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Have you ever used an eyeTV? It is a pretty sweet technology. It has nothing to do with bunny ears unless you want it to. You hook up your cable or any NTSC video source to it and it plays TV on your Mac.
I've mentioned it before but I still think it would make sense for Apple to buy Elgato and incorporated the tuner into aTV. Perhaps an aTV could hook up to an HDTV or a Mac. The main issue with the current eyeTV is that many cable companies encrypt their HD content so if Apple were to buy it, they would still have to make deals with the cable companies. Having a real tuner does two things. One, they become the controlling UI with access to live channels and two, they...
Reading more about the Adobe lens distortion correction plugin, I'm not so sure I like the P2 Vision camera since the lens correction only applies to Raw files, apparently not to video, That fish eye lens is really distorted. I suppose it depends on the aperture/ FOV settings and all, but I'm thinking more towards the GoPro version instead.
I would have never thought of that but I could imagine photographers having on-board weaponry to shoot down or electronic jamming competing paparazzi, sort of like kite fighting.  Seriously I could probably pay for this equipment in a month just taking aerial video of my friends' coffee plantations for promotional purposes.
I was just checking their website and they have professional units too like for $10K and you still have to add your own camera such as Red.   The Phantom 2 (no vision) for $699 looks nice too especially if you already have a GoPro H3. I am planning to buy a GoPro with the next model release. Maybe I'l spring for the DJI at that time.
What kind of insurance is required? I know in California, flying model aircraft is not allowed in state parks without liability insurance and a permit.   I like this unit very much and could see someone developing a nice business around it such as for high end real estate sales promotions.
TVs are trending bigger and the margins are getting thinner. The super premium price for the new 4K monitors will probably be short lived. I don't think there is enough margin in TVs for Apple to jump into the game, even for the 4K units. I was a little disappointed when they didn't release their own 4K display to match color of the new Mac Pro. They didn't even make a matching keyboard. TVs are expensive to ship too. No margins, no Apple TV.
Perhaps if there are manufacturing contracts being negotiated in Taiwan which rely on sapphire deliveries from Arizona, someone in Taiwan may be in the know if indeed the supplies are constrained.
Just like an iPhone which you can get for $0-$200, it is the monthly service that gets expensive. Cox charges $47.99 / mo. for their slowest Internet (5 mbs) which is not even guaranteed and at times is too slow to properly stream content without stalling, which really is a buzz kill when watching an exciting movie. I wouldn't be surprised if the Internet prices start going up as more people bail on the TV packages in lieu of streaming. Plus, there is also the likelihood...
You give people too much credit. Why do you think people have so much credit card debt? Free money until they can't even make the minimum payment and they are being charged 20% interest.  I think Apple was thinking that the the colors would attract young people but the reception was weaker than expected. I don't think it had anything to do with the price. Young people were just not that impressed with colors because they could buy a case for their iPhone 4 for $20 bucks...
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