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 I wish Apple would promote or partner with cities to get municipal WiFi established. Everyone could do VOIP and iPods would be perfect for kids to allow them to contact parents or authorities in case of emergency without having an expensive iPhone contract. A municipal WiFi could also be beneficial to a city by attracting companies to relocate in the area and city employees could use it for communication and specialized apps while in the field. WiFi should be a universal...
We don't know why Apple does a lot of things that seem contrary to our logic. Perhaps in the long term this initiative will add directly to the bottom line. Who knows if a more diverse workforce might lead to increased sales into those same populations that are under represented in Apples current customer base.
Sure you can. The problem with Apple is they are announcing their plans which opens them up to that sort of criticism. If they simply kept quiet, they ought to be able to hire anyone they want and never offer any explanation as to why. 
Looks like Google has updated Chrome to fix the Flash vulnerability. No longer blocking.
How did Google get around the dozens of Apple iBeacon patents?
You certainly don't impress me as an HTML5 coder or a jQuery expert. I don't think you could put together an SQL query if your life depended on it. You are a total poser in my opinion. The bottom line is, speak directly about your coding experience or STFU. You said you taught programming but all of your comments point to total cluelessness.
You are seriously out of touch with history. Director was a killer application. I don't think you were actually there based on your comments. I find comments that are inspired by personal hateful bias directed at Flash, Adobe, Macromedia, Microsoft as completely useless because those posts reflect selective memory. In the past we were making tons of CDRom software installers for major companies and also many product tutorials using Director distributed on CD during the...
So what happens when we get to HTML6? Does the catch all term HTML5 instantly fall out of common language usage in referring to modern web development or does the definition change to then mean obsolete web development?
Well, In my opinion it shouldn't be. It leads to confusion. I'll stick with the Wikipedia definition of HTML5. Not once on that page is JS or CSS mentioned. If you want a catch-all you should probably just use 'modern web development.' because that would include things like openType, SVG, XHTML, XML, Ajax, DOM, scripting languages such as php and database connections. Using HTML5 as a web technology catch-all is like saying all vehicles are cars.
New Posts  All Forums: