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Got it! Scripture is completely useless.
Some might argue, he is not doing his job very well. In your soliloquy, you claim all people are less than perfect and not capable of judging, so why does the Bible say in the Book of Judges that God appointed human judges to establish justice over the people? Why didn't he just do it himself? I have a pretty good idea, but I'll let you answer that. There is also this bit in Deuteronomy where it states that the town elders were apparently judging as well.
This should be an interesting thread
RS9 was apparently suggesting that Apple stock was criminally manipulated in the US. Usually, the way it works is you try to influence other investors to either buy or sell then you take an opposite position to either pump and dump or trash talk and short, but it might be a situation where Samsung just wanted to cause harm to Apple without actually taking a position in AAPL.
I read a lot of posts regarding Samsung shareholders, and the stock market and investors, etc. For the record, Samsung is traded on the Korean stock exchange. They have no ADR in the US. US investors can only buy Samsung stock on the grey market which is probably a bad idea since there is no transparency, a lot of risk and the shares would be rather difficult to sell. Almost no one in the US holds any Samsung shares. And as far as being investigated, Samsung pretty much...
PostgreSQL CAN use SSL as a server instance, only if there is a certificate being presented, otherwise, the management desktop suite cannot connect using SSL. I'm certainly not a security expert but I have spent the better part of two days learning and checking all of our servers against https://www.ssllabs.com/ssltest/index.html to help our lame IT department, You'll need to go into considerable detail to refute my original comments. I don't think you have researched this...
If your personal machine allows access from the Internet and has either a self signed certificate or a valid certificate and is exposing any SSL suites using the unpatched version of OpenSSL, then it would be vulnerable to Heartbleed. If it is not offering any SSL suites to clients then it is not vulnerable. So in that sense, the other poster is correct because unless you are serving connections to SSL suites then there is no attack possible. This has nothing to do with...
I do like the capability of the 5 in that you can balance it on edge. It is occasionally useful for hands free video. The new mockup appears to show rounded edges. That thing looks way too thin as well. I'm ok with the thickness of the current design. At some point thinness might start to affect the quality of the audio or the cameras. I don't think even Apple would sacrifice those features simply to win the thinness contest.
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