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I went to pick up my phone that was sitting on the couch for hours and it was hot to the touch. The battery was in the red. This never happens to me. Something was eating the battery. I think it was either the Siri turn by turn directions which I abandoned instead of completing my destination or the camera app both in the background.
Apple tends to only enable a feature on an older device if they know it is going to deliver a good user experience. If the experience is going to be marginal they don't provide it, but they do try to keep the current OS running on as many old devices as possible so that they can have security patches, but you don't get all the features of the current devices. That is why I don't agree that they will enable 4K on the new Apple TV with a software update.  I do agree it...
I think the new Apple TV also has 2 GB of RAM just like the iPhone 6s, but the CPU is an A8 unlike the A9 in the iPhone. Perhaps it is still enough to decode 4K with the extra gig of RAM, but there is probably a reason they didn't enable 4K with iOS 9 on the iPhone 6 which is also running an A8. Perhaps it was due to not enough RAM, but then again an A8 might not have enough power. 
I guess I misunderstood his meaning. I read that 8K will probably be the last frontier as the resolution will exceed the capacity of human vision. I suppose it depends on the size of the monitor, but even on a sports arena jumbo-tron the images should still be sharp. It is not so much that you might see the actual pixels but that the antialiasing around moving objects on the screen starts to make things a little blurry.
Who sits 3' from a 50" TV? You couldn't even put your feet on an ottoman. I sit around 8' from my TV.
Mostly I think Google is usually more accurate but they are certainly not infallible. Near my summer home in California, they are building lots of new streets in a huge new development. Apple shows some streets that Google does not and some vise-versa. However, near my winter home, which admittedly is out in the middle of nowhere, Apple has nothing and Google has every single street but with some occasional bad data. For one, regarding the main street near my house, the...
People keep saying LCD sucks but I find it a bit odd that all the high end reference monitors costing over $20K from Panasonic, Canon, Sony are all LCD. These are being used for color grading in professional studios.
This will never stop until Apple starts compiling the apps themselves and stops accepting binary executables.   Malware can be hidden in an app simply by delaying activation until a future date. You submit your app and give a couple weeks for it to be reviewed then the malware activates by itself later.   I'm sure there are much more sophisticated methods also.
With the trend toward web based productivity suites you can run iWork, Office or Google docs from any platform including Linux.
I can't really say that I switched either. I've had Macs since the Mac Plus and Windows since version 1. Sun Sparc in the 1990s then Solaris and finally Red Hat Linux since the very first release. But mostly people consider me a Mac fanatic.
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