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That might be appropriate for some types of workflow. Where the files are located is extremely important in many cases though, especially if you are designing or sharing documents that have embedded assets such as spreadsheets, desktop publishing, app development, or web pages. The OS by itself cannot override the requirements of a specific application's design and functionality. That is why we have a file system to start with, because there are so many different use case...
Probably a poor choice of words on my part. I only wanted to suggest that typical users are rather clueless about how computing actually works. No file system may be a convenience for those who are not tech savvy but it does limit their capabilities as they become more so. I am not faulting Apple's decision to design it as such. I think it was a brilliant idea for average users. I use my iPad all the time without wishing it had an accessible file system. I just don't try...
iOS has a file system. The user just can't access it. It is a security feature not a convenience feature. iOS hides the file system to help prevent typical dumb users from downloading and executing malware. For highly technical users the lack of access to a file system is more of a hinderance than benefit, but that is the way iOS was designed, to protect people from themselves.
Whatever...Why talk about replacing laptops? Sure a scooter can replace a car as a mode of transportation...unless it is raining or freezing or you have two more passengers. Am I not allowed to own a truck and a car? iPad is cool, but it just doesn't do what I need much of the time. Everyone has different preferences and requirements. It is not an either/or situation. There is room for many types of computing devices.
That's fine for speed, keeps you from speeding, but if the odometer was off, there would be tons of complaints. Either people renting a car or reselling their car with more miles than they actually drove or people contracting their own car and getting paid by the mile would be out money if it was under reported. Edit: I've just read now that there are instances of inaccurate odometers.  Edit2: The worst case I could find online was a 2006 Ford explorer at 3% over.
So about a third of the Mac install base uses Safari. Seems odd. I've had a few sites where Safari did not work as well as Chrome, but I generally use Safari first. Some sites use a lot of Javascript, which is where the incompatibilities usually start. Platforms such as jQuery are really good about testing for all different browsers but some lazy coders who use Chrome only test against their own preferred browser.
I have to say that every car I've owned in the last 20 years has been pretty much dead on with respect to the odometer. I test it on the freeway mile markers. It is affected by your tires though. As long as you have factory tires it should be extremely accurate. I have never compared the mph against a GPS.
The trip computer can't be that far off. The variance of the mpg is driving conditions. When they test the mpg at the factory they do it under ideal conditions with the best possible fuel. You would be hard pressed to ever achieve those same results under normal driving conditions.
NSA and GCHQ already collect a lot of information from leaky apps like Angry Birds that send tons of personal info. In order to do that they have to be the man in the middle, meaning that they have access to the data during transmission. They can listen over the airwaves to a cell tower or they may have data centers and back bone carriers cooperation. They also have tools that can read cookies in a browser even though they are not supposed to be able to read other domain's...
I'm saying it is the fault of the OS.If the text is close to the top it can be very difficult to select or drop the cursor, for example trying to edit the To: Address. And don't get me started on handling images within the email. There is no way to scale or reduce the size unless you started the email from the Photos app. And even then you can only choose small medium or large, but you have no idea what the email is going to look like because as soon as you select one of...
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