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Is the quality any good?
FM is basically line of sight. With such a tiny antenna inside a phone, you would not be able to pick up most stations with the quality you would want, especially for music, except the ones with 5000+ watt transmitters, and then you'll be listening to non-stop ads.
It's all Obama's fault. Now that they can't waterboard to get the password, they need Apple to give them the password.
I was in Best Buy this weekend to get a headphone adapter and I walked by the self serve watch area. What a disaster. There were watches all over the place in piles. Some on the table, some on the back of the display area. Every shape color and configuration you could imagine but they all looked like cheap junk. Absolutely no comparison to Apple Store where two or three attendants were continuously cleaning the display cases.
Back in the old days, I just used to plug in my headphones into the guitar jack to practice scales. BTW : listening to ZZ Top right now OTA but you can join in online at kociradio.com Check it out.
I have not studied this offering but my gut reaction is that you will not learn guitar watching some on-screen feedback and menus. Plus midi sounds terrible. I learned guitar along with my friends back in elementary school. Like others have mentioned, get a real guitar. I'd recommend a Fender Squire style cheap but good electric. You don't even need an amp at first. Then go watch some YouTube videos that teach E, A, B  twelve bar blues or some C, F, G folk. You need to...
This is a completely different product for Apple. They are putting serious distance between themselves and any possible competitor by becoming a fashion icon as well as a consumer tech gadget maker. None of these celebrity prerelease models are pushing back delivery dates because 90% of their profit will be coming from the sport model not gold ones. This marketing strategy will make their reputation in fashion permanent. The delay is only temporary. I think is pretty funny...
This has been debated for years. While there are some advantages there are disadvantages as well. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Smart_gun
Yeah, he should have stopped after the first paragraph. Clearly Apple users are no longer the elite clique they were. In my opinion the entire global modern tech population has become much more angry and ugly. That, I can agree with and obviously  it has spilled over into the Apple user base. There is, of course, no logical reason to reminisce on the past when Apple users were a sophisticated niche of graphic designers. Those days are gone. I, at least, give him props for...
I went to the Apple Store in Costa Mesa yesterday to buy some stuff and had a chance to look at the watch. I fooled around with the display watch. It seems a bit limited in functionality though. It was also running quite warm to the touch. There was no crowd or waiting. The staff encouraged me to try one on. I selected the 42mm space grey sport with large black band. I was surprised how supple and smooth the band was. Very nice. I opened the Apple Store app and ordered it...
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