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Perhaps for insects and lower organisms but for humans, mating is not as high of a priority. One usually decides to become married and raise a family after they have secured a position within a community, completed education, become employed, have appropriate shelter and resources. They also choose a compatible mate from a psychological perspective not just anyone of the same species and opposite gender.
Be a man and make your own comments. Don't **** with mine.
Not ruling out the unknown is not how Buddhists explain Karma. To them it is real.
Adobe has been in business 25 years with an amazing record of innovation and always a strong balance sheet. GTAT, not so much. Not even close to being in the same conversation.
You are out of touch my friend. Have you seen their stock price lately? Somebody cares.
I don't know. It is getting closer. I don't think anyone here doubts that in the Apple labs somewhere, there is a version of OS X running on ARM. They are just not quite ready to spring that on the third party developers like Adobe, Pixelmator, Parallels, Fusion, Microsoft, etc. But even Adobe is probably almost ready as they must suspect the same thing, especially since they are working on iOS apps that are similar to their desktop apps. Personally, I think it is...
Thats is a fine theory but the carbon atoms don't improve over time like souls do with Karma.
That is not the way it works. A new congregation usually start out as a home study group. You pool your resources and buy some land and build a church if that is what God calls you to do. But you should pay property taxes, just like the homeowner did where your church was founded.
Most mega churches these days are 503 1C not for profit corporations.
Property taxes is a different matter altogether. Churches should pay property taxes just like other property owners. Just my opinion.
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