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Since when is a notebook a workstation? Isn't a workstation a desktop computer?
I'm sure it would be possible and probably acceptable from a legal standpoint, but the advantage of a HomeKit ecosystem is that it will include TV as a secure remote entry point, Siri integration, and OEM certification protocols. I am making a huge assumption in saying that iOS users are more likely to buy home automation products than Android users, so it is just speculation on my part. I wonder if there are any surveys on Android families vs. Apple families in terms of...
When we see the Brillo/Weave app on the App Store, I'll believe it. Until then color me skeptical.
I'd like to live in a society where everyone is healthy, educated and employed. Of course that is probably not attainable in the near future but taking away opportunities is not the direction that will get us there.
"...any other low end OS" Somehow I did not get the impression of iOS into that statement, plus, it says you need an Android device to set up and configure any home device using Brillo/Weave.
How so? I absolutely love my iMac 5K. 
"Broad silicon support and easy to secure" but will the home automation devices be certified? That is the difference with Apple HomeKit, the manufacturers have to comply with all of Apple's requirements in order to be able to use HomeKit protocols. Google usually just lets OEMs do whatever they want so the consumer does not have any guarantee that it will 'just work', and it certainly won't work on iOS. As we all know, iOS users are the primary target market for stuff like...
Rright because ending all social services will make everyone's life better. /s Personally, I would rather my tax dollars go to helping to house the poor rather than having to step over dozens of homeless people sleeping on the sidewalks who use our public parks as a bathroom.
The libraries close pretty early in the evening in most places. A single mom who wants to take online education has to wait until the kids are in bed to have some time to study. With the transition of many government services to online only, internet access is almost required to be a citizen. I think the goal of everyone having access to the internet is a good thing. The US should be able to afford that. The government could certainly cut some unnecessary expenditures, but...
If our city government wanted to raise some serious additional revenue, all they would need to do is station a couple concealed motorcycle officers on the thoroughfare near my street and ticket every driver using a smartphone while driving. That would probably be about one out of five. The fine can be up to $250 in California. Stupidity is that prevalent. 
New Posts  All Forums: