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Yep. That is when the US gave away the farm just to be magnanimous victors after WWII.
So when you take your car in for service are you planning to leave your phone with the dealership all day? When you take your car for a wash are going to give the vacuum guy your phone? How about the valet? In BMWs the key fob also stores information about the car such as mileage, vehicle number, next service, etc. I know it would be nice to not have to carry it but it does come in handy sometimes. 
I disagree with that assessment. There is only enough room in the market for maybe three platforms, so 10% is not good enough in my opinion.
If the market share drops too low, developers might start to abandon it, which could lead to a snowball effect. The smartphone industry will eventually start to plateau just like the PC industry has done and I'm hoping Apple has at least 20% market share when that begins to happen.
That analogy gets a little weak. @EricTheHalfBee got it right.  If you compare McDonalds to the combination of every other burger restaurant in the US, McDonalds might have a similar market share as Apple does in mobile devices. You can't start throwing in Chinese food or TV sets.
Market share is not an issue as long as it is enough to sustain the ecosystem. That was the problem back in the lean Mac years. Mac just didn't have enough market share to support professional software development. If not for Adobe and in some part, Macromedia, and also the very profitable printing and design industries, it probably would have gone under. Right now with 20% market share for iOS, and a user base that has the willingness to upgrade often, buy apps, media and...
True, however the reason is that iOS does not allow any third party drivers like OS X does. For example Wacom tablets require drivers so that any application that wants to implement Wacom functionality has support at the system level. Whether or not Apple delivers a stylus, it would be nice to have a quality digitizer and support for the Wacom stylus options, which are widely considered class leading technology.
  What is supposed to happen in 2019? Nobody can predict the future that far out. If they said 2016 that might be more realistic but what does Apple care if they are still growing sales and taking all the profits?
When I go too the Apple store I see some old people in One to One sessions.
Then no it was not one to one.
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