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Not going to happen. The only way they can dissolve the corporation is if the City of Cupertino becomes insolvent and in that case they still would not be able to govern themselves because the governing responsibility would be transferred to the next higher administration which would be Santa Clara County and then by the State of California.
Yeah me too. Skype is cross platform. A lot of my friends are Mac people but most of my business associates are on Windows. I'm sure many of them have iPhones, but I only have their Skype name not their Apple name. Skype is just easier since it is messaging, video, file sharing, email, voicemail and audio all in one app. I find the quality to be excellent. The first iOS version was complete garbage but since Microsoft took over it has been rock solid in my experience.
Yeah me too. I wonder which current automaker would manufacture Apple cars. I think all the high quality ones would refuse. How about Hyundai or Kia so the Koreans can steal all their IP. 
Tesla has a 370 acre site. Volkswagen in Chattanooga has 6,000 acre parcel of which they are using 1,400 acres to produce 150,000 cars per year. A 38 acre plot is not going to get it done for auto manufacturing.
You mean exactly like every other auto factory?
It really depends on the scale they plan to launch with. Tesla made only 75,000 vehicles in 3 years and they are very expensive. I would expect Apple to have a much higher volume and be much more affordable so their customers would likely be all over the US not so California-centric like Tesla. Perhaps a comparison to Lexus. 350,000 units per year in the US, at around  $35K -$45K price range would be the sweet spot.
 Wouldn't they want to build a factory someplace in the midwest or the south where the workers' salaries are lower and also non-union. Tesla is the only automaker that is not in those southern and midwest states. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_automotive_assembly_plants_in_the_United_States
Why do they have to live in the Bay Area? In expensive cities many of the public servants such as teachers, police and firefighters commute even up to 2 hours each way so they can have an affordable place to live. Bay Area probably has a decent rail and public transportation system as well. 
Often special tech platforms get bought just to keep it out of the hands of other companies. The German cars makers don't want to be held hostage by the likes of Google and Apple so they had to buy it. But CarPlay is like the Apple Watch. You need an iPhone for it to work. The auto companies can't require people to have a certain phone for their navigation to work. It is okay for it to work with CarPlay but I doubt they'll ever make a luxury car that doesn't have a stand...
Same price as Beats. $3B for maps probably wouldn't be as controversial.
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