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That's a wild guess. For all we know Apple Maps could have been all his idea. He was responsible for MapKit which was the fundamental building block for Apple Maps. Unfortunately the final app was only half baked by the time management wanted it live. Perhaps they made him director but gave him an inexperienced team, which left him with his hands tied since he was no longer the lead programmer. We just don't know. 
Speculation. He was responsible for the first iOS Maps app which used Google Maps. That worked pretty well. Maps tanked, as you say, after management made them switch to their home grown version, not because Forstall left. Maps has only improved since Forstall's departure. But perhaps he was happier working with Google Maps and that is what Uber uses.
I just went to the beta site and it is still using Google Maps, for me at least.   
I can't see how working for Uber is a step up. At best that seems like a lateral move. It does sort of look bad for Apple having such a high level long term engineer to leave for a company like Uber. I like Uber and have used it. Their maps are pretty cool, but they are just taxi company.
Perhaps even the uber geeks with their myriad of customizations have become bored with rooting and skinning their phones. The novelty has worn off. Even they have better things to do.
I'm curious. What possible motive do you have in arguing that civilization is not on the precipice of rapid decline due to overpopulation? Do you own stock in Soylent Green?
Sounds like you know your stuff. /s/s/s/s/s/s/s/s/s/s/s/s/s/s/s
Sweet! I am so ready.
Seems it was easy enough for you  to claim that I am incorrect about overpopulation. Let's see your data. FYI, my numbers are giving your argument the benefit of the doubt by a factor of two. Since you did not even recognize that I would suggest you have absolutely no clue what you are talking about. See, the population numbers are two years old and the arable acres are double that of the technically accurate figure. The 7 billion acres is more like the 'potential'...
 Although this is primarily a USA site, there are also many foreign posters who are using English as a second language. When your system preferences are set to some language other than English, every word shows up as misspelled while trying to type in English. It is not too difficult for us to identify those situations and perhaps a little forgiveness for grammatical and spelling mistakes would be in order.   Often for me it really depends on the quality of the content...
New Posts  All Forums: