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Interestingly, while traveling in Europe, everyone would say "Oh, you are from America?" That sounds really odd to me because if someone were to ask where we're from we might say "The US or United States", not America, although we do refer to ourselves as Americans so I guess it makes some sense, but it still sounds odd. 
You'll have to admit that it is sort of a trick question to begin with which deserves a sarcastic response....unless, it is not a trick question because there is a specific location or real business nearby that has the word 'Hint' in it, which is the case here in SoCal where we get useful information and directions to said businesses. I think that qualifies as intelligence.
All good points, especially the multiuser remote which could potentially be extended to multiuser HomeKit hub. According to the HomeKit documentation, in order to interact with your HomeKit devices while away, one has to be logged into your iCloud account on both the iPhone and the Apple TV, so it would be nice to have multiple people simultaneously logged in to a single Apple TV. Otherwise one would need separate digital hubs for one's spouse or children.
Unlikely if not impossible. Apple total cash $203BApple US cash $45BApple offshore cash $158B After repatriation @ 30% $110B Apple total cash $110B + $45B = $155B IBM market cap $143.92BIBM acquisition premium 20% IBM total value $173B Sure there are other possibilities such as debt or shares but it would leave Apple with very little cash... and what would be the point? Apple doesn't want to be in IBM's business. Apple focuses on consumers. The only thing IBM has that...
No watch is waterproof, water resistance to certain depths for a certain length of time, sure. Apple Watch is water resistant to 1 meter for 30 minutes. If you are diving you probably need a dive watch, but it is not going to have a microphone and a speaker.
Faux Gold. Should be a top seller!
The valet key is the full fob minus the mechanical key. Although it is not a totally useless idea to be able to start your car with a phone, it doesn't really get rid of the need for the key fob. They would have to design a different key fob though if you wanted to keep it in the glove box just for valets because the car cannot be locked if the key fob is inside of the car. The advantage of having the dealer information recorded to the key fob is that the service desk can...
Yep. That is when the US gave away the farm just to be magnanimous victors after WWII.
So when you take your car in for service are you planning to leave your phone with the dealership all day? When you take your car for a wash are going to give the vacuum guy your phone? How about the valet? In BMWs the key fob also stores information about the car such as mileage, vehicle number, next service, etc. I know it would be nice to not have to carry it but it does come in handy sometimes. 
I disagree with that assessment. There is only enough room in the market for maybe three platforms, so 10% is not good enough in my opinion.
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