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What percent of the mobile phone buying public even knows that there is a trial or there was a trial or that there is even an issue? .01% is my best guess. Did you hear the one where an ill-informed consumer walks into a phone carrier store...?
Isn't that up to the bandwidth providers? I'd think Comcast, Cox, etc. would not want to become just a dumb pipe. Sort of depends on net neutrality, which will have to overcome some pretty deep lobbying pockets to ever become a reality. Sure there will be smart TVs but the inputs and the remote will leave a lot of flexibility for users and providers to connect to all kinds of content options.
I see that mainly as a pep talk, like a sports coach. Sure, he acknowledges that the competition is tough, but they also play dirty. Apple is at a disadvantage in that area because they can't play dirty. It is against their ethics and would damage their reputation. Schiller just wants the ad agency to come up with a compelling ad that still adheres to Apple principles. Samsung does a lot of trash talking and that sort of thing appeals to the lower end customers, which is...
Well, perhaps he meant in Hong Kong, which might be true and since we are not there, there is no way for us to know if his street impressions are accurate or not. For what it's worth my impression in Central America is that it is 90% Android or feature phone. Mostly only wealthy people have iPhones. There are no subsidies.
It really isn't too much trouble the way I do it now. I have no idea how Google Voice works, but I assume I would need a new phone number from them which is too much trouble since everyone already has my current numbers. I don't carry my international phone when in the states nor I do "carry, carry" my stateside phone when in Central America. I leave it in my car or on the kitchen counter. I mostly communicate using Skype when I need to call internationally, but as a...
I need two phones while in Central America, so my stateside contacts can continue to call me on my regular number, plus a local number for my local contacts, and we are on a group plan with AT&T. BTW does Verizon iPad also have GSM capability?
I'll be getting an iPhone 6 no matter what size the screen is since my contract will be up and AT&T doesn't have a discount for off contract phones. I don't like paying a full monthly bill unless it is for a new subsidized phone. I have a 64GB right now and I haven't even begun to fill it up so I probably won't bother with the 128 even if it is offered. One nice thing about AT&T though, is that they let you unlock your old phone after the contract is up, which allows me to...
 Anyone who thinks Siri is improved please try this test. Me: "Siri, who is the president of the the United States?" Siri: "Let me think about that...The answer is Barack Hussain Obama II" (she said Obama 'two') Me: "What is the name of his dog?" Siri: "Checking my sources... My web search turned this up." Displays a link to Dog - Wikipedia. But if you ask her "What is the name of President Obama's dog?" She gets it right, sort of right, "Bo" but she doesn't speak it just...
I think "Tricky Dick" was way worse. "W" wasn't the sharpest knife in the drawer, but he wasn't evil, in my opinion, not like Nixon was.
That is $233.60 per year according to my calculations verses $99,88 per year for digital only, What am I missing?
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