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I tip everybody but I am admittedly a complete coffee snob. I once sold a 69 kilo bag of green coffee to Starbuck a few years ago. They paid about 100 times more per weight than the coffee they serve in their restaurants. They said is was for training purposes in their lab. I'm actually taking a tour of their facility in Seattle next month just for kicks.
At Starbucks their is a "little" bit a craftsmanship involved in making a nice latte art or customizing your drink in some manner, so tipping could be considered reasonable, but if you tip with the app an hour later the barista isn't going to know who you were. It makes it like an anonymous tip.  Anyway, I have been to a Starbucks maybe 3-4 times in my entire life and the black coffee was always awful. I have heard the coffee at McDonald's is actually much better but I...
Depends on if you have unlimited data or not. In many cases the user has a fixed data cap. In that situation it should make no difference to the carrier, in fact they should probably encourage it because tethering is bound to put you over your data cap. In the case of unlimited data the throttling should discourage anyone from abusing the privilege of tethering. Best to play by the rules though especially since it is really quite affordable. But for grandfathered unlimited...
I wonder how many drop out of 3rd floor windows onto the sidewalk below.
Good eye. The numbers and the "R" are usually very identifying. 
   What is the point of 4K unless you can store it and play it back at 30 fps? In order to do that they will likely need a faster processor and faster memory. I am waiting for the next GoPro which is rumored to have 4K and also 720 HD at 120 frames for super slowmo. Apparently it is a lot harder than many people think. You need a lot of horsepower.
Not everything that fast food restaurants offer is complete junk, just like not everything the grocery store sells is junk, although they both have some relatively healthy choices for those who want them and some terrible choices as well. There are varying levels of quality in everything. It is difficult to be a perfectionist and still enjoy life.
Sounds like a very nice diet. I also have a healthy diet, but my comments were in response to your initial remark regarding diabetes. You can eat whatever you want so long as it is in moderation, you get adequate exercise and don't smoke. Staying physically fit and getting plenty of sleep are the best preventions from diabetes. Obese people are at a greater risk of getting diabetes because they are eating way too many calories and getting zero exercise. It is a quantity...
I'm not impressed with anything I've read about  Bitcoin, A bunch of hackers trying ti deceive people is what it looks like to me. Eventually, the concept of a worldwide currency might be practical and progressive but Bitcoin isn't it. The whole notion of a united Earth is very far off at this point. The dollar is already the de facto standard and that hasn't helped in any way toward promoting world peace.
Good points. I share gwmacs enthusiasm for the Asian ductless systems, They are fantastic. I'm pretty sure he isn't actually selling them. Window AC units are a compromise where as the ductless systems often more energy efficiency  because unlike central air you have more control over the zones since each room has its own AC unit. Sure it can get expensive but it requires a lot less attention to control because each room is separate. For example we like to keep our kitchen...
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