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Immunity. They don't have delicate sensibilities like sheltered shopping mall clerks.
US currency is widely used around the world
Not surprised. We have heard almost nothing for nearly a year since the framework was first released. And no word on whether there will be a HomeKit app or if the manufacturers have to write their own. I'm not a member of MFi so I don't have any inside info but my first thought when HomeKit was announced was that it would be a nightmare to get all the manufacturers on the same page. Plus, the Siri integration is probably not exactly a piece of cake either. Best not to rush...
The US government even requires the country of Panama to report any US citizen simply holding $10K or more in a bank account and they some how can enforce that. I suppose it is because US currency is legal tender in Panama.
People who use drugs are stupid. If you make it legal, instead of hiding it, they will just leave it lying around the house where pets and children will get into it. This is already being reported in states that have legalized pot.
BS. Gangs do a lot more criminal activity than selling drugs. They steal and kill. They even traffic in human body parts. The Mafia is not going out of business if you make pot, heroin and cocaine legal. That is the stupidest idea ever.
It's called capitalism. Marketing is essential selling anything. If you are offended by ads, don't go on the internet, don't leave your home, don't view your email inbox, don't watch TV or look in your mail box. Ads are what keeps businesses working. Learn to deal with it. The real scourges of the modern day are things like gangs, graffiti, terrorists, drugs, sexual predators, and dictators, etc. not advertising.
Siri is incredibly unreliable. I would never trust her to do anything important.
Well you certainly didn't buy the Watch for the health monitoring features. 
It is not a standards based database. It can connect to other standards based databases but other common platforms such as php, ruby, or .Net cannot connect to it. That is why I say it is a risky investment. FMP is mostly a GUI builder and a proprietary database. Does not seem very expandable, especially for web apps. In all honesty I don't have a lot of experience with FM but I like to keep my options open which is why I always use standards based platforms.
New Posts  All Forums: