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I don't have any 4K hardware but I do have 4K software. I'm planning to go 4K when the next Mac Pro is released. But back to the discussion about color: If you record in 4K and then watch it down sampled to a 1080 screen, the color will be better than recording in 1080 to start with because the chroma subsampling will be 4:4:4 since 4K is 4x 1080, the pixel subsampling is evenly divisible.
No but the color would be better when you view 1080 videos because the pixels would not be interpolated.
I'd be nice if they could get it up to 4K video and 4:2:2 chroma. Then it would actually make sense to record a Bentley commercial with it.
Whatever. Sorry I was not on topic
Sorry, I meant to say heavier lead or steel. My shotgun is loaded with Winchester Nitro #4 high speed steel which would rip through just about anything including solid mahogany doors, steel doors, garage doors and even some concrete block.
Yep an ounce of shot at 9000 PSI at point blank range can be lethal for sure. All I'm saying is with steel or lead shot, it would go right through that phone.
Not to minimize the seriousness but that is birdshot which usually has much less gunpowder than say buckshot. Same stuff that Dick Cheney uses on his friends. 
We don't want to trade in our old phones at the end of the contract. Every two years when we upgrade our iPhones, AT&T has always unlocked our off contract phones so we can use them with a local SIM when we travel internationally. I wouldn't mind buying the phones outright but the monthly fee is the same regardless. We have five devices on AT&T at the moment. This news sucks.
Sorry, discipline was probably the wrong word. I was thinking more emphasis on dedicated study, not just watching a computer screen. 
All these computers in primary and secondary education in the US, and our kids still score below almost every other modern nation. Do you think we should be concerned about which OS they are using? Kids in the US need less technology and more emphasis on dedicated study, not just watching a computer screen. I think they need to put down the cell phone. Every cell phone should be in airplane mode while at school. Every kid having a computer at school is just baby sitting....
New Posts  All Forums: