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That is ridiculous. Not everyone is a nerd. If an aspect of a product could have an adverse affect such as draining your wallet there should be a warning. That said, at least with AT&T, I receive a text warning my data is almost depleted and another text when I actually go over.
They could have default set to on and the first time it is about to switch to cellular pop up a warning with a few choices such as always use assist, never use assist, use it this time only, always warn before using assist.
I doubt Apple is too concerned about servers or enterprise desktops. They wisely dropped out of the server market years ago. The cloud is where the current server market is and that is primarily built using blades and VMs on bare metal, not 1Us running OS X server. Apple is mostly focused on consumers, but with respect to enterprise they are mainly concentrating on notebooks, iPads and iPhones. The IBM initiative was for MacBooks not iMacs. 
Well you are still going to annoy people because you have to speak out loud to use Siri. A little beep is nothing compared to having to listen to someone trying to use Siri, which doesn't really work that well sometimes and you have try various rephrasings of your query until you finally give up in disgust. It is bad enough people have cell phone conversations on public transit, let alone some Siri interaction. You should be more mindful of others and just wait until you...
Like shouting "Hey Siri" is not going to annoy people nearby, especially if its doesn't work because it is in your pocket and you don't know why it doesn't work so you shout even louder a second time.
I assume if the iPhone is in your pocket you can continue to use your Apple Watch to say "Hey Siri". Right?   Can you invoke Siri through BT or wired microphone?
This article is ridiculous.   Dhamma distortion field.
Except there is background multitasking and background services that are continuing to use battery. Music continues to play in the background and also Messages, turn by turn directions, Hey Siri, Software Update, App Store, Find my Phone, Location services, FaceTime, Mail, Calendar, App Notifications, Wifi, Bluetooth, Phone, Podcasts, Clock, Reminders, iCloud, iBeacons, Audio Recording, News, VOIP, etc can all be running in the background, not sleeping. Not all are apps...
 Apparently not. It strips out the unicode entity.
So in other words I should have gone to the app switcher and killed it, like I'm not supposed to do.
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