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Same here
Oh stop it. A Mac and Adobe CC is basically a license to print money.
There is no connection to the wireless charging back of the watch on the in-store display. And yes there is data being transferred between the watch and the base display. If you demo certain functions on the watch, the display of the base will change to describe the details of the function you tested.
Perhaps, however, from my point of view it was totally a supply issue. I can see them not wanting to commit to extra stock of the gold and even the stainless models, but they had to realize they could sell as many sport watches as they could make. No testing the waters there, just plain old lack of supply.
I thought the Russia online Apple Store was closed over plummeting currency or sanctions or something last December. I guess they are back online though. I just checked. Suppose that goes for the iTunes Store as well.
I heard one women say that the Apple Store should have mirrors for women to see how they look wearing the watch. Seems like a reasonable request for a fashion item. I wonder if Angela decided against that feature or perhaps they figure that the fashion retailers will support that mode of sales.
You don't have to go to all that trouble to stay productive for a week. My TM backup wouldn't even fit on my MBP. If you wanted to you could use the same external drive for a new MBP Time Machine. It will start a new archive, but your old archive is still searchable. Then when you get your iMac back from the shop, you just copy the files you worked on back into their original location using a memory stick or something. That doesn't take long at all. Who doesn't juggle...
What's the difference between a monitor and a TV? A TV usually has an antenna connection and a tuner. Perhaps Apple could make a $4,000+ 8K res monitor and throw a tuner in it for legal regulations. By then most or all of your video content will be coming from the internet anyway.   I'm still thinking about a Mac Pro, but I sure would like to pair it up with an Apple branded monitor like I did before.
People keep saying Siri is much improved. I'm sure they are making improvements. I just have not noticed any in my day to day use.
Clearly they will update it with a new processor at some point. It is up to Intel and Display Port.
New Posts  All Forums: