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Got to give AI credit for being forthright with their Google bashing since Google ads probably accounts for 90% of their revenue.
Is this called a QWERTZ keyboard? /s   I never realized how different European key layout was.   I need a new key board for one of my older iMacs that has a sticky key so this is good timing. I was thinking of buying one soon so now I'll just wait.
I'll probably get a lot of flame for advocating Adobe CC but every collaborating professional designer is using it, and it demands a lot of resources. I'm not saying you can't do professional design work using older hardware and software or modern hardware with specs roughly equal to older machines, but if you want to stay current and share among your peers, you'll need much more power and RAM than you did only a few years ago. Just because you could run Photoshop CS5 on a...
  Comparing a new notebook to the experience you recall from a couple years ago using an older notebook for high end professional work fails to take into account that current professional applications are much more demanding than they were a few years ago. The biggest disadvantage of doing professional work, such as graphic design, on a notebook, is the small size of the SSD. I have a 15" rMBP with 750 GB SSD and I still carry around a 1 TB WD Passport that is almost...
Me too. I like a classic Logitech three button with indexed scroll wheel. I have a new iMac 5K with both MM and TP and sort of getting used to it. Still trying to decide which direction to scroll though. For now it is just on default but sometimes confusing when switching to a different machine.
Sorry, didn't mean to offend you.  I have worked for a Japanese company for nearly 20 years and have absolutely not one racist thought in my brain. Rice is not a racist term any more than rising sun is a racist term unless it is used in a context of malice.
Sure I agree. Honestly, I can't rationally discuss this topic because I have so many Japanese friends. We are making fun of them all the time in a good natured way and they also make fun of themselves. They are generally very proud but not without the ability to laugh at themselves because they are a bit quirky and they know it.
Perhaps, but as of now the pilots need to be licensed . I'll check the thread tomorrow, going to bed.
Dave: The key for me is to trade in the BMW every three years. I have never had any repair bills because I am always under warranty and free maintenance and nothing has ever needed repair either. My dealer gives me TOP dollar for my trade-ins because I keep the car immaculate, garaged and low miles. The last trade-in he gave me $3K more than the highest KBB price. I'm on my third BMW. I would imagine that the price disparity between an 535i (which I drive) and a Chrysler...
Somebody needs to visit Wikipedia...
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