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Apple requires that the device itself deploy 3072 bits and elliptic curve in order to be certified, so even if you did use a Wifi bridge, the bridge would need to still send encrypted keys to the BT device. 3072 is a lot of data. For example, currently, 2048 is considered secure for about 4 years from continuous brute force by a super computer.  With current BT LE chips, 3072 might be secure for a century considering that each iteration of the brute force attack takes 40...
Makes you wonder what the BT LE bandwidth capability is on iOS devices themselves.
I really don't think this is the case here. The chips have to be certified by Apple from the likes of Marvel and Broadcom. The encryption is standards based TLS. The BT LE chips are just not up to the task of 3072 bits. The fact that Elgato, which is a really high quality manufacturer is identifying and also helping to create a workaround indicates that it is not an issue of substandard implementations. Most of the overhead in creating an SSL connection is in the handshake...
I don't think the manufactures mind programming the encryption, and it works acceptably over WiFi. It is using a high bit level on BT LE that is creating the unacceptable overhead. Most SSL servers on the Internet today are still using 2048 so 3072 is a bit higher than the norm. It is a hardware issue not a software issue.
True but to find enough money to buy the company it would take all the Saudi princes and then some. You might as well be a publicly traded company to get enough smaller investors.
Why? You as a shareholder would no longer have any shares, no profit and no dividend. How? A consortium of 10 of the wealthiest people on earth could hardly afford to buy it. Do you think Apple would make better products if 10 wealthy board members with little to no consumer tech experience were making all the decisions?
 So you must also subscribe to the theory that Apple artificially constrains supply to increase demand. Watch was only available in 9 countries at launch and a couple weeks ago added 7 more. I bought mine in an Apple Retail Store when they finally became available. The store didn't have the model I wanted the first day I went in (42 mm SS). They said come back tomorrow as they get new supplies everyday. To me that means they are selling pretty much every watch they can...
Fortunately none of Apple's mission critical services were affected. Apple ID, Keychain, Apple Pay, etc all remained up. Service has since been restored to all systems.
These are the sovereign nation islands close to the US Antigua & BarbudaBahamasBarbadosCubaDominicaDominican RepublicGrenadaHaiti Edit: forgot Jamaica
For Apple to demand a commission on the month to month reoccurring billing that they have nothing to do with is not so much a commission, but more like a royalty.
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