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 I probably should have clarified that I meant external drives are obsolete for a portable [while] portable. Nobody wants to carry around an external HD and if they need more ports then they should get a MBP. You can always backup with a TM drive when you get back home. The point is that because it has the newer battery technology, average users do not even need to bring a charger with them when they leave the house. In normal usage you should usually have the USB port...
Type-C  8.4mm by 2.6mm Lightning 7.7mm by 1.7mm iPhone 6 is 6.5mm thicknessiPhone 6+ is 7.1mm USB-C might fit except for the curved edges of the devices.
No, but perhaps Apple's invention of the reversible Lightning port did influence the USB committee to redesign their plug.
Yeah they could have but I think they didn't just to prove that it was unnecessary. They are advancing their vision of the way people should be using computers. Charge it up at night and work all day storing data in the cloud. USB external and flash drives are obsolete for a portable. 
I did not know this. I thought I had the very first Motorola cell phone in 1984 for which my company paid nearly $4K. Mine was the second phone installed in the NYC area, two weeks before the first cell tower was turned on. The first phone went to the CEO of a grocery store chain.
 Microsoft had 70B in revenue for 2011 and steady increases each year to 95B for 2014. The phones are part of the revenue so I don't think it represents any free phones. They did take a huge write down in Q2 2015 for losses in the phone business, Nokia acquisition, etc. which represents a loss of 13% in their phone business, so the 2014 numbers don't mean much with regard to Windows Phone.  
I'm not going to argue with you about the relative merits of feeding or not feeding the poor from an ethical standpoint. I'm just expressing the opinion that the world is already overpopulated. Scientifically speaking it has been determined by experts that the Earth could sustain roughly 10 billion people if all arable land was converted to growing grain to feed humans and none for livestock. The population is expected to reach that level by 2100. If everyone were...
Commercial server revenue was up 5% while Office 365 grew 150%. Xbox and games up 70% . Cloud and Azure up 115%. Phone up 14% in 4th quarter 2014 to 10 million units. Windows bulk licensing down 2%. This is interesting because of the EOL of XP. One would expect Windows licenses would be up not down with people replacing their old PCs. Funny thing that revenue has increased dramatically over the past 4 years but the gross income has been flat.
Apparently Windows 10 is not just a facelift on top of the legacy code base. Our specialized medical imaging server (PACS) is not entirely compatible with it for some reason. The bad part in this case is that Windows 10 is free and a recent update to Win 7 and 8 installed a nag ware pop up which starts popping up today encouraging users to upgrade. Some of our customers may install it and break their system. We sent them several messages warning them to wait for our patch...
Whether it is a case of lack of will or lack of capabilities, the population is not being fed, so more population is only going to exaserbate the famine issues the world's poor are already experiencing. It is a quality of life and proper nutrition problem not the technical definition of X number of calories in food production divided by the number of people on the planet.
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