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  There are tons of photos online. I just searched for Steve Jobs Home Office in Google Images
I do go, but somehow I have prevented sand from getting on my iPhone.
I tend to agree, perhaps Gorilla Glass 3 on the new screen.
Funny but unless the sensor hole has been moved to the other side, he was scratching the top surface.
I'd think there is little chance a knockoff would have glass harder than an iPhone 5s either, which to me, suggests this is a real iPhone 6 screen which apparently is not sapphire. Fine with me. None of my iPhones have ever been scratched, front or back.
You've obviously heard the expression "A clean desk is a sign of a sick mind", right?Albert Einstein's desk 
What is the component with the long wire?
Mossberg and Pogue usually get an advance unit to review 2 weeks ahead of launch but I don't think they would make any bug reports back to Apple.
I always buy Apple care +
Doubt it. Analytics is probably one of the most important services Google offers because it is tied directly to AdWords and AdSense. The advertisers need to see the conversion results to fine tune their ads and their advertising budgets. That translates directly to revenue for Google. 
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