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Possible, however you would need to light the backdrop too and I see no evidence of that. That particular image would be very tricky to light because it is a picture of glass. Light would behave very differently hitting a picture of glass versus real glass. I only know for sure it was not a green screen. I work with some super high end photographers and they would cringe at the thought of faking anything.
They are colored pencils. In the larger shot you can see the colors. 
Sure but this discussion started with the EASIEST way and good photographers pride themselves in get everything in the shot with NO touch ups. Hours of painstaking retouch is not the easiest way, especially in such a generic shot as this. You simply light it well and shoot.
Which is why they can get away with it. You can't scrutinize each frame, but they never use a green screen when there is fly away hair because it will alway look fake.
Yep. You'll never get a single strand of hair with a green screen.  
Wrong. The easiest way is to hire a professional photographer. Have you ever worked with a green screen? Masking out all the hair and smoothing the path can take hours and it will still look fake under close scrutiny.
Useless. Most corporate users I know don't even know how to properly annotate a pdf let alone digitally sign it.
Apple made a huge mistake getting in bed with IBM in my opinion. They are completely untrustworthy. Just look what they are doing with the Open Power Foundation. I wouldn't trust them as far as I could throw them.
It is understandable when you are just buying a product or service a company offers. You might expect them to also sell that same product or service to your competitor, but it is a completely different matter when you jointly establish a partnership and then the partner goes out and establishes a similar partnership with your arch rival. We refer to that as back stabbing. Sort of what Google did to Apple. IBM is starting to look just as sleazy.
Makes a lot of sense to finish the parking structure first because once the main first floor deck is complete there will likely be double the amount of people on the job and they are going to need someplace to park.
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