethnicities and females are given equal opportunity without any bias and let the numbers fall where they may.
Munster's margin contraction prediction is almost exactly in alignment with Apple's own guidance, so if he is full of it…well you get the idea...
Check out this bullshit reporting from Consumer Reports and ABC News   http://abc7.com/shopping/back-to-school-shopping-best-laptops-for-all-ages/253494/
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