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They can get a printed copy if they make the request through the proper legal process. They cannot access the private hospital network EVER.
We work with a lot of medical clients regarding their PACS X-ray software and I can tell you that no one except the hospital medical staff has access to medical records. They would NEVER allow a patient to have access to that information without a legal order. Dental records are not as strict. Most hospitals don't even provide public wifi except possibly in the outpatient waiting area. The doctors all have private access but they don't want to risk the patients or visitors...
The packaging looks beautiful and I'm sure the reason the product is positioned right at the top, uncovered, is for the big reveal, but it is form over function as the video above of the iPhone falling clearly demonstrates. If you are going to put the product unprotected at the top like that, then the box top needs to glide off effortlessly.
The apps are one thing and easy enough to write, but the big work is for IBM to convince enterprise customers to ditch their Windows networks and sign on to IBM Websphere platform because all these apps need a back end server. I'm pretty sure most medical facilities and manufacturers are Windows based.
Ethernet is often needed in business environments. In my particular case on some machines I need two ethernet connections.
I can't see a USB-C adapter to ethernet adapter on the Apple Store. This machine has no Thunderbolt, as was point out by Soli in a different thread. The is no Thunderbolt chip on the board.
I could do a much better job, and by the way, I do design packaging for medical devices.
On my MBP the packaging was better and the computer was wrapped, but I have had a couple close calls with iPhone unboxings because the device is right at the top without any protection and the box cover was so tight you had to pry it off. Now I always open my iPhones on the couch instead of the granite countertop in the kitchen.
 I think that might be the Pebble Steel.
Apple packaging is absolutely horrible. They make it really difficult to get the product out safely. You can't grab it. You have to flip it upside down, that is, if it didn't accidentally slip out unexpectedly and fall on the floor while removing the top of the box.
New Posts  All Forums: