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Interesting. I see the white plastic dividers in the outer edge but I do not see any place for glass inserts on the back.   Hard to tell but the power switch does look like it is on the side   The edges of the case do not look rounded like in the mock-ups   The inner surface looks incredibly smooth. Could it be…?
I never read the forum on a mobile device so I wouldn't know about that but it doesn't seem so bad on a Mac. The problem with the repeated text is that on the original article linked on the home page they use side bars for emphasis. When the text is copied to import into the forum version the side bars get copied as well, but because they are imported as regular text it appears to be accidentally duplicated. Easy enough to ignore once you know how it occurred. The problem...
That article was boring. I don't disagree with any of the statements, just that there really wasn't a point. This is not the 90s and the comparisons with today are weak. The text jumps all over the place. Just a stream of random thoughts in no particular order and no central theme. Rambling, rambling, rambling...   But the rolling over like an overfed goldfish was original, so one thumbs up.
Well the chuckles and guffaw would be on you for now. Better luck next election.
I would suggest that 99% of the US population does not even know who Jay Carney is, because they are completely unaware of current events due to their preoccupation with Facebook and reality shows. If it is not on Opera or the evening TV news it is not controversial. Nobody except ditto heads give a damn and even they are only superficially disgusted because they were told to be not because they can think for themselves.
Me either. That would be one scary chick. Can't imagine...
There is only one thing stockholders care about and it is not politics.
Honestly, to think that even 10% of Apple customers are following this story is absurd.
So  much for the pragmatic cool head...
Bigger mistake than hiring  Browett, Papermaster, firing of SJ,  Performa TV, licensing Mac OS to Power Mac, buttonless iPod Shuffle, Mobile Me, Mac Cube, the numerous disasters they called a mouse, the Newton? Give me a break. it is just a PR position that has absolutely no impact on Apple history or Apple future. And if Carney was hired, I think he would do a fine job, although I doubt he will be. Not a good fit in my opinion, mostly because it doesn't seem like he would...
New Posts  All Forums: