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I need two phones while in Central America, so my stateside contacts can continue to call me on my regular number, plus a local number for my local contacts, and we are on a group plan with AT&T. BTW does Verizon iPad also have GSM capability?
I'll be getting an iPhone 6 no matter what size the screen is since my contract will be up and AT&T doesn't have a discount for off contract phones. I don't like paying a full monthly bill unless it is for a new subsidized phone. I have a 64GB right now and I haven't even begun to fill it up so I probably won't bother with the 128 even if it is offered. One nice thing about AT&T though, is that they let you unlock your old phone after the contract is up, which allows me to...
 Anyone who thinks Siri is improved please try this test. Me: "Siri, who is the president of the the United States?" Siri: "Let me think about that...The answer is Barack Hussain Obama II" (she said Obama 'two') Me: "What is the name of his dog?" Siri: "Checking my sources... My web search turned this up." Displays a link to Dog - Wikipedia. But if you ask her "What is the name of President Obama's dog?" She gets it right, sort of right, "Bo" but she doesn't speak it just...
I think "Tricky Dick" was way worse. "W" wasn't the sharpest knife in the drawer, but he wasn't evil, in my opinion, not like Nixon was.
That is $233.60 per year according to my calculations verses $99,88 per year for digital only, What am I missing?
Fundamentally we disagree on the simple premise that a professional organization can afford to stay stagnant over the course of multiple software updates. If anything, the update cycle is accelerating faster than ever. Even professionals are struggling to keep pace with new innovations. If you want to dwell on your old expired edition of CS then I don't think you get the concept of,  move forward or die, in the graphics industry. You can't go back to your canvas, paints an...
I was reading another account of the exchange where T-Mobile said that their demographic is very young and those customers just don't care about Blackberry at all. It was implied that T-Mobile told Blackberry to take a hike, not the other way around.
I'm not sure but I think the newest Broadcom H265 4K chips are still sampling. So perhaps Apple is the sampler and will be the first to market with them.
Agree. Perhaps the USB port can be used for external storage.
That's the power of positive thinking! Seriously, if you decide you no longer want the monthly payments, you can end the subscription. Before doing so, you should export all of your inDesign documents to the IDML format so they can be opened in previous versions. Photoshop, historically, can open psd files in an older version. If your psd file contains features that are not supported by the older version, the file still opens but those features cannot be edited. Tiff files...
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