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That is a pretty short commercial.  Probably more to come. A little early for back to school but the target market is unmistakeable.
I'm not sure Gene is the right person to do this comparison. Testing with a single voice in a single language is too small of a sample size, although it is impressive that he got so many "heard correctly" results. You'd think having ones head up ones ass would tend to muffle the voice.
Watever. No desktop CPUs. iMac is what I am looking for. I need several at this point. I looked at the new low end but decided against that and want a few 27' models. I'm replacing some 20" older Lion machines but I want another 7+ years out of whatever I buy.
I think it might be similar to saying we are making some interesting discoveries and some success in mice but we haven't done any human trials yet. This security guy mentions three companies that offer iOS forensic services. I went to all three websites and they all claim they can get the data from iPhone. 
In every other Samsung ad I would agree, but not in this case. They are targeting, for a very limited time, people who want a big screen NOW! As Satchmo pointed out, 2 months, then everyone in the market for a phone will know there is a larger iPhone. The thing that could actually backfire on Samsung, and I'm sure they know the risk, is that potential buyers did not know a bigger iPhone was coming and now will just wait. Samsung knows that their one remaining selling point...
He doesn't need to prove anything to us. He is already a published author on iOS security, an early member of iOS jail breaking teams and invited to lecture at a well known conference. It is no different than a doctor lecturing at a medical conference about his work in cancer research. You don't expect him to first cure cancer before being allowed to give talk on the subject.
I'm trying to find other significant differences. One I spotted is the side screws used to mount the side switches. On the 5s the holes are really shallow, but on the new part they have been beefed up and the actual sides of the case look thinner as well. Not sure what that means but I'm pretty excited. Can't wait. I have a feeling I'm going to logged into Apple.com at midnight one day soon.
Not sure but it looks perhaps some, but not all.
It is possible to extract data from the phone, at least with physical possession. Apple provides that service to law enforcement, although there is an extremely long waiting list. If Apple has a back door then it is not impossible for others to figure out how to gain access as well. http://www.cnet.com/news/apple-deluged-by-police-demands-to-decrypt-iphones/
That version does not have the white inlaid logo, so perhaps that is an older design.
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