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The human voice is a very adept musical instrument.
Well to start you should realize that his name wasn't Jesus. There are a few different opinions on the matter. One is it was something like Yahushua.
I didn't say hate. Although the intended result was not the actual outcome, repeated bible study made me a really good reader. My opinion is that the bible is full of doubtful assertions and outright lies, but just because I don't believe in it doesn't mean I hate it. Likewise with classical music. Countless years of piano lessons failed to make me appreciate what I consider to be pompous, aristocratic, overly complicated fanfares of opulent excess, not enjoyable music,...
Perhaps he discovered the mathematical definition of harmony, but it hardy predates rhythm. I can imagine African tribes with their dance, drums and melodic vocals existing eons before the Greek philosophers. 
I'd say the harmonious vocals of many ancient cultures predates classical music by a few millennia. Personally, I really don't care much for classical music, but perhaps that is because in addition to being forced to memorize the bible I was also forced to listen to classical music. One of my favorite types of music is obscure cultural styles from tribal origins. If you are interested, I can recommend a music company called Putumayo. I have several of their titles...
You mean the rhythm and measure? Seems like that would include music from just about every culture in the entire history of mankind. 
If you want to use BC and AD, you are free to do so, as are we to use BCE and CE. Everyone who uses the latter, knows the meaning of both notations. Those who use BC and AD and don't know what BCE means, are just ignorant. Using BCE/CE is far from being pointless, as it is often found in academic works and BC and AD are far from being universally acceptable. If it was, then this debate, which started in the fourteenth century, would not have continued all these years.
That is why I stated Universal. There is no reason to change the name of a card game. If you don't like it, ignore it. You don't get the option to ignore dates and time if you want to live in society. There is no good reason to continue to perpetuate archaic colonial and religious conventions in an age of modern communication and equality and freedom among people of different cultural heritages.
Completely different. Nobody is forced to use an engine, or dance or play cards. Everyone in the world needs to use dates and time.
It is about making things universally acceptable, not for the sake of a standard. Same thing with Greenwich Mean Time, which is now being changed to Universal Coordinated Time. There are more countries on that longitude than just England, so why name it for a city in England?  Since the Obamas are Christian, there is a good chance that they say grace before a family meal. When they entertain foreign dignitaries with a State Dinner at the White House, I would be surprised...
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