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Personally I wouldn't buy a camera these days that doesn't shoot RAW even if it is 20 MP.
Interesting concept though is that as those low to mid-range compact cameras go away, the high end cameras are going to get a lot more expensive because the manufacturers need to shift their major profit generation from high volume low end cameras to niche high end cameras. Perhaps this is where Sony has the most to loose because they really don't make any high end still cameras, plus they are getting squeezed by Nikon and Canon DSLRs that also shoot 1080 HD, a market that...
Perhaps when gas stations and grocery stores start accepting Bitcoin it will have caught on, but at that point it will just be another currency, payment, credit system controlled by big banks. Once you see a major bank with a Bitcoin logo on their building, bank card, ATM or advertising you'll know it is safe. Until then, no thanks.
I would never buy this product. I can't even imagine the target market. These are not really large glass. They are medium sized glass. iPhone built-in camera is usually good enough for personal use. For prosumer or semi-professional use, people generally go with DSLR where you have tripod mounts, hot shoe, manual focus and controls, good camera ergonomics, etc. For real pro the market is Hasselblad and Phase One.  Again, I just don't see the target market for this, but...
I don't think it is a mold. Too many holes. Perhaps a die and they decided to press a shape on the edges. I thought I remember we had a resident machining expert, can't remember who it is right now, but if you look at the original photo without the superimposed iPhone you can see a lot more detail.  
Ok, suffice it to say I am an informed non-believer. The funny thing is that even the most hard core Evangelical pastors believe in the rapture and the millennium which offer all of the dead to be resurrected and given another chance to believe after the return of the Messiah so it is a moot point to believe now since all are given another chance to go to heaven, although none of that is supported in any way in the Bible. Another false conclusion being perpetuated by the...
Refuting scripture with scripture  is just a more socially acceptable version of calling someone a moron. "Oh yeah, so you say the Bible is infallible?" What about this [quote]? Sure, it usually ends as agree to disagree but I don't give these Bible thumpers a pass on anything because the contextual continuity of the Bible text is bogus in my opinion, not to mention the scientific contradictions.
Sure I know what he meant. I just find fault with the original Bible lecturer. A lot of these types of religious fanatics just spout off whatever they heard on the sermon TV and haven't even read their own Bible and fail to understand that it is completely full of nonsense. Sorry if I am a bit jaded but going to church a couple times a week for my entire youth was a huge waste of time, but at least I know almost every verse in the Bible by memory so when these holier than...
Got it! Scripture is completely useless.
Some might argue, he is not doing his job very well. In your soliloquy, you claim all people are less than perfect and not capable of judging, so why does the Bible say in the Book of Judges that God appointed human judges to establish justice over the people? Why didn't he just do it himself? I have a pretty good idea, but I'll let you answer that. There is also this bit in Deuteronomy where it states that the town elders were apparently judging as well.
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