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I wouldn't make that assumption. My iPhone 5 is scheduled to become my unlocked international travel phone as soon as the new model is released. I need it to last at least another two years. Mine might be covered but so far I have had no battery issues.
Is there any market that they are not invested in? The 4.7 and the 5.5 are filling some gaps. Next up a watch and perhaps a TV. Certainly we don't know the details of their plans, but apparently they are expanding their reach in many areas especially now with health, home and car.
It was a waste of time for you make all those illustrations because it doesn't prove anything. Apple isn't playing darts. For all we know they are playing billiards and plan on running the table. That would leave the competitors without a shot at all.
No not just like Samsung. Surveys are surveys but when the reports all agree they become more reliable data. You can also disregard any biases  because we are talking about two Apple products not a competitor product. Why would a survey company want to lie about sales numbers of mini vs. full size? There is no benefit to them, unlike paid for surveys comparing company A vs. company B.
* based on numbers from third party survey companies which all reported consistent results that the mini outsold the full size iPad.** Apple has never released sales figures with a breakdown of models for any product segment.
Or say Hey Siri call Hey Siri send a message to I'll txt you later I have both hands full at the moment.
He exhibited the same rage about the original iPad mini. Swore that Apple would never release a tablet in the 7" range because Steve said it wouldn't work and when they did release it, he insisted that it was a mistake and would be a failure. Then when it even outsold the full size iPad, it was the buyers who were idiots. Then of course the huge Apple blunder of naming the iPhone 5 when clearly it was the 6th edition so it would be named iPhone 6. I mean how could it not...
I wasn't trying to argue the merits of Samsung charitable donations only pointing out that 'sog' was simply making more unsubstantiated claims to bolster his argument against them. Just another sensationalized knee jerk reaction with no research.
Actually it doesn't. It is so flat that there is actually some natural adhesion between the two flat surfaces.
Why don't you just Google it? http://www.samsungtelecom.com/life-at-samsung/corporate-responsibility.asp
New Posts  All Forums: