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No way. The  nodes in Maya and Illustrator are less than a mm and your finger is like 20 mm. How the hell are you going to grab on to a Bezier curve with with a fat finger? Downgrading everything to big giant buttons so a seven year old can touch them without difficulty is not progress.
That could work but the discussion started with traveling and MBP.  I have a Wacom in my studio but I don't take it on the road.
Only a fucking idiot would try to argue that you don't need a mouse to do graphic design. That is if you were defining graphic design as professional artwork composed in Adobe CC. Perhaps you have some other definition. I wouldn't know anything about that.
Whatever dude. You might think you are so cutting edge that you don't need a mouse but I guarantee you would be left in the dust if you tried to compete with us. 
Great! I see that you don't do anything more advanced than surf the web. I do a lot of graphic design which requires a mouse.
I would rather see Forstall be CEO than make any deal with IBM. And I dislike Forstall probably more than anyone. IBM is a nobody. They should have to shelp their stuff through the App Store like everybody else.
/e for exaggeration 
Not sure how the pricing works but a website with a single db is counted as one seat I believe. We use a corporate unlimited version.
Of course I use a MBP which is necessary for me to run full desktop class applications. Sure, many people can get by with just an iPad when traveling but how many corporate cubicle workers travel? Seriously I don't know the answer to that but there is absolutely no reason to use an iPad when a full desktop is available and will do a much better job and is more ergonomic to use. People around here seem to think that every employee of every Fortune 500 company including the...
Ok then an iPad is a better desktop than a real desktop because a tiny smudged up screen is better than a 17" monitor and a mouse with real desktop class applications. And try to find a corporate printer that is compatible with Airprint or log on to the network or share files with Windows users. Face it, this is nothing but a Trojan Horse by IBM to get people onto their cloud service which ultimately will work much better from a conventional desktop computer. Apple is just...
New Posts  All Forums: