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I would never buy a Surface. Besides it is not ergonomic for long periods of detailed work. It is just a notebook and you are still hunched over the screen. My desk and chair costs 4 times what a Surface Pro costs, plus it is not a large screen, although you might be able to dock it, not sure. It is still Windows which is a nonstarter for me.
Funny thing is that before the iPad, I only had to bring my MBP and iPhone, now I have another couple pounds to carry because even though the iPad can't replace the Mac, I still want to have it with me for sitting at the gate, on the plane and at the food court. 
I'm pretty sure Cook includes his Watch for his on the road gear.
I definitely prefer my large screen Mac over my iPad. Better ergonomics, better precision of the cursor, better audio, more advanced applications, better multitasking and app switching, drag and drop form one app to the next. Even if it is just email, it is a much more pleasant experience. The iPad is mobile, that's it. Everything else is a compromise.
I've had a SS 42 Milanese Watch since it was available in retail stores and I think it cost around $700 but I still don't particularly like the look of it, but it works well, except the magnet on the end of the strap loosens gradually until the watch is too loose and it disconnects from being paired. Happens about 5-10 times per day. I like the look of this Tag watch much better, but it doesn't have the feature set of the Watch.
Well sure in that image the viewing angle is kind of extreme. That angle is going to be difficult on just about any LCD.
I don't know. It looks a lot easier to read than Apple Watch with grey text on black background.
I think this looks pretty nice. Titanium case and the watch faces are attractive as well. The 'exclusive' is that they offer Tag apps and faces that are not available on other Android watches. The features are limited compared to other watches though. No speaker, no health sensors, apparently no NFC. It says best in class touch screen. It is splash proof to IP67 and has sapphire crystal.
Has no GPS
From the other article that I linked to, it says 30-hours.
New Posts  All Forums: