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But the royalties and the ad revenue are subject to the size of the subscriber list and the number of listeners. If Spotify had zero listeners, they would receive zero ad dollars and pay zero music licensing. The revenue is directly proportional to the number of listeners and subscribers.
If the subscribers bail on Spotify to switch to Music then the bands will lose money. There are only $X dollars in the streaming market. If Apple takes customers away from competitors the bands lose money during the free trial period. Eventually Apple may be able to grow the market but in the beginning the bands will lose money if Apple doesn't pay them.
Apple should be at least splitting the income from the subscriptions with the rights holders during the three month period. Perhaps they each make a little less than they would at full price but it would be a partnership.
Funny stuff!
Opening weekend numbers might have been close to 2.7 million since they sold out in 5 minutes and some of the weekend sales probably still haven't been delivered.
Sounds reasonable. People who live out in the countryside would understandably be concerned about a huge datacenter being constructed nearby, which by the way, Lisheenkyle is at least 10 km. away from Athenry Castle pictured in the article. It is not like they are building the datacenter next door to a historical landmark.
I don't know about your Apple store but most of the staff at my Apple store are all tatted up, beards, piercings, skinny jeans and colored hair. Can't get much classier than that.
I gave up my unlimited plan for precisely that reason. Not that I was ever throttled but because the AT&T rep told me about that possibility, so I guess I have nothing to complain about as the throttling issue was disclosed to me and I made an informed decision.
It is not just the price but also the brand name. No big deal but I'm not sure how the third party manufacturers like Otterbox, Belkin, Incase, are going to feel about their brand being less than prominently displayed like it is now.
The finely crafted wood drawers looks nice but I don't see any tags on the front noting the price, brand or which device it is for. Doesn't it seem a little awkward if you have to pull out the drawer and remove one of the packaged items to discover the basic information? Perhaps that is all for the premium feel. 
New Posts  All Forums: