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They don't care. It was a friend of a friend who stole the parts. Feng.com put their logo on the images so they are taking credit for it.
Geesh...AI, get some bandwidth or learn how to make thumbnails. Also reexport those png on the top you can save about 90% file size
Because it is a temporary structure, I doubt it will actually have a second floor. You would need a full reinforced concrete foundation to support load bearing beams. The public safely requirements would be too extensive for a multi-level building that was just to be used for one day. The shape doesn't seem like it would have very good acoustics for a concert either.
That would make sense actually. Because of supply chain constraints they won't be able to release everything at once anyway.  In addition to new hardware I wouldn't be surprised if they announce some new cloud features, partnerships, iOS functionality, software, etc.
No, not with dots without leading zeros. We only use the Y-m-d H:i:s format for computing.
Do you think Gizmodo got an invitation?
Good to see Apple using a proper date format. /s
No my mistake. Mouse is the default but you can opt for the trackpad instead. I haven't purchased any iMacs for a while. I want to, but I'm stuck trying to decide what to do about the delay of the next gen cpus.
I'm not worried about being labeled an Apple fanboy because that is not a bad thing in my opinion. I'm probably not buying an iWatch because at this point I don't want one or need one. That said, if I see someone wearing one, I will know they are a fanboy too, because I think the buyers of an Apple iWatch will be a very niche market.
People like to say things like that because it makes them feel like they are free of the social constraints that society tends to adopt but in reality the opposite is true. Why do you think people dress up for important events? It is because they actually do care what other people think of them. That is normal.
New Posts  All Forums: