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While I agree with the religious comment, marriage is a little different than a straight forward business contract. A prenuptial is a contract but a marriage is a ceremony expressing mutual commitment. The only reason for a license is, 1. to confirm you are old enough, of sound mind, and 2. that you are not already married. That, and you will be married by someone licensed to perform the marriage (not always true though). And to also pay a fee to get the license. Other...
Not really. I think PHP is by far the most popular web server platform. At least that is what I use. There is nothing that I've needed to do that can't be accomplished with PHP. I did switch to MariaDB instead of MySQL now that Oracle owns it.
Stop submitting tax returns.    [[SPOILER]]
I have never used any of the popular streaming music services.   I just listen to my local Newport Beach community radio KOCI and their streaming version http://s9.viastreaming.net:9600/listen.pls   They play all classic rock. A few local commercial messages from sponsors.   Another station I listen to is www.radioparadise.com   Eclectic worldwide music, lots of indie acoustic stuff. All DJ mixed by Bill Goldstein. NO ads at all!   Check it out. It is really good...
Tim Cook can decline being listed in the Dow.
Look at the Index, all are struggling to be relevant ... CSCO, IBM, MSFT....next step from Dow is total irrelevance and the possible death of the company... Apple is not a fit for DOW...entering Dow is only for the losing companies and not for highly innovative companies like Apple. This is actually good news for AT&T.
I'm not an expert but historically, stocks that have made a rapid rise such as AAPL has done, once added to the Dow it has put an end to their rapid increase.
Interesting watch Ive is wearing in that shot.
Apple needs to disrupt the razor blade industry.
Yeah, I get his point that it would be a balanced environment for a child, except now days, babies spend all day at daycare. They take their first step and say their first word there under the care of some anonymous immigrant who speaks to them in some other language.
New Posts  All Forums: