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Is this true? I think a lot of pros prefer actual tracks over magnetic timelines. That is my preference anyway. Premiere and Avid are very popular among TV pros around SoCal. One reason is Premiere and Avid are both cross platform. I think FCP/FCP X has always been, and is still, in the minority in the pro video industry. 
 Thunderbolt and USB-C both have theoretical 10 Gbps, both have DisplayPort, both have 100 watts of power. Seems like a fair amount of overlap. Sure the Mac Pro should have several both, but if you are using Thunderbolt to convert to other formats like I am, you can't daisy chain them. Two TB ports is not enough. I have need for at least one more right now on my iMac.
Doubt it. For Swift to be at all useful it still needs the NS libraries and Apple is not giving that away, especially if they spend a couple billion rewriting them in native Swift.
I believe Cook has said that Watch sales will be lumped together with 'Other Products' so in order to get more accurate estimates of watch sales one would need to extrapolate the declining sales of iPods as well as the sales of TV, Airports, cases and headphones, etc. Then subtract it from the total revenue in 'Other Products' to return the figure for watches alone. I don't think one would be able to get a very accurate figure though. If sales are really amazing, perhaps...
This survey is not very useful. So about one third of the developers currently working with any of the languages are not eager to continue working in that language. It seems that they are all about the same. A more useful survey would be what percentage of full time developers are working in each language. You know a survey that adds up to 100%.
I bought FCP X when it was first released, however I haven't used it at all. The difficult part for me is relearning a completely new and rather unconventional video editing suite like FCP X. I knew FCP 7 very well but I retired it along with my old Mac Pro. I just don't seem to have the time or the motivation to get up to speed in FCP X. Lately I've been using Premiere on an iMac 5K. I find Premiere's conventional timeline very familiar. It is really nice to work with as...
In and Out has a brilliant marketing plan. The six or so secret off the menu items creates a cult following. I love them as an OC original. Animal Style!
I think the Watch is primarily for use with iPhone 6 because of Touch ID and Pay. People who are willing to drop $400 for an Watch have likely already picked up an iPhone 6.
Perhaps if you don't mind having the camera always pointing slightly upward. I would generally prefer a shot of people being framed at eye level or slightly above, not looking up their noses. An iPhone 6 cannot be propped up exactly level without considerable effort using both a back and front restraints to keep it from falling over. That said, a rounded edge with back and front support might be slightly easier to aim the camera both downward or upward at slight angles.
Right and you will always be looking down at your watch in every photo
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