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Mossberg and Pogue usually get an advance unit to review 2 weeks ahead of launch but I don't think they would make any bug reports back to Apple.
I always buy Apple care +
Doubt it. Analytics is probably one of the most important services Google offers because it is tied directly to AdWords and AdSense. The advertisers need to see the conversion results to fine tune their ads and their advertising budgets. That translates directly to revenue for Google. 
Sure you are probably right but I don't like the deal and don't like IBM and not too fond of Cook either, I already sold my AAPL a while ago so it is really none of my business, but I am still a little emotionally attached to the old Apple.
True enough. I acknowledged that the iPad is a very useful tool for mobile and if you look at Apple's enterprise usage examples they are ALL outdoor mobile applications. My question was why anyone would want to use an iPad in an office environment when a desktop computer was available and more capable. No one wanted to answer that question. Probably because it is stupid to use an iPad instead of a desktop. There may be some specialized circumstance but I believe it would...
You seem to forget that you initially attacked me."The fact that you have to use a mouse with your MBP to get work done says a lot. Guessing you still have scrolling reversed or refuse to upgrade from Snow Leopard too?"  So just defending my position.
Lame. There is a reason your designers are working in a cafe. Probably they don't have any real paying jobs. While they are zooming with a track pad to struggle with their beziers, my designers have their own offices, reserved parking, receptionists, paid vacation, health plan, 401K,  30" monitors... all because they use a mouse. Well that and because we've been in business for more than 20 years and have many international clients. And that is only one of our businesses....
No way. The  nodes in Maya and Illustrator are less than a mm and your finger is like 20 mm. How the hell are you going to grab on to a Bezier curve with with a fat finger? Downgrading everything to big giant buttons so a seven year old can touch them without difficulty is not progress.
That could work but the discussion started with traveling and MBP.  I have a Wacom in my studio but I don't take it on the road.
Only a fucking idiot would try to argue that you don't need a mouse to do graphic design. That is if you were defining graphic design as professional artwork composed in Adobe CC. Perhaps you have some other definition. I wouldn't know anything about that.
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