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I have a lot of watches mostly from the 90s. The only time I would wear a watch these days is if I have to go to the performing arts center in formal wear. Then I would wear a thin elegant gold watch with a leather band, I have a few. Forget a chronometer, I'm not going underwater, and no one ever pulls out an iPhone to see when intermission is about to end. I could see an iWatch for sport activities or casual wear but I'm thinking it would not be appropriate for formal or...
Well they do make the A8 in Austin and that is pretty small, so it can be done. iWatch would be perfect for a product to be assembled entirely by robotics. I'm not as concerned about where it is made as where it will be bought. I'm having a difficult time imagining it as a mainstream consumer device.
And Coke is to acquire Monster which has all the same health benefits of drinking antifreeze. People who want to know the exact status of their respiration is a much smaller group than those who want to eat healthy, do mild exercise like walking and get plenty of sleep. The latter do not need a smart watch to tell them anything. They are already in tune with their bodies.
What point was that Ben? I addressed each and every topic in Apple II's post. You have to start trying to read the content of the quoted text not just base your remarks on the reply taken out of context. I've noticed you do that quite often. Your comments make no sense in regard to anything I wrote in my post. If you are just trying to disagree with everything I write, please put more effort and thought into it.
Who has the time for constant zooming in and out to overcome the inaccuracy and limitations of touch input. For example, if you are trying to draw a path around an object to clip it out, you need to see the image at no more than 1:1 because if you are zoomed in too far you can't discern the edge of the object. On a Mac, track pads are way too slow and inaccurate. High end drawing applications like AutoCad, Illustrator, and even Photoshop have really tiny controls, way too...
The Mac Pro was made in the US by well paid, professional, grown ups, not underpaid Chinese teenagers with questionable ethics who steal parts. I would love to learn that the iWatch is being made in the US, but probably not likely.  I will reserve judgement until I see it but it would take a lot to convince me to wear a watch. Nothing is going to scream fanboy like an iWatch.
No parts leak yet though.
I had a LaCie power supply fail too. I was a bit perplexed as to what happen to my external FW drive. The light came on as normal but the drive wouldn't spin up. I suspected the failure was in the drive since the light was on. I took it apart and stuck the bare drive in a computer and it mounted no problem, it was a Seagate. So it turned out it was the power supply. It just wasn't putting out enough power to spin the drive even though the light was still on. I would not be...
I used that thing but I didn't find it. I did find this though. http://www.avaya.com/blogs/archives/2013/11/updated-nov-2013-123-largest-ipad-deployments-by-enterprises-and-schools.html
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