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I don't think it is that big of a deal. If Apple really wanted that land, they certainly would have made an offer that could not be refused. If they really needed more office space they could have designed the building with one more floor and also one more floor to the parking garage. A larger circumference might not have had the desired balance of inner atrium space to office space so they may not have made it any larger even if they had that land. They still have Phase...
Ridiculous. The FDA greatly benefits US citizens. I've had to deal with them from time to time when my clients release new medical devices. They've always seemed pretty reasonable to me. You want to reduce government spending? I can think of a few other spending cuts that I would rather see than cutting the FDA.
I wouldn't know about that but I can buy a mid-century brownstone with three stories for $20K in central Havana.
Careful what you wish for
People ask/demand a lot of shit that will never happen and if they revolt another autocratic authoritarian government will seize control, rinse and repeat.
Clearly you have not been there lately. I have and I am fluent in spanish, which is my native language as a citizen of Panama.We still serve Cuba Libre where the bar tender is supposed to put 5 cents into a fund to liberate Cuba but naturally they often just put it in their pocket.
So back on topic: in terms of racial equality and racial discrimination in the US, which group do you align with?
Lead, follow, or get out of the way.
We hear this all the time from the conservative politicians. What is the solution to racial inequality in your opinion?
Agreed. It seems like a political pawn move. "See you should not have agreed to join Russia". If the US is going to sanction Crimea developers, they should at least do the same to Russian developers. A cop-out by the west in my opinion. They don't want to apply the same sanctions to Russia because it is a much bigger deal than a token sanction against Crimea's tiny developer community.
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