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So have you read the 1000+ pages of the bill? All you have here are the Fox News talking points. People who say the bill should be repealed haven't said where the billions of dollars necessary to do that will come from. I am not claiming that there are not some problems, but the Act is very beneficial to most Americans. Regarding specific problems, there is a provision within the Act where an oversight committee will address any issues and attempt to resolve them....
This is true, because the cost of health insurance continues to increase. I still have the same coverage I have had for 15 years and it has gone up every year at about the same rate of increase due to a number of factors. Just because people who were already paying for their insurance had their rates go up doesn't mean that all or any of the increase was due to the Affordable Care Act. I'm not sure why you have less coverage. It should be the same or better. Otherwise why...
Why do people hate the Affordable Care Act?   Answer: They are rich, own a large business that did not offer health insurance before, have a financial stake in a healthcare provider. Or... you just support whatever Fox news tells you to.   If you are a senior, middle class, a poor person or a female the Affordable Care Act is a very good thing for you. In fact for many people who had private insurance before the Act was passed, have much better healthcare now compared...
Good question. Maybe because HomeKit actually works, they just haven't approved any products or apps yet. Developers are working with the HomeKit framework though. As the article says it was also added to TV.
Sorry, I meant that the US government sees the worldwide use of its currency as a benefit to US dominance, hence, they have no intention of getting rid of cash.
Immunity. They don't have delicate sensibilities like sheltered shopping mall clerks.
US currency is widely used around the world
Not surprised. We have heard almost nothing for nearly a year since the framework was first released. And no word on whether there will be a HomeKit app or if the manufacturers have to write their own. I'm not a member of MFi so I don't have any inside info but my first thought when HomeKit was announced was that it would be a nightmare to get all the manufacturers on the same page. Plus, the Siri integration is probably not exactly a piece of cake either. Best not to rush...
The US government even requires the country of Panama to report any US citizen simply holding $10K or more in a bank account and they some how can enforce that. I suppose it is because US currency is legal tender in Panama.
People who use drugs are stupid. If you make it legal, instead of hiding it, they will just leave it lying around the house where pets and children will get into it. This is already being reported in states that have legalized pot.
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