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One thing I used to do with previous iPhone 4-5 is to stand it up on it's edge and do time delay photos and also facetime chats, however now that the edges are round that is no longer possible. I wonder how much use the camera remote is actually going to get if you have to carry around some sort of tripod or stand to frame the shot.
Well I think the strongest argument for the rectangle is that it is supposed to match the look and feel of the iPhone which it is paired with. I believe the Watch has infinitely more in common with the other members of the iOS ecosystem than it does with legacy wristwatches.
I was thinking about the guts as well as the case. Chips are usually rectangular as are screens, board level electrical sockets and batteries, making a rectangular shape much more efficient for the layout of the circuitry. In addition, for their concept of being able to quickly swap out the bands, the case having straight sides greatly facilitates that process. Furthermore, the design of having the digital crown and a the elongated button on the same side of the watch...
True, because early clocks were driven by round gears, cogs, springs, and spindles.     There are no moving parts in a smart watch, thus no form follows function logic to use a circular format. In the case of the Watch, it is probably easier to manufacture a rectangular device than a circular one, and because it is designed as an extension of the iPhone, it makes sense for it to look like a miniature iPhone.
I remember reading, I can't recall exactly who wrote it, but paraphrasing... "Show someone kissing a woman's breast, you get an "R" rating. Show the breast being blown off with a shotgun, you get a PG13."
Can't sleep anyway - Jet lag.
All I can say is measure your wrist. The bands and the case combinations very considerably on the size of your wrist. The 42mm Sport with large band just barely fits me. They seem to run a bit on the small side by my estimation.   https://store.apple.com/Catalog/regional/amr/pdf/static/pdf/content/Watch_Sizing_Guide.pdf
How can Costa Mesa be closer to Newport Beach than Newport Beach itself. You do know that Fashion Island is in Newport Beach right? And that it is also closer to Laguna Beach, the real wealth center, than South Coast Plaza is. The Newport Beach Apple Store is closer to the major OC wealth residential areas, but it is too small and has poor access from the parking areas. I agree SCP is a better location but not for the same reasons you do. SCP is more centrally located in...
Wealth-wise Irvine is much more upscale than Costa Mesa but not as much as Newport Beach, however both Fashion Island and the Spectrum are smaller stores, and South Coast Plaza is a more accessible store although possibly not as safe walking back to your car with your $10K Apple shopping bag. I bought my iMac 5K there and they have a concierge service where you drive around to the back and they put in your car for you.
Spam Sandwich wants to buy one with Bitcoins /s
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