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Let's have a long discussion and history lesson on why the word Oriental is politically incorrect.
Although I have considerable experience studying judean /christian literature and history, I do not believe any of the supernatural mythology including the resurrection of the Messiah, so we will have to remain in disagreement.
Never heard of it. I have only read  english / hebrew scripture and cross referenced versions that are accredited.
All bogus. There is no easter in the bible. Greeks and Catholics celebrate easter on different days.
The main problem with both era designations is that they are missing year zero. The year after 1 BC is 1 AD. Plus no one actually knows the birthday of the Messiah so that introduces another approximation. The Jewish calendar or the Chinese calendar are much more accurate and share many similarities since they are both lunar based. Study up.
Not me dude. I'm a BCE/CE guy for many, many years. Please... I may quote a lot of biblical stuff just because I was made to memorize it, but BC and AD is not in the book. After reading your post I am confused. It seems contradictory to both my original remark to be in agreement with the OP as well as your own saying that you prefer BCE. Anyway whatever, I'm sticking with BCE because it is more academic in my opinion.
Yeah a crack pipe! And change his skin color to black or brown. /s
He is not the sunglasses emoticon, he is Smokey.  Why would Smokey not be smoking? A better question would be why do forum posters think that Smokey is cool or clever and include it in their post?
I can't really visualize how a pop out lightning swivel would work. Something would need to support the iPhone other than just the friction and rigidity of the connector. Some wall outlets are mounted sideways too, more so in other countries besides the US, but still, that would be awkward to try to charge the phone and the external battery at the same time without a cable. Rather than trying to make a swiss army knife, they seem to be addressing a specific target market....
If I could predict the future with such authority, I wouldn't be here. I'd be traveling state to state playing tomorrow's winning lottery numbers.
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