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Your links are shit. Don't change the subject. Stick with your original assertion. Prove Google sells your personal information to advertisers or shut the **** up!
 You cannot prove your allegations so you attempt to shift the discussion when cornered. If you sign up for Google + and upload your picture and then write reviews, they might use your photo. Get back on topic and prove that Google sells your personal information to advertisers or shut the **** up!
Prove it.
 And you know this how?  Prove it or shut the hell up!
I don't want the data. I just want to know if it is possible to buy it from Google. Seriously, who do I contact at Google to arrange to buy some data?
You are one who claims to be the expert in reading corporate financial reports. You should already know this stuff.
I can see your point, it may be unethical, but it is not illegal, unlike selling your personal information is, as was alleged by the OP. But let's put the blame where it really belongs, on the advertisers and the websites that host them. If the website owner does not put scripts in the page to allow tracking and the display of dynamic ads, Google would not have any way to track you or send you ads. Of course the funding for the websites comes from ads, so without them, the...
I would say definitely not. Please tell me how I can purchase some of Google's cache of personal information. If I can purchase some then I would agree with you, otherwise I will stick with my current belief that Google does not sell the personal info they collect. I work with Google adwords, adsense and analytics on my websites and I have not found any offers to buy, sell, rent, or view personal information for free or fee. I'm just curious what proof you have for your...
Perhaps, but I still think your delusional conspiracy theory is ridiculous. I'm pretty sure that is not how Google works. I seriously doubt Google ever sells your personal information. It is much more useful for them to keep it private. What Google sells is targeted advertising. Without a doubt they develop personal profiles when possible, but it does them no good to sell it to an advertiser who has no way to deliver ads on their own. The advertiser needs Google to deliver...
That wording is just AI click bait which you swallowed hook, line and sinker. Visit their website. There is only one former Google employee on the management team. Most of the others are from Apple, Cisco and One Medical Group.
New Posts  All Forums: