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What is the hole next to the volume control?
Just remember to open the new iPhone box above something soft, because it will likely go sailing due to the box being overly tight and the phone  sitting at the very top, so while trying to open it, if the box is not perfectly level, the phone is going to fall out.
Sounds like a nice idea but right now iOS doesn't really work like that. Seems like it would have to be implemented in an application specific way because each application needs to be able to receive touch input on their main view controller so if you were to bring in a new drawing view controller on top to receive the draw input it would intercept touch input to the main view controller. I think a drawing layer on top of the stack would need to be toggled on or off from...
Siri is really good at certain things like setting an alarm or getting sport scores. It is a mystery why she sucks so bad at so many other common requests. One thing that always irritates me is that she all too often returns a static page with tiny fonts instead of voice response. This is especially annoying when I am driving. She should know there is a pretty good chance I'm behind the wheel if she just checked the GPS for a few seconds while retrieving the data for my...
Google's voice recognition technology and contextual natural language comprehension is so far ahead of everyone else it is ridiculous. I have no idea how they did it without infringing on Nuance patents. That is the main challenge with Apple rolling their own voice recognition, the patents.
I was just pointing out how ridiculous the idea was, but I don't necessarily see it being MAD. I would be fine with bringing home all our troops from everywhere, which would put Samsung out of business immediately with Kim Jong on the loose, also end participation in NATO, not allowing any visas into the US, kicking out anyone who does not legitimately belong here and preventing ALL illegal entry. Let's see how well civilization in the rest of the world holds up without...
Safest for whom? Al-qaeda?
I'm all for that. Then no EU citizen would visit the US since their credit cards would not be valid here because companies in the US would not be allowed to store the transaction nor would EU citizens be able to order anything online from the US either, like software. Totally cool with that are you?. Bye-bye EU tech companies.
We don't really know what that material is going to be. I believe once you hold it in your hand, that design element will probably look like an elegant detail. I have confidence that Apple will continue to amaze us.
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