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As much as that fountain is an historical piece of San Francisco folk art, it really doesn't fit in with the modern architecture of the new store. Too bad Apple can't pay to have it moved to some other neighborhood that is more period correct for that piece.
Itchy trigger finger I guess. 
This app might produce a negative opinion of the Watch, which doesn't look all that great even in the professional Apple photography. This only makes it look worse. I think it is going to be one of those types of product that you will need to see in person to fully appreciate.
I suppose so but I was referring to capability. For example when you look at the iPhone line you can choose to have more storage, better camera, larger screen, etc. which gives you more capabilities, more functionality. All Watches function the same and since it is just an experiment for me and v1 product release, I don't want to spend a lot just to try it out. I'm sure I will be done with it in a year's time anyway. I'll either upgrade to the latest version or bail on it...
Thanks. Looks nice but I'll wait for it to show up in the Apple Store. I'm not going to pre-order a crowd funded product.
When in the States I use it at Home Depot and Sprouts a couple times a week. I can't say the same about all Apple products, but, Pay definitely  just works. I see a lot of people using it at Sprouts, not so much at HD.
I look at it as an experiment. I take really good care of my gadgets so it will likely be in near flawless condition after a year. I don't know why I even said I would resell it. I always give my old iPhones and iPads to someone who needs it, like a relative, employee or family friend. I keep the packaging so even if it is slightly used I can still make it a nice gift for someone. Last Christmas I gave my friend's niece my old iPhone. It was in pristine condition and she...
I have my track pad where the numeric key pad usually is and since I am right handed my mouse is to the right side of that. Eventually what would be pretty cool is the track pad becomes a full LCD screen where you could have any number of layouts, such as a numeric key pad or shortcut keys that are application specific for FCP X. Sort of like an iPad mini without any bezels hooked up to your Mac. The default could be just like it is today.
In Panama there are some PCs that have latin American keyboards. One notable difference is there is no @ sign for whatever reason. Seems crazy in this world of the email. Most people have the standard US keyboard though. 
Perhaps, haven't made a final decision yet. I was initially leaning toward passing on this one since I don't wear watches and it is sort of ugly in my opinion, however if I do get one it will be the sport model. I'd rather have next year's thinner and lighter version, but if other Apple products are any guide, I would be able to resell V1 for a pretty good price anyway, so it not such a risk. I would definitely not buy the more expensive models because they don't offer any...
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