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Yeah, she printed it out on the screen correctly even capitalizing the name of the store. She just didn't pay any attention to what she wrote.
Yes but I wasn't going home, I was going to Home Depot, the hardware super store. She should know the difference.
I have used this feature but it doesn't work very well. It sometimes delays the reminder a couple minutes from when it should have triggered. Sometimes it doesn't work at all. In the example above it probably wouldn't matter if it was delayed because you will be at the office for awhile. If you are looking for precision don't rely on it.    Things that don't work: Remind me when I get to the grocery store to take along my reusable grocery bags. You'll be in the store...
Probably 90% of current Mac users started out on Windows and switched to Mac. They aren't going back.
It would be Windows 12 if it were representative of actual version history. Apple II is correct about distancing themselves from Win 8, as is your observation of copying OS X. I believe they said that Windows 10 is the last version of Windows. They will most likely update it like Apple does. Windows 10.1 will probably be next. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Microsoft_Windows_versions
Lynda.com uses Flash for their courses. I'm not sure HTML 5 could do what they use Flash for.  It is very complex the way they have integrated the movie, the lesson files, the text, your progress, etc. They should have the resources though to convert it, especially since Linkedin bought them. They do have an iPad version but for the desktop they still use Flash for some reason. I've converted all my Flash to HTML 5, surprisingly using Flash CC to do it.
Fairly common when an end user tries to replace their ram by themselves, especially in an iMac. The memory slots are at an angle and seating the modules is a bit difficult in my experience. They do not snap-in with a definitive click like ram on a PC that is vertical and where each module has its own clamps.
This thread got way off on a tangent. I merely mentioned that the 27" was ideal for iOS development as you could have all the Xcode panels open at the same time, which immediately brought on a storm of ridiculous criticism from someone who I imagine is more of a Windows troll rather than an iOS developer, at least based on the crappy dual monitors he recommended. "Game, Set, Match!" what a bunch of arrogant BS. Mobile is good and we mostly all have MBP or Airs when we are...
I don't know about a dock. The Henge docks are $400. I don't think that is a good solution but you would still need two TB to VGA adapters at $30 each for those crappy 24" monitors.
Why the snark? I think it is a fairly common perception that Reader can only read PDF documents not edit them or save them. I've rarely used Reader because I have always had the full version of Acrobat Pro since forever. After @konqerror remarks I did some research and discovered that someone with Acrobat Pro can enable extended capabilities for Reader users on a document per document basis that enables some very limited additional features such as saving form data. I'm...
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