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Hydrogen cars have a lot more complicated engineering. Below is a car I examined at the LA Auto Show. The photo doesn't really show how elaborate it is but it consists of three separate systems. The storage, and this case there are two storage tanks, then the fuel cell an finally the electric motor. I would suspect it is much more expensive to manufacture than a pure electric with battery. But that being said, Li+ is very volatile as well and can explode or ignite if...
In order to profit from an increase in stock price, you would have to sell the stock. Apple is not issuing more common stock, they are repurchasing stock and paying dividends. If an iCar rumor makes people go out and buy iPhones, then Apple makes some additional cash but their cash holding is not directly linked to the stock price going up.
Does that run on a Mac? I would never recommend any software that was not 100% CMYK compatible with professional DTP applications or at least could output PDF/x 1a verified documents with crops and bleed, which is why I would never use Pages to create anything. I have it and use it to read Word documents, that's it.
Obviously you don't know any soccer moms. When you have a family to run, you need every minute in the day. You aren't going to wait for a bus to take the kids to school or to day care, to the dentist, grocery shopping, pick up the dry cleaning, take them to violin practice, volunteer at school, back and forth with errands all day and then make it home to cook dinner. A mom can drive around town all day long and not exceed 100 miles.
AI is getting a lot of mileage out of promoting the notion though. Click, click, click! Even if none of us actually click on the ads, AI's reputation for page views increases, hence they get paid more per click through.
I played around with it for awhile and I'm very impressed. I found one or two bugs but nothing major. The is a preset for Letter but it actually measures for A4. You can change it manually and if you go to page set up afterwards it actually works correctly. The other bug is in the shadow off set settings, again very minor.  I hate say it from such limited experimentation, but it really does put Illustrator to shame. Freehand users are sure to like it as it has a lot of the...
Wow! I watched the tutorials. This is fantastic. Installing now. I normally wouldn't be interested in these start up developers but since this supports all Adobe formats for import and export, it should work pretty well with my work flow. Really amazing how much control you get with very few clicks. I'll give it a try but I'm pretty much sold already.
I don't believe I have made any mistake. I wrote nothing in that context about recommending fossil fuel. Just a comment that Lithium production will have a significant impact on the environment once it reaches full scale implementation say 300K+ tons annually. Not a single comparison to fossil fuel was stated or implied. It is also not a one time up front cost, as electric vehicles usually require replacement batteries every 3-5 years. Plus the old batteries need to be...
 Ok so maybe not such a good idea. I'm not against electric cars with Lithium batteries. I'm just against single occupant cars when public transportation, bike, walking, ride share vans, etc. would be preferable in my opinion. I like my BMW just fine, but I use it almost exclusively as a driving enthusiast pastime, only about 2,500 miles per year, not to commute to the office.
I am an advocate of electric powered mass transit systems and public transportation. If we derived our electricity from solar that would be ideal. I like Tallest's idea of an inductive power source below the roadway. It would work similar to how the electric light rail in Portland, Seattle, SF and LA works except underground instead of above. There is this website called Wikipedia. You may have heard of it.
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