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Wow! I know it was just a quick approximation, but I didn't realize I was so far off.  better put a /s in case someone takes that literally.
Actually I think most of the garb is Pagan like the decorated tree, the yule log, feasts, parties, wine, etc. Perhaps the gift giving has some biblical roots, and although I've been known to gift some gold, not too much incense or myrrh. Mostly toy trucks, dolls and stuffed animals.
Yeah, home button. It is just an approximation because also I made some other assumptions. After using Photoshop to skew the image to squared up perspective, I checked the corner radius and the bezel widths of the current iPhone. I scaled the image of the phone to match all those measurements and the screen measured 4.7 almost exactly. 
No disagreement from me, just a disclaimer.
My stance is it is not a religious holiday, it is a social gathering gift giving holiday. If people want to perform a nativity plays it is fine with me. That part is in the bible. As far as children, I'm referring to grade school age. Perhaps we are a bit behind the UK because our children are not writing symphonies. Heck even our adults aren't. Some fanatical religious people won't allow a christmas tree in their house and their children get no gifts. I think that is just...
In my town, no. The event is depicted as part of the nativity plays though. We do eat the cake but all during the week of christmas. In Panama it is one giant festival from November the 8th, which is Mother's Day all the way through the first week in January. We also have two independence days during that time. Fireworks almost every night. Don't plan on getting much sleep if you live in town. I live about 5 km away and you can still hear all the partying until the early...
Catholicism is part of the social fabric of Central America. Even people who wear a star of david are still considered christians. I'm not against christmas at all. I just see it for what it is. I would never deny a child the joy of celebrating christmas. They are too young to know the meaning anyway. We put up a christmas tree and lights and invite people over for a party every year, but there is no prayer or anything remotely religious about it.
Not in Panama or Costa Rica. It is a full schedule of events during the days leading up to christmas day with lots of nativity plays and christmas music concerts but we don't count the 12 days off. In my town we have a central plaza where they perform the christmas story with about ten different Mary and Jesus actors. It is really amusing, but lots of people get to play the parts. Everyone really enjoys it.
Some might think decorating a church as sacrilege for celebrating a pagan observance. Not me. I don't care what any religion does so long as they stay out of my affairs. I just don't think churches should receive tax free status in the US.
"god will provide himself a sacrifice." genesis 22:8. There is this thing called prophesy. You might have heard of it.
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