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I did some quick measurements in Illustrator with Photoshop. Now it looks like a 4.7 not 5,5
You are right and I am not particularly proud of it, but I can't find any qualified workers anywhere else. I wish they had green cards and I would be perfectly willing to pay their Social Security and taxes but that is not easy to do since they are undocumented. I need stuff done on my house and that is about the only way to get it done right away because licensed contractors in SoCal are notoriously unreliable and they hire the same undocumented workers anyway.  The...
I suppose it depends on the numbers. Beats is a relatively new service. I wonder what the breakdown is of Android paying accounts verses iOS paid accounts. We've discussed at times that Android people don't like to pay. Does Beats, or did Beats have a web based service? Edit looks like they do have a web player.
I don't think so.To me, it seems much better to keep making iOS devices more desirable so Android users switch. Remember, iTunes for Windows was necessary because you needed a computer to activate an iPhone and many iPhone buyers were Windows users. That is no longer the case, you don't need a computer. iTunes for Windows is becoming less relevant everyday. They already canceled Safari for Windows.
Really? I thought that was part of the issue with the no poaching pact. Intelligent and productive employees are ALL working somewhere so you have to somehow find them, convince them and train them, only for them to get poached by some other company. It is not like driving down to Fry's Electronics and they are waiting outside like the day laborers waiting outside of Home Depot.
I can only speak for myself, but I do care if it is on Google Play or not. I would prefer 'not'.
Beats Music app is still on Google Play.
Samsung will probably be buying SMS Audio pretty soon.
The deal wasn't finalized until last week so I don't think they could list the Beats app as truly made by Apple until now. BTW I noticed yesterday in the Spike Lee documentary that the logo has been changed to a play button. When did that happen? Edit: Looks like the Beats Music logo has the play button and Beats Audio has the round version.
I think he may be referring to a scenario where a Chinese court could force a Chinese based company to turn over data they have stored in a United States data center. Another possible case could be a US court demanding Apple's data stored in China based on the precedent of the MS Ireland court ruling.
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