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Yes and I was the principle author of our department's procedures and also control the documentation as well as host the annual audits. For me it is not such a big hassle because we have an extremely efficient approval process for publishing. I also wrote a few pieces of software for automatic archiving of documents and also auto web page reviews and archiving. The web page review is something that many ISO companies do not have and how they get away with it is...
Perhaps but if you are going to measure body temperature it would likely need to be away from the watch due to the heat generated from the device.
The data port is not as much of an issue as the power. The data can be sent by Bluetooth as long as the wristband has power. Although it would be nice to get the power through that port, the Watch is already a little weak in the battery department. Maybe the wristband has a battery that can be charged wirelessly as well. Sounds like kind of hassle though unless the wristband has its own charger and you could charge both watch and the band at the same time. One advantage of...
There is a wrist worn device called a GlucoWatch which does measure blood sugar non-invasively, but it is a prescription device. Measuring glucose through the skin is not usually intended as a replacement for finger stick meters. It is used mostly to chart trends. For the Watch to measure glucose and also blood pressure, one would have to keep the wristband quite tight which could be uncomfortable for the fashion or casual user. Not just a nice extra feature but something...
I totally expected this when that Concord Naval Weapons base story came out last week because Mercedes and Honda already have licenses to test autonomous cars there. If Apple is jumping in, it might make sense to partner with them, especially since BMW snubbed them.
I find Safari much more problematic than Chrome. Safari freezes at times and looses the pointer cursor. I keep both browsers open all day long. I mostly use Safari for my personal email and Chrome for everything related to business.   The memory usage is about the same for me. The CPU is pretty minimal on both. Honestly, I haven't noticed any issues with Chrome and Safari seems a bit slower. YMMV    
I can't tell, but it looks like the Apple logo color flaked off somehow. If it was merely printed wouldn't the undying color be the space grey not bright aluminum color? To me this looks like Er:YAG laser engraving which would penetrate the anodized layer. Our company makes such a device but it is used on titanium surgical implants.
I have the Affinity apps sitting in my dock but I have yet to use them.  I remember when Quark was the professional's standard for DTP but in a year or so after the release of inDesign the momentum shifted very quickly. A few reasons were the ability to use Photoshop, Acrobat and Illustrator native files so no need to make tiff or eps files. Two, the ability to create drop shadows and adjust them with multiply settings. Three, drag images from the desktop directly on to...
There is one but it is a bit pricey. It's called BMW.  
Sweat can vary in pH depending on certain stimulations such as medication, but sweat is not very acidic anyway, 4.5 - 7 usually. But, if you look at the design of the Watch, the inscription area is not directly in contact with the skin most of the time because the ceramic back is raised. I really don't think sweat or wear has anything to do with this issue. Seems to be more likely a manufacturing defect.
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