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If you retire and then someone asks you to do a job based on an old work, just charge them to reestablish your month to month account. Just add the $50 into the job cost and then cancel when complete. You are not screwed. You can alway use the CC version and when you save the file save as an older Illustrator version for safe keeping. 
If you have 10K files I would assume you are a professional. It is usually the pros that find the CC program acceptable. Compatibility with other users is often necessary in a professional environment. The other thing that is appealing to me is it makes pirating the apps much more difficult. I was always annoyed that other designers could compete with us using bootleg copies. Gave them an unfair advantage.
That started with my poor analogy, sorry. But there is a certain logical comparison to renting a property. One thing I think is a great advantage of the CC monthly bill program is it allows up and coming graphic designers to get started without the outlay of several hundred dollars, if not thousands, depending on whether or not they wanted to work in Aftereffects, 3D or other high end business applications. In the old days you had to purchase the suite outright. Similarly...
Tip:If you have an older copy of inDesign (or Quark 7+) you can place the layered CC PSD file (Cmd+D) then click the 'Show import options' checkbox. Then you can select only the first layer to display. Save as PDF (highest quality) then open it in your old Photoshop. Repeat for each layer and reassemble your PSD file with all of its layers. The thing you'll want to do first is draw a rectangle on the edges of the page because you will need that for realignment of the...
Nope inDesign. 1. Place new CC .AI file (Cmd+D) into your old inDesign page2. Export PDF (Cmd+E)3. Open PDF in your old illustrator (CS 4-6)4. Optional, save as old .AI file  I've stayed up to date with the latest Adobe apps since Illustrator 1a. I always updated as soon as I received a file that needed a newer version, which was all the time because I share a lot with the other offices and third party designers.  Perfectly understandable if you want to stay on an older...
I agree. Apple Maps just doesn't have the data.  Ingye-dong, Paldal-gu Suwon Gyeonggi
That was probably a poor analogy on my part. I do agree owning a home is better than monthly payments. CC is just another monthly bill like utilities, phone, etc. In my case I have no alternative to CC because that is what we use for business and I collaborate with other users around the world since I work for a global company with several offices. We all have the latest tools so we can share files. Tip:If you have an older copy of inDesign, you can place the newer .ai...
Is that what really happened? Where can I get a link to that info? I'd like to read details of the negotiations.
The size of the band is important so I assume the dev will be able to select which fits.
I'm sure they do. Apple knows if a developer has used TestFlight with a watch app and those are probably the people getting the opportunity. Eventually an app developer will need a 42mm and a 38mm for provisioning. Makes sense that you wouldn't need any of the expensive models.
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