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So since we agree it is not a complete replacement for a fob, then the Watch is just one more thing to carry. One of the things that I never liked about wristwatches is that they are bulky and limit movement of my wrist and the buckle can scratch my MBP. It would have to have some real killer features to convince me to wear a watch.
1-800-BMW or 1-800-AAA My phone has never had a dead battery anyway, ever!
Lugging? Geez, it weighs like 50 g. I'd rather not have to hide anything in my car or wear a watch. Personally, an Watch as a replacement for a key fob that isn't even really a complete replacement, is just a novelty, not an actual feature in my opinion.
Not in my case. It is less then 10 minutes from my home. I have an air compressor and a pressure gauge, but it is literally faster to take it to the dealer than roll out the hose and plug it in. They have a dedicated tech at the dealer just for that task. And, if I have an extra 30 minutes I can get a free hand car wash too.
I do but why should I get my hands dirty when it is a free service from BMW? They also offer me a free beverage and WiFi while they fix the issue.
I don't think you understand how the proximity fob works. You don't look at anything. You just touch the handle and the doors unlock if the fob is in your pocket. If the watch or the iPhone cannot do that, it is inferior to the fob. Of course we can probably assume it is inferior anyway because the fob has a long distance lock/unlock/panic/trunk only open radio signal feature which I doubt will be included in the watch.
There's a couple of issues that we haven't seen any speculation on.   1) If the car doesn't support proximity ignition/doors how can Watch interact?   2) How does the Watch handle multiple cars?   3) If the Watch can open cars, why can't the much more capable iPhone?   4) will the watch have the normal long range wireless lock/unlock/panic feature?
This train went off the rails about eight pages ago.
I wouldn't do it either because I never know when out of the blue a client wants to give me a big contract and we need to talk about it over lunch, where we go there is only valet parking. Or, the tire pressure indicator lights up and I need to swing by the dealer to have it looked at. Surprisingly, this happens a couple times a year as the seasons change. I wouldn't want to have to give them my watch to drive it into the garage. Having to plan ahead when you might need...
On some new cars having your fob in your pocket standing close to the car allows you to just reach for the door handle and the doors unlock. Same with the ignition. Just sitting in the drivers seat with all doors closed will allow you to press the start/stop engine button with the fob still in your pocket. Lastly when leaving you simply touch the designated spot on the door handle and all doors lock.
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