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Primary education is one area that Apple should concentrate on. With all of the market segments they are rumored to be entering, they are going to need way more engineers. Might as well start raising them from scratch rather than searching for them through classified ads.
One huge challenge for driverless cars is coping with the largely lawless unpredictable human drivers on the road. If all vehicles were driverless it would work pretty well, but since driverless cars would have to obey the law, they wouldn't even be able to get out of the driveway during rush hour.
And it will be machined from a solid block of aluminum.
This is the top 8 market share in the US  from September 2014,   10% is bigger than Honda.
I have considered windshield wipers such as you have described but ultimately dismissed the idea because I believe it would be impossible for that sort of design to handle the super fast setting needed for heavy downpours. In the tropics we get rain so hard even the current wiper design cannot keep up. I can't imagine a design such as what you have described even capable of anything other than a slight drizzle.   I have seen that design but doubt it will ever be an...
I always love your posts. I was just calling you out for entertainment purposes. Years ago when I was weight training, I drank smoothies all the time with protein and fruit and yogurt and I don't think it made me less a man. Now my idea of blender drinks is more in line with frozen margaritas but nevertheless I hear you, I'm from the same era.
I understand, and as a side note, I believe that Porsche has at times built cars for Mercedes. An owner told me that the original SL 500 was actually built by Porsche, so it is not impossible that they could build a car for Apple as well.
I may be reading this wrong but these two paragraphs, to me, appear to be contradictory.  Apple doesn't license patents very often. They tend to build complete products that the general public can afford.
As you know, the English language has many nuances. Scary can mean awful, ugly, unfortunate, wrong, as well as actual fear. I don't think the OP was expressing any terrifying situation. BTW which time is it that you come from? I'm pretty sure the last sentence needed a sarcasm tag.
That happens. I have a number of huge CF implementations and I can't find anyone to maintain them. Porting them to PHP would cost several thousands each. I was sitting in the office at a client's office and some old guy came walking through the hall and he remarked, "That is a SCO guy. I can spot them from a mile away".
New Posts  All Forums: