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Or perhaps a coin-sized Lightning-compatible magnetic adapter you could keep in your pocket and plug into an existing iPhone cable. The reason I have so many chargers is because they are difficult to unplug. At home the outlet is behind the bed, at the office it is on a power strip behind the monitor and in my car they put the USB inside the center console which is hard to reach when seated, so I just keep them all plugged in with the cable within reach. Having different...
I wonder if it is the distance or simply lack of bandwidth that causes latency. Geostationary satellites are at an altitude of about 35,000 km so a radio signal can travel that distance in a little over 0.1 ms.  I've seen terrestrial connections with ten hops each taking many times longer. I routinely have video conferences between California and Japan and also Germany where the distances are about the same and they go through dozens of hops, different networks, undersea...
People might need to buy an extra charger for the office or car. I currently have 4 chargers for my iPhone. Home, office, car, briefcase. It would be nice if the Watch could use those chargers.
Win 7 support ended January 13, 2015.
What happened to Windows 9?
I wasn't aware of that but then I'm not an economist however it would probably depend on whether or not you have an agenda for arguing that the real rate of unemployment is either higher or lower than the stated rate. But just like there are two sides to every argument, there are two sides to the equation that determines the basic unemployment rate. unemployed = registered for unemploymenttotal workforce = taxpayers + unemployed Percent unemployed = (unemployed ÷ total...
As Steve Jobs said…"Those jobs aren't coming back." Waiting for some corporation to move to town and offer easy hiring is like waiting to win the lottery. If you are not looking for work, you are not part of the workforce. It is sad that someone who used to have a good paying factory job now can't even get a minimum wage job. But, it not so much that they can't get a job, as it is that they don't want a minimum wage or part time job. There are thousands of both illegal and...
Absolutely. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Whistleblower_Protection_Act
Sure. It would have been the mother of all class action suits since it basically would have included everyone in the US as well as many US allies. With a high profile law team and the right media coverage Snowden could have walked away with millions plus a book and movie deal in addition to exposing the NSA wrongdoings and putting an end to their illegal activities. Whistleblowing is good. He just went about it the completely wrong way.
Perhaps if Snowden had sued the NSA instead of stolen classified documents from them, the situation and his legal status would be different.
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