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The World has 7.68 billion acres of arable land.The Earth's population is 7.046 billion.It takes about 1+ acres of land to sustain 1 adult.     You can do the math.    
Same here. I know this is an over generalization but I think people who routinely run out of battery before the end of the day have bigger problems than battery capacity. They need a better life. If you are never home and don't have a job with a power source and all you do is stay on your device all day then you should try changing your lifestyle not your phone. People who have jobs, home life, spend time parenting, in conversation with family, exercise, cook, dine, etc...
Perhaps that is where your opinion differs.
Certainly nothing fake about that video
He does have a valid point. China already addressed the issue by not allowing more than one child per couple. In the US for awhile there was a voluntary reduction of couples having children because women were building careers first and delaying parenting. Of course that all got thrown out the window with a mass illegal anchor babies crisis. The planet is actually overpopulated and we are already experiencing sustainability issues which will likely continue to deteriorate....
The custom one-off concept is interesting. I recently customized my Nike shoes. They allow you to modify almost every aspect of the color and materials. Very nice and made in USA, Tennessee I think. And fast too. I received them in about a week. They also send updates every other day as the process continues. http://store.nike.com/us/en_us/pw/shoes/brk Look for the customize it icon.
You clearly did not stay at a Holiday Inn last night.
I find that annoying too, but it was taught in school. Only typographers/graphic designers recognize that. This is a forum not a publication so double spaces after periods are excusable. The substance of his arguments, not so much.
Well, perhaps loosely based on Linux and also Java, but that is not any more of a negative than OS X being based on Free BSD and Darwin, both open source. I'm not saying Android is wonderful, only that your logic is flawed
You should check out the Amazon vehicle fit guide for this product. It is hilarious.     http://www.amazon.com/Parrot-Navigation-Multimedia-Hands-Free-Bluetooth/dp/B00A6UTZ32   I'm so disappointed. It doesn't fit in my 1896 Duryea or my 1899 Packard Model A or my 1930 Harley Davidson D or my 2014 Cadillac Escalade ESV   Why don't they just tell us which vehicles it does fit?   It might be ok if you were building a custom car from scratch but most modern cars come...
New Posts  All Forums: