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For typical AT&T user that is more than a third of a 5 GB data plan.
For 256Kbps stream: If you commute 30 minutes each way for 20 days a month you would use a little more than 2 GB of data.
I've tried geofencing a couple times. Never worked very well for me. I found it to be unreliable, imprecise and delayed by a few minutes. It might work for something like: remember to buy flowers for my wife when I leave the office, but I tried to set it to remind me to get my reusable shopping bags out of the trunk of the car when I arrive at the grocery store - it reminded me about five minutes later when I was already in the store. Other times it never reminded me at all.
So if I have settings, and whatever iCloud backs up day to day, which might be nice to have, but how do you integrate that with a complete back up on my Mac which also has the settings, but an older version? How do you do both?
I have never used iCloud. It sounds kind of complicated where you have to use all these different services Photos, iTunes Match, iCloud Drive etc. just to get your data backed up. I just looked online and I have 11 MB of "documents" but no clue what documents they are. Is there any way to see them? The only back up I would trust is a full back up to my Mac that includes ALL my data.
So when you have to back up before you take your phone in for service, this is not a back up you can use to restore your phone with if they end up giving you a new phone with Apple Care, like what happen to me when my iPhone had hardware failure. I backed up to my Mac and when I got home I restored it with all my data intact. 
So it is just backing up the OS? What about your data?
Depends on the tires. We were in a heavy duty 4WD truck with off road tires, no radio at the time. iPad 3 just doesn't have the volume. I had the same issue in an airplane even using the stock ear buds. Simply not enough volume to overcome the background noise. I now have AKG noise canceling headphones which does the trick, but kind of rude if you are traveling with someone who wants to talk.
I have a 128 GB phone and 5 GB of iCloud space.
Unless you have an iPad mounted up high on the dash where a nav system would be, the temptation to look down at your tiny iPhone screen could be dangerous. All modern nav systems have turn by turn voice now. I was using an iPad in a vehicle that did not have a nav system, and you couldn't even hear it over the road noise. Sure we could have figured out how to connect it to the car speakers but we didn't have the correct cabling. We ended up missing a freeway interchange...
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