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There is one consideration that I think needs to be mentioned when comparing those numbers. Many first iPhone and first iPad buyers were also first time Apple product buyers. In the case of the Watch, 100% of the buyers were already satisfied Apple product owners which you would expect to skew the percentages. I think the important number is the 3 percent of buyers who were dissatisfied. Although that is a low number, no one should be dissatisfied with an Watch purchase....
Tracking your dietary intake or physical activity is only useful if it is accurate. In your burger/fries example, you use a restaurant chain where the nutrition facts are online. Counting calories is usually not a successful way to manage your health anyway, because it is imprecise.  I never eat at fast food restaurants and always prepare fresh ingredients at home. Common sense is a better way of managing your health than counting calories. Another example: This past...
Looks like same sim card, no e-sim, judging by the screw lug position being the same as on the iP6.
What is that black oval opposite the camera lens?
I just bought this. Nice. We have a really high end network printer/scanner at the office, but for home this is perfect. Thanks for the recommendation.
Who cares? All women are a little gay. Have you ever heard a straight guy say to another straight guy? "I love what you've done with your hair." Chicks say that kind of stuff all day long. 
That is an overly pessimistic view. I would think unlocked phones will remain an option. Carrier lock is just for subsidy. For example in the States, AT&T will unlock your iPhone once your contract is complete. I've done that multiple times as I need a local phone when I travel. International roaming charges are outrageous.
I imagine you will just stop by a phone store in the host country and they will reprogram your phone. When you return you can do the same thing with your home carrier, although it is likely you would be able to reprogram your own phone at home by yourself without going to the carrier store. The main issue is carrier lock. That will likely be something that will remain built in, although currently on Verizon phones the sim slot, I've heard, is unlocked.
Apparently I have lost interest in my Watch. I have forgotten to wear it everyday this week. I never leave home without my iPhone, wallet, key or sunglasses. The watch is just not that important to me. I wish I liked it more, but I never was a watch guy to begin with.
 Free WiFi is for patrons of an establishment. You have to ask for the password. We need a protocol where the connections are encrypted but you don't need a password. Secure citywide public WiFi is what I'm hoping for.
New Posts  All Forums: