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All gold watches, real or fake, look gaudy in my opinion. 
Does it matter? If I think it looks tacky, it is just my opinion. I rarely see anyone wearing gold watches these days.
At least one anti-Flash talking point is moot. 
A gold watch just looks tacky to me these days. I have one from the 90s. Never wear it. I also have a stainless dive chronometer. Never wear that either. If I were to buy one of these it would be the Sport, just to check it out. It will be obsolete in one year.
Clearly they could have since this notification uses the exact same technology. Perhaps they decided this was a better solution for a number of reasons, and I agree with them. Since the composition window is at the bottom of the page it would be forced down while you were writing if the new post was automatically added. Also if you happen to be on a previous page it couldn't very well add the post automatically now could it? Automatic isn't always better. I think this...
Has nothing to do with WebObjects. It is just a tradition. Hopefully means we will be able to order the Watch right after the keynote.
Ok good point which only adds to the reasons to use an accountant to do you taxes. I have no idea how to do taxes and I don't want to learn. Always use the right tool for the job and in this case it is a CPA.
Really? The check out clerk can see the name on the credit card? Everywhere I have used Pay they just wait for the receipt to pop up. Where does the name on card display?
This an interesting point. Since the merchant can't see the CC data, they have no way to compare the drivers license. Many places require the card to be present along with photo ID. The post office is one that I know off hand.
Yes they send the mobile phone number, iTunes account and Apple ID information, all having my name listed. As you mentioned they also send the location, which in my case, was my home, where the address matched the AMEX account. In addition, they have the IP information, which is also close by, although that would be less reliable than the other information, however in conjunction, just further verification..
New Posts  All Forums: