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I don't find that to be the case at all. I find it much faster and more comfortable to use two hands, unless I am carrying something in the other hand. With the previous iPhone I did much as you suggest and it was not difficult at all, however with the iPhone 6, trying to unlock it using the Touch ID with one hand is awkward because reaching down with the thumb makes the phone seem top heavy to the point I feel like it might slip out of my hand. I usually grip it as shown...
All of those games/sports except foosball have big fan bases and sold out venues. Lots of people using their Mastercard for tickets, food, drink, souvenirs, etc. One sport isn't better than another they just appeal to different people. There are even people in Jamaica who are interested in bobsledding and travel to the Olympics to buy a hotdog and a beer with their Mastercard using Pay presumably. 
I think the front is better so if you have to make the chin slightly taller to accommodate it then that is what should be done. It is really just a tiny bit more space anyway and being able to see the sensor is a lot more efficient. Having it on the front makes a lot more sense, especially if you want common design functionality between your phones and tablets. I can't see a fingerprint sensor on the center back of a 10" tablet as being very practical. With the iPhone 6, I...
Every publicly traded company is already up for sale. I think Apple is going to stick with buying Apple in the near term.
Seriously you are in some sort of denial with a strong bias against Adobe, A lot of credit is due to Apple for their continued effort to patch even older versions of their software but equally a company like Adobe is not going to let vulnerabilities go un patched either. It is fine if you don't like Adobe but you ca't fault their commitment to keeping their software updated.
I think I receive more security updates from Apple than I do from Adobe. Maybe there is a correlation but all I'm saying is that ALL security updates are good.
The more the better. Apple has lots of security updates, they just don't make the news on AI.
Those are some rude gestures in some countries.
That is where OS X apps are going to be looking for it. I think the best approach is to uninstall it and use Chrome for occasional Flash access for trusted sites like Google finance. 
It is installed in /Library/Internet Plug-Ins That way there is only one instance accessible for all applications and users.
New Posts  All Forums: