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I wouldn't know since I have never kept my BMWs more than three years, but we used to have to plug the fob into the dash once in a while so maybe then. Now, there is no place to plug in the fob so I can't imagine that there is any charging going on.
Yeah you are probably right. I had one run in with the union early in my career. My first job out of college was a computer/software/hardware technician in the operating room at a large regional hospital. At the time it was a new job classification so they assigned me to the nurse's union. I had no seniority so I had to work graveyard shift and on call holidays all day. Anyway, the only type of patients we saw were car crash emergencies. I was really dedicated to the work,...
That is what I thought. Once it is setup you can use it to some degree independently, but to add software, music or update the OS you would likely need an iPhone.
I did? My mistake then, I never meant looked "exactly". It just reminds me of that sort of geeky watch.
So does that mean it cannot be purchased and configured without an iPhone?
I believe you are slightly twisting the words in my comments. I originally said "looks something like" then I said "from a distance they looked similar" I never used the word "exactly". Furthermore it is just my opinion, which I clarified, so it you have a different opinion, fine, but please don't put words in my mouth.
Thanks for the link.  The way that is worded I am still a little unsure if it can be purchased and configured without an iPhone.
I haven't used it. I was basing my remarks on a post by @digitalclips who said he used up all his data on the first day of a trip using maps.
Has this been confirmed that one could purchase, and configure it without an iPhone? Does it have WiFi and connect to the internet on its own?
Square, black, lots of buttons. Remember, I said from a distance they appear similar, both geeky which is the antithesis of the image that the model represents....in my opinion.
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