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I hope they give Adobe a few years notice if they plan to switch to ARM. Otherwise Apple will lose perhaps a couple million customers if it doesn't run Adobe CC. I know that doesn't sound like a lot when they are selling 6 million Macs per quarter but graphic design is a substantial and core demographic of which I am part. I'm sure there are other industries as well that are just as dependent on proprietary third party Mac software that would be difficult to rewrite for...
Rubbish is an ok word. Trash and garbage sound rather messy. Refuse is probably the American equivalent rubbish. I always thought Window's Recycle Bin was hilarious. 
Wind and solar only work where there is wind and sunshine. It is not 24/7 anywhere. They can add power to the grid when possible but for reliability you really need to burn something. Sure, you can store the wind and solar in batteries but batteries are expensive, big, heavy, non-environmental to produce, direct current which needs to be inverted to AC with a 10-20% loss of energy for transmission and you need a lot more of them for redundancy because the energy source is...
Yep it works great now. The post you replied to was from a few months ago with old Siri.
I have just tested Siri on some routine questions that she used to fail on and now she gets it right. Good update. Much more conversational. She can answer follow up questions where she used to forget what we were talking about.
You mean except for Google (previously for search and maps), Intel, Samsung, TomTom, Broadcom, Qualcomm, Foxconn, Sony, Micron, Panasonic, Pegatron, Seagate, TSMC, Texas Instruments, Nvidia and a few hundred others. https://www.apple.com/supplier-responsibility/pdf/Apple_Supplier_List_2015.pdf
I still have no idea how they were able to decompile or reverse engineer such a huge application. Perhaps they were able to find some resource folder that they could swap out some identically named files with added functionality. Anybody heard how the hack was done?
In iOS 9 Apple has mostly fixed this problem with a number of measures that reduce the size of the archive from around 4.5 GB to 1.3 GB and also used a process of app thinning that only downloads the parts of the app that are required for the user's particular device. Furthermore Apple also can uninstall apps automatically to create enough room and then reinstall the apps after the upgrade. Of course if you have a computer with iTunes you can let the computer do the...
It is not a 'standard', it is an entry level. I suspect many people, especially young non-techie, just need four or five apps, Phone, Messages, Facebook, or what ever is socially 'in' at the moment, iTunes, and the Camera app, and since most photos will be selfies, they aren't as large and probably get deleted from the phone on a regular basis. 16GB can work just fine for a lot of people. 
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