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I don't think the YoY sales decrease can be attributed to any single cause. I have an iPad 3 and a mini 1. I didn't buy them for any particular reason other than they looked like a pretty cool device and fun to play around with. I have yet to try to do any serious work on them, which brings me my first point.   1) iPads just aren't that useful for many people. They don't work out very well as a replacement for general purpose computers, in my opinion.   2) Another...
I think the size of the data would preclude any realtime uploading. Perhaps at the end of the day when they return to a fiber optic linked connection. Even the realtime preprocessing seems unlikely to me because I doubt it is completely automated. I'd be surprised if there was not a huge monitor and a workstation required for stitching everything together, much like what was shown in the Navteq video.
This is how Navteq does it:   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HJAk3gnfQDo
I didn't mind the occasional Twitter spam, but like a couple months ago I started getting maybe 20 email spams a day from them so I had to go into the account settings and turn off everything. I get less spam from them now but still a few per day. Very annoying. I wish there was some way for them to realize that their spam has zero effectiveness with me. I have the Twitter account to notify our followers of upcoming developments and events which I use maybe every other...
I had a beautiful stainless steel chronometer on my wrist when the iPhone came out. I also bought a new gorgeous MBP about the same time. I then purchased some protective films for the MBP so my watch band did not scratch the the aluminum finish of the notebook. At a certain point I gave up on the wristwatch for one reason or another. I just use my iPhone to tell time. Occasionally I wear some of my fashionable watches when out on the town but in general I don't like...
 Infinitive apple Past appled Present Participle appling Past Participle appled Present:   I apple   You apple   He, She, It apples   We apple   You apple   They apple   Samsung continues appling their Galaxy smartphone.
There is a lot of crossover with Apple products. That is sort of the idea behind "Continuity". The Watch does some things that other Apple products do, and also does some things that the other products don't. Many people have multiple Apple devices so the Watch will just fit in with the ecosystem. Some people will buy it and some people won't but it will sit nicely in the Apple line up. Disclaimer: I still don't think I will buy it. Or if I do, I probably won't be an...
It was a genuine compliment. In the past they have scaled the full res photos which made the page unmanageable. I'm glad they did it the right way for a change. I wouldn't know. I never visit the main page.
Dear AI:   Thanks for taking the time to actually create low res thumbnails instead just scaling the high res images. I'm sure the extra work is appreciated by those who might be on a slower connection.   M
Posting selflies and texting.
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