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They could do what they initially did in North Carolina. Buy clean energy from a different source and sell it to the power company. Even if the energy used in the data center is dirty, they have a net lower carbon footprint.
The data gets encrypted AFTER it arrives at Apple servers. What is stopping China from wiretapping the last hop in and first hop out?
Ok, if I get another elder with seniority who confers, I'll apploogize. But I think he deserves admonishment after all the BS he has posted.
Sucks there will be no more white christmases and they will be shutting down the north pole due to global warming?
Let's see Samsung copy that.
Sounds reasonable from a technical perspective. I like my music raw and improvised. Regarding India, how does the scale of a sitar relate to a diatonic or chromatic scale? Don't they have like 10 notes instead of 7?
The human voice is a very adept musical instrument.
Well to start you should realize that his name wasn't Jesus. There are a few different opinions on the matter. One is it was something like Yahushua.
I didn't say hate. Although the intended result was not the actual outcome, repeated bible study made me a really good reader. My opinion is that the bible is full of doubtful assertions and outright lies, but just because I don't believe in it doesn't mean I hate it. Likewise with classical music. Countless years of piano lessons failed to make me appreciate what I consider to be pompous, aristocratic, overly complicated fanfares of opulent excess, not enjoyable music,...
Perhaps he discovered the mathematical definition of harmony, but it hardy predates rhythm. I can imagine African tribes with their dance, drums and melodic vocals existing eons before the Greek philosophers. 
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