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I don't think having built in components is such a bad idea. You can always add better speakers later, perhaps wifi. Things like cameras, motion sensors, tuners, wifi and USB ports, etc are nice because they are concealed inside the TV. They take up hardly any space and cost next to nothing. If you want to add all that stuff in later you are going to pay a lot more and have boxes and wires all over the place.  
Perhaps, but the tuner is required by US government mandates.
People who want uncompressed OTA quality.
Just roll eyes and say whatever...
I think most people are like me. They upgrade every two years whether they need to or not. This is not my year, not to say that the 6s won't be a superb update. I always buy the highest capacity even though I have never come close to filing it up, but I'm not on a tight budget either. The way I figure, you can't add more storage later and you never know what your needs might be a year down the road. Perhaps some opportunity comes up where you want to document an event with...
Did you happen to read the part of my post that mentioned that as being undesirable because it uses the same IP address for all shared hosting websites?
Really? 12 MP camera and 4K video, ForceTouch, selfie flash, series 7000 aluminum, 2 Gig of RAM, much faster A9. Seems like a nice collection of improvements to me.
The SSL issue on this site is a common problem. Many organizations use CDN (content delivery networks) and often they are running on Nginx or Apache, both of which have an issue of running multiple SSL certificates in virtual hosts. It can be done on a single IP using names instead of IP address to map host directories, but most providers, and clients as well, don't like to do that. They would rather have their own IP because if they happen to be sharing with a company...
Stupid, juvenile and derogatory.
Don't be. No offense taken. We like the term America and we use it a lot. In normal reference to the country we usually drop the America part of the name unless it is an exclamation of national pride such as Trump's slogan "Make America Great". It is usually only a term that Americans should use in that shortened form. It would be better for the rest of the world to call our country the US or the United States, or USA or the States as in my location profile. No harm done...
New Posts  All Forums: