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What I find interesting is how the Apple demographic has changed over the years. In the beginning it was slanted heavily toward the liberal mindset, We were mostly graphic artists, scientists, teachers and hippies. Now there is a new more radical conservative movement, unless all the hippies are switching sides. They say people tend to become more conservative as they age, but I don't think the radical vocal conservatives here are the old guard. This seems to be a new...
This thread, like the other one from yesterday, makes a strong case for the benefits of my blocking tool. You can get it here!   http://forums.appleinsider.com/t/185450/apples-tim-cook-plans-to-give-away-all-of-his-money/40#post_2699793   Then make some suggestions for a name for it.    'Ass Blocker' was my first choice.
I think this will come into play pretty quickly as your health provider is bound to launch an app sooner or later or already has.
Downloading Comp CC, although I'm not much for graphic design on a mobile device, I'll check it out. I do all my design work on my Mac Pro or iMac 5K.   Edit: Played around with it for a few minutes. Surprisingly easy to use. I haven't used the Connected Cloud yet but if I did and had a bunch of assets on there, I can see how this could be useful.   I supposed the the typical use scenarios that come to mind are if you are commuting on public transportation you might...
I think Tesla is working on a battery for your home not a car to power your home. I think the new VW Touarag hybrid has the ability to output AC for emergency power.
If you belong to a protected class then the discrimination was illegal. I'm just saying that gays are generally reasonable people and they can certainly understand how it could be a problem for some devout individual. Practically speaking though, religious crack pots are not generally known for social astuteness, people skills or politeness.
Obviously you are too emotional about this. You don't call them disgusting heathens for starters. So you want to be lied to, ok...whatever. If the baker said something like please let me find you another baker because my religious convictions are in conflict with same sex marriage which makes me uncomfortable with this job. If it is done politely the gays should not be offended. Just to be clear I won't refuse to work for them because I'm not a religious crack pot.
Because they drive like shit and treat average people like dirt.
I think it is better yet to honestly and respectfully explain the problem instead of hiding it. You don't have to make up false pretenses in order to be polite. Just like the gays who asked for a wedding cake, if they aren't intelligent enough to understand the problem once it is politely explained to them, then they are the ones being unreasonable. My guess is it wasn't explained politely or respectfully which then does produce an angy reaction on the part of those being...
Sounds good. I have mentioned it before but I decided to say again. Even with the religious law, the bad consequences are going to come up so rarely as to not make much difference. It will only happen in cases of small solo entrepreneur shops owned by irrational religious zealots, not at the grocery store, movie theater, taxi, etc. In the strange case where the store owner would rather not serve some gay people, the civil thing to say is, "It is nothing personal, it just...
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