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No because Apple does not discriminate against anyone, even bigots.
But it is related to Apple because the law is in conflict with Apple culture and Apple is paying taxes in Indiana. If he didn't stand up for his beliefs, that would make him less honorable and degrade Apple's reputation.
Anyone who is advocating solar energy is not arguing for fossil fuel or coal fired plants. How many deaths are attributed to solar power?
Is he using his own money? How can he afford it? Don't you mean subsidized by the federal government?
I don't think the reason is to be deceptive. They show you the ultimate destination in the status bar as a convenience to you. The click URL is to help with their search algorithms tuning. Should be expected behavior. If logging is objectionable to you use a private window and don't sign on to Google. Edit: I'm not making any excuses for Google's hack of Safari. That should be against the law in every country. The fact that they thought they could get away with it is the...
Not to mention that you need to factor in the cost of decommissioning obsolete power plants such as San Onofre which will cost $4.4 billion.
There have not been any nuclear power plants built in the US for more than 30 years. Which "modern" plants are you referring to?
I'm not advocating oil as a better energy source. We already have the mother of all nuclear power plants. It is called the Sun.
Until something goes wrong. Then the worst possible environmental impact imaginable. Did you already forget about the Fukushima disaster?
You are a genius. I must refocus my outlook. Thanks!
New Posts  All Forums: