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Categories iPad of buyers: 1) Consumers replacing home Windows PCs that were always infected.2) Nerdy halo buyers who have an iPhone and a MBP3) Families with children4) Schools5) Specialty industry such as outdoor logistics, fire dept., transportation, medical6) Coffee shop and commuter readers  Perhaps those categories are approaching saturation at this point although I'd think K12 education has a lot of upside. I don't know, just curious.
Can anyone explain why it has dropped for two quarters in a row?
At our corporate offices, only the top execs know the wifi password and they change it all the time. All the managers have company iPhones in addition to their personal phone. No one is allowed to plug in any phone into a computer USB, corporate or personal. They are supposed to keep their personal phones out of sight. No one is allowed to wear earbuds and only telephone customer support operators can wear headsets. MP3 and Facebook are blocked except for marketing...
Except perhaps with his mom.
Perfect for data center use. Scan the racks to find any machines that are running hot, probably dead fans. Also for scanning PDUs to see if they are overloaded. or have hot cables. We had a 440V cable melt one time. With something like this we could have been keeping records and would have noticed a spike in heat in advance of complete failure..
I often carry two phones when out of the country. It is the only way when you have a local number and a USA number both of which you need to be active. Many people today don't have or don't use a home landline and important communications from their doctor, children's school, or childcare provider often need immediate attention. Of course people don't want the corporate IT managing their personal phone. Probably the best situation is to just not allow the personal phones...
He might consider getting a college degree like Shaq.
The main issue is that all small mobile devices are designed with a series of compromises, small screen, small battery, small text, UI, etc. Using the watch band as extra space for electronics is a logical outcome, otherwise the body of the watch would be too large.  I don't wear a watch but when I did, I don't ever recall having to replace the band, because it was heavy duty metal. iDevices generally have a 2-4 year life span so most people will probably not need to...
That is a pretty short commercial.  Probably more to come. A little early for back to school but the target market is unmistakeable.
I'm not sure Gene is the right person to do this comparison. Testing with a single voice in a single language is too small of a sample size, although it is impressive that he got so many "heard correctly" results. You'd think having ones head up ones ass would tend to muffle the voice.
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