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My mistake. I should have written "Businesswomen", which is what I meant, not simply women. It is quite well documented that culturally, business negotiations in Saudi Arabia virtually exclude women, although there are many Saudi businesses owned by women.
Emphasis above mine. There is a normal expectation for battery capacity. Manufacturers do lots of research to arrive at a design specification. For example your next car, the Tesla X, will have a battery that will allow you to drive approximately 300 miles on level terrain, however, if you plan to make an extended day long trip over the Alps, that would probably require more energy than the vehicle was designed for, hence you'll likely need to stop and recharge somewhere...
Well, it was only considered old 6 months ago. At the time it was bolted to the desk, it was more than a $10K investment. Even now, with a 30" Cinema, also bolted, I get lots of amazement from visiting delivery people. Thieves are stupid. They don't know what is new or what is old. Furthermore, that Mac Pro is still really valuable to us so I'm glad it is secured. We have so many maintenance workers, delivery people and housekeepers in the office after hours, I just feel...
Indeed. Highly crafted gemstone encrusted timepieces are not mass consumer items. 
That looks pretty sweet. I don't wear watches anymore, but if I did that might be something worth considering.
Perhaps. I just like to verify data not speculate. In my experience, Germans are no more technical than anyone else in the developed world. Our company has an office in Germany and they do not impress me as being technologically superior by any measure and they mostly use iPhones, based on observations at our global meetings. And yes, we are a technology company.
Good data is hard to come by. Where did you get yours? https://www.mapbox.com/labs/twitter-gnip/brands/#5/38.000/-95.000 Try out this data based on number of tweets per phone brand. Germany isn't even on the radar. More technical my ass!
Doubt it.  Western women are not very welcome in Saudi Arabia.
What? I doubt you would find that title in Saudi Arabia. More likely "How to Discreetly Finance a Holy War "  or  "The Dangers of Women Behind the Wheel" or "The Myth of MERS and Camels"
The thing about swapping out batteries is that you have to turn off and reboot the phone. I'm not sure what happens when you power down an iPhone, if it is still using the battery in some capacity or not, but removing the battery from a device that has valuable data on it would make me a little nervous. I forgot to plug in my phone last night and it had about 20% charge this morning. After about 15 minutes plugged in it was mostly charged back up, at least to the level...
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