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I can imagine some nice dual monitor setups with a MBP but the good ones use two 27" Cinemas, one dead center and the other off to the right side not some crappy 24" Visio monitors with the bezels in the center. That's just awful. As far as making your code portable I would suggest syncing with Git. That way you could share the project, use different Macs from different locations and have a backup.
What is the general perception of the retail transition to chip readers? The deadline was Oct 1 I think. I left the US a couple weeks before that but up to that point I had not seen any new readers in the establishments that I frequented.
One thing I have noticed with Apple Pay is that the session can time out pretty quickly, so if you are in the grocery checkout and you initiate Apple Pay a few minutes before the clerk finishes ringing up your items, Apple Pay will have timed out and you will have to reinitiate the payment. With a traditional credit card transaction that never happened.
Mine lasts a lot longer, maybe 3-4 weeks. I turn it off every night though.
The curve on the iPad is not too extreme. On the mouse it is a sharp edge. The other thing is that the mouse clicks and the top half moves down so if they did put the connector in front it would have accommodate that movement. The touch area goes all the way down to the front edge so having a void there when not plugged in was probably a bad user experience. There really is no other place to put it than on the bottom. It was probably the least objectionable trade off. With...
I think the reason they didn't put it on the front was purely a visual design esthetic driven decision. You don't have to turn the keyboard upside down to charge it. The mouse just doesn't have a flat surface anywhere along the sides. Upside down it is really wobbly and depending on the table surface it might eventually scratch the glass. I think a charging cradle like my Logitech would be more elegant. Just my opinion.
On the 27" you can change the ram easily. Not sure about the 21". Changing the hard drive requires professional tools and expertise as you have to remove the screen. https://www.ifixit.com/Guide/iMac+Intel+27-Inch+EMC+2309+and+2374+Hard+Drive+Replacement/1634
What is wrong with you? You replied to my post where I said the 27 is ideal for iOS developers and you argued against that assersion. So now you are saying that it is a good solution for iOS developers? Which is it? Are you still trying to argue that most iOS developers use a MBP and two shitty 24" monitors than developers that use a 27" iMac?
I usually only work at the office so I rarely need my project to be portable. I like a nice big monitor, dead center, facing forward. No way two $150, 24" cheap ass monitors are better for an Xcode project than one 27" retina screen. Although you can detach windows in Xcode I prefer to keep them connected. I have worked with multiple monitors before but prefer one big monitor. Turning your head and getting the mouse over to the other monitor is annoying and is not very...
How do you edit PDF documents with Reader?
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