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As far as I know Apple does not have a trademark on Touch ID. http://appleinsider.com/articles/14/07/15/uspto-denies-apples-touch-id-trademark-cites-possible-confusion-with-timecard-system
What is a couple dollars a month to someone who drives a BMW Alpina and pre-ordered a Tesla X? I would think that you would select the service that offers the features and performance best suited to your needs when the cost is so minimal. Google's photos may be more advanced but some people don't trust them. Cost alone is not always the best way to choose something.
This is probably true but cannot be proven.
How do you think China became a world power so quickly? They were a country of peasants in the 1950s but by copying the methods of western nations they were able to raise themselves to the level of a modern first world power in a very short time. The US sending all of their manufacturing jobs to them also contributed to the acceleration of that process. One might praise them for their determination or criticize them for ignoring others' intellectual property, but...
How's the thunderbolt when in VM? Are there Windows drivers for that?
I would buy one though. My reason is when I travel, I remote desktop into my Mac Pro or iMac 5K a lot because I need access to the internal network storage and servers and the screen size disparity with my retina MBP 15 makes things really small so I waste a lot of time zooming and panning. I have to admit that the new iMac 5K is really quite crisp even on the compressed remote view.
The obvious answer is for the good of society. The only way you are going to avoid paying taxes is to stop earning money or find someplace that does not belong to any country because they all charge taxes. Didn't you want to do some ocean homesteading? 
No one knows what Google does with the information they harvest. I really doubt it stops at metadata. They could even do some face recognition to find out who you associate with. One thing I'm convinced of though, is that they do not sell the information they collect as so many here claim. I've been using Google since as long as they have existed and not once have I ever suspected that a third party had gained access to my information from Google. The information Google...
Only if you have the Holy Ghostery  
Using two DisplayPort cables.
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