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I hate typing on iPhone. I always use voice with Google app. Siri is terrible. 
There is always this handy accessory if you want to take it camping.  
So when it needs an oil change do you air lift it back to Sweden? 
I would expect the data centers will be protected by full time employees as well, if not already.
Does Flickr and Instagram keep the mete data? I don't have an account at either but I'm pretty sure the meta data would be a security risk, at least the GPS part. I think other social sites strip the meta data. EDIT: I just checked the images on the Apple Gallery and there is no meta data.
I think they did with Air. Flash was always designed to be a desktop application like Director and Authorware. They forced it on the Internet but it was never a good fit.
Perhaps by most hysterical accounts. Flash served its purpose at the time. It filled a void and allowed developers to write once view anywhere and consumers to watch video and play games when no other solution was available. Its usefulness is for all intents and purposes over at this point. I still have one or two uses for it but only in cases where there is no other solution. It is still a very powerful application, and as I said earlier that was its main problem - too...
Because he is a Flash hater. It is understandable why Jobs went off on a rant about Flash. Four years in a row the Mac got hacked into at BlackHat using the Flash plug-in in Safari. But so did Windows and Linux. In a way, you can't entirely blame a buffer overflow on the exploited application. There is some degree of blame on the OS itself. If you are not going to make applications like Safari run in a sandbox including the plug-ins then this is the type of stuff that can...
That would be unfortunate because that means you were probably mugged since we don't go anywhere without our phones. It is unlikely a missing phone would go unnoticed for long. In that situation you would notify your bank as soon as possible and cancel all your cards, but an experienced thief would know that. They wouldn't spend any time trying to use Pay. They would go to the closest grocery store where they never check photo ID against the name on card, buy a couple...
Same with me but since I was at my residence when I added it, and they were given the info during the process, and since the phone I was using was associated with my account, and they had that info, and since I am a long time iTunes account holder, and they had that info, I think it is safe to say that it was highly unlikely there was any fraud, so they green lighted it.
New Posts  All Forums: