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You want to talk about persecuting christians, take a quick trip to Iraq and take up a cross. In Iraq, christians are considered liberals. We are talking about a friendly greeting not your head stuck on a pole.
Asia is a continent and so is Europe. They are connected so they can't both be islands. If not for the Suez and Panama canals the same would be true of North and South America as well as Asia and Africa.
Happy holidays is still better even with christians because if they are super devout messianic jewish christians, like the christians of the bible, then they could be just as offended by greeting them with merry christmas as they would be with you saying happy halloween in October.
What I meant is why is it not generic? As I'm sure you know, christmas is not in the old or new testament. Likewise neither is hanukkah in the hebrew bible. They are both make believe religious holidays. The second part of the question is why does a greeting so mundane and lacking connotation offend you?
Yeah, I wonder why they didn't put it in Panama which is connected with many more network infrastructure providers and a much friendlier government. http://submarine-cable-map-2014.telegeography.com/
That is one way to look at it, however I think at least in english speaking countries it means enjoy the extra days off from work or school in the next few weeks. One person mentioned that christmas is a national holiday in the US. If it was a completely religious holiday then it would be wrong to make people work on christmas day if they were christians, but christian police officers, doctors, military, tow truck drivers, 7-eleven cashiers, oh wait...
Why and why? - Honest questions.
Season's Greetings has become the common way to wish someone a good holiday just like "have a nice weekend" it is generic. You wouldn't say "enjoy sunday mass this weekend" would you? Businesses send out greeting cards during the holiday season to their clients and vendors, most with seasonal non-religious messages in order to be polite, not knowing whether they are devoutly religious or not. People who think Christmas is a religious holiday have nothing to back that up in...
Christmas is celebrated by many non-christians around the world. It is mostly referred to as x-mas in non-christian countries. In Japan, Korea, Vietnam, and even some arab countries you will see shopping malls with traditional decorations and people buying and wrapping gifts. Most people enjoy a holiday. Even in regions that used to be predominately christian like Europe and the US it is mostly a secular holiday. Christmas was not celebrated by the christians in the bible...
Right, my failure of leadership. I'm not Apple or IBM. I can't afford to mentor young people with no experience for years and develop their untapped potential. When I am looking for additional workers it is usually a more immediate need. That said one of our top programmers did just walk in off the street looking for a job with very little experience. But that is like winning the lottery. It is not going to happen again.
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