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In all AC units, with the exception of the portable floor unit, which is typically for emergency cooling only, the heat is not *vented* outside, it is exchanged through a coil. In that respect a window mounted AC works just like a central AC, but is a bit more compact. The room air is being recycled and cooled. Both types of AC have an inside and an outside component. The floor models do not have an outside component so they do have to vent heated air to the outside...
Look, I'm just questioning your initial premise that plenty of Windows PCs die and are irrepairable for college freshmen and they decide to buy a Mac instead of getting their presumably modern current PC repaired. The much more likely scenario is they decided they would rather have a Mac. Windows PCs don't just inexplicably die unless they are super cheap or super old. Quit trying to turn the discussion into a hardware/software failures statistic. Choosing Windows or Mac...
Okay. That answers the question. Third party hearsay. 
I found this:http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2011/09/27/apple-cafeteria-caffe-macs_n_983053.html Apparently they do serve chicken but it is not a featured offering. Worth a read, it mentions Steve.
Really? How many is plenty? Probably more likely they found out that all the fashionable people were using Macs so they accidentally on purpose killed their PC so they could buy a Mac. There are probably dozens of PC repair shops near campus that could easily have gotten the laptop back up and running in no time at all unless the students' parents gave them a 10 year old hand me down Win PC, in which case, your scenario might make sense. Otherwise, your claim of 'plenty'...
I did a few numbers and as it turns out Apple stores in Canada serve about a million people each if you divide the entire population by the number of stores. This is almost the exact same ratio as the US. I also looked at the locations of the most well known colleges in Canada and compared that to a list of the 29 Apple stores in Canada. There were a few colleges not represented in the cities that Apples serves but for the most part it turns out that Canadian colleges are...
That or order online at Apple.com which is probably what they are already doing hence declining sales at the campus shop.
Where does it get power? I assume that plugs into the HDMI. Is there a cable that plugs into the USB for power?
Ha! Funny thing about aged based surveys is that they often fail to calculate changing demographics. As people age they tend to become more locally focused, more conservative and less influenced by new technology. Local news on their TV is very important to many people. It is important to remember that baby-boomers are still in control because they have all the money.
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