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No I'm just saying that testing in an ideal setting is not representative of the conditions in the real world which, in the case of network speed, numbers mean nothing if the consumer perceives that their internet is slow. The ISPs are deceiving the consumer in thinking that faster is going to be better when in most cases 10 mbps will deliver about the same real world experience as 300 mbps but they would rather up sell you to 300. Of course the final throughput speed is...
Anything with a 13" screen cannot be considered "ultimate" in my opinion. I suppose you could use the mini Display port to hook it up to a larger monitor, but if you are using it as a laptop, you are not going to be doing anything remotely power user like. Besides USB 3 is fast enough for a typical external device, at least that is how Apple designed their new MacBook.
You shouldn't be. Surface is for memo writing sales people, not heavy duty power users. WiFi is plenty fast for office workers.
USB is not the way. It is slow. That is the decades old SneakerNet. With wifi you just copy the files once, not copy onto a USB and then off the USB. Adobe is really pushing cloud storage because the networks are getting fast enough these days plus with cloud you can do things like share and collaborate.
I get the same thing. I'm convinced it is the cable company because they are pissed that you are getting your content form someone else instead of from them. That might become increasingly problematic as they transition into a dumb pipe with people getting their content from other streaming services and I'm not sure you as a consumer could ever prove they are throttling it because they can limit the throttling to only certain types of data such as movies..
So true. When the technician comes to install your cable they often test it using Speed Test to demonstrate that you are getting close to the advertised speed. Problem is, the speed is being tested with one big chunk of data from your computer to the cable data center then to another nearby peering data center, therefore bypassing multiple hops and staying on fiber the entire time. In the real world when you visit some random web page, the code is referencing sometimes a...
If you only have one computing device your experience is going to be compromised and very limited in scope. Combo/hybrid anything is usually pretty awful. Not that I have tried it, but the Surface looks like a terrible tablet and a terrible computer. I'm just thankful I can afford lots of devices/computers. That way I always have the right tool for the job.
If greyed out icon only lasts for a second or two I may have missed it, but if wifi assist is only on for a few seconds before it switches completely to cellular, how is that even useful? I would have expected it to have a wider and more significant effect than just a second or two at the absolute edge of your wifi range.
I think you are right. I just tested it, but I'm still not sure how it differs from just switching over to cellular like it always did from an icon perspective. I originally read about it here http://money.cnn.com/2015/09/30/technology/ios-9-wifi-assist/ I apparently have a really strong wifi signal, I had to walk about 50 meters down the driveway and out of line of sight to get out of wifi range and it did remove the wifi icon and replace it with the cellular....
I'm not positive but I don't think that is how it works. If you have a strong wifi signal, regardless of data throughput, I don't think it will switch to cellular. 
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