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The size of the band is important so I assume the dev will be able to select which fits.
I'm sure they do. Apple knows if a developer has used TestFlight with a watch app and those are probably the people getting the opportunity. Eventually an app developer will need a 42mm and a 38mm for provisioning. Makes sense that you wouldn't need any of the expensive models.
My thought as well. I'm sure the major developers received watches months ago so they would have apps available by launch day.
FCP and Aperture are finished /s
It doesn't bother me at all. I like how we get updates all the time not once a year like before. Plus we get the entire Adobe suite which was really expensive before. Also you can install it on two machines even if one is Windows and the other Mac. Personally I have it on two Macs though. I look at it just like any other reoccurring bill of which I have many. If I quit paying my mortgage, I don't get to live in the house any longer.
The features in CC not in LR 6 are not that important in my opinion. All the features in this article are in LR 6.http://www.adobe.com/products/photoshop-lightroom/versions.html
Beyonce is right handed.
Ivory from a near extinct animal would most likely be illegal to sell or possess, but you can buy ivory from a Wooly Mammoth and lunar meteorites are available too, both quite reasonably priced, so no.
Auto sales are booming and every one comes with a radio. Quality of radio content is what is at gutter level. Personally I like small community radio and public, university radio much better than mega-watt commercial radio. Streaming is fine but it uses your data over cellular and is not always as accessible as an FM signal.
Apple writes ALL the software for TV. When TV 3 received an OS and firmware update TV 2 did not. On the new TV,  YouTube will work fine because it was written for v3 API by Apple. This is entirely an Apple problem which they have known about for more than a year and decided that they would not bother to support v3 API on the older hardware. Edit: Interestingly, the YouTube app on the App Store says it is compatible with iOS 6 and above and it is dated March 26, 2015....
New Posts  All Forums: