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Ethnic groups need to learn to live in peace. Citizens of one region don't get a choice to redraw internationally recognized borders. That would be something that has to be agreed upon by all neighboring territories. If you asked the citizens of Cuba if they wanted to become citizens of the US, it would be a unanimous affirmative, but that doesn't mean the US can just go in and claim the territory.
Was Ukraine's control of Crimea area disputed at the time of the break up of the USSR? Why is Russia just now reclaiming it? Seems like a strategic move designed to gain more control of the Black Sea. I still don't understand the logic of the sanctions though. Why sanction only Crimea developers and not likewise Russian developers if the actual dispute from the west being with Russia not Crimea?
If I'm not mistaken, i7 includes integrated GPU as well as and 6MB cache, just like the  A8 which only has 3 cores where as the i7 has 4 cores.
I agree with this.  When a patient goes into the hospital they hook them up to a IV. No one expects them to live the rest of their life on an IV. It is a temporary measure until their condition stabilizes and they recover. Everyone benefits from minorities gaining an education.
So do the trustees of the Albert Einstein estate. I once got sued by them for using a photo that I paid to have shot with a male model next to a chalk board with a sweater and grey hair similar to Einstein's. We settled the lawsuit but it cost us a few thousand dollars. I didn't even know about the celebrity likeness law in California at the time. I wonder how much Google is paying for their "likeness" representation of MLK on their home page. It is hard to believe that...
Where do people get their ambition and skills? From nurturing, by example, from education, from mentors, from encouragement, etc. You don't just put a kid on the street and expect them to do well without help in developing their educational and social skills. You have to start somewhere and the most logical place in my opinion is in education. It is a long term process. It is not something that you can give an immediate ROI value to.
I get that pot use could be considered similar to alcohol use, but there is a difference between responsible use and irresponsible use. The problem I see is that pot users are generality young people who might not have the discipline to use it responsibly.  While I was recovering from my health crisis I ended up watching too much daytime TV, but, I was amazed how many commercials were targeting unemployed youth. If young people are sitting around in the middle of the day...
Drug use is stupidity. The problem is due primarily to lack of education. Education treats the root cause of the problem, decriminalization only treats the symptoms, and also has some terrible side effects. The use of illegal drugs offers no positive contributions to society.
That is a very shortsighted and selfish point of view.  Potentially, with free community college education, disenfranchised crime ridden ethnic neighborhoods may gradually become much better off thus reducing the taxpayer's expense of police, court costs, prisons, emergency medical care, crime victims, and at the same time improve race relations because whites would have a lot less to fear from an educated person who contributes to society than they would from a ignorant...
I think MLK's message is fine. I just don't like listening to his speeches. Too much like a sermon with grand oratory emphasis.   The only thing that will improve race relations in the US is better education which is why I support the proposal of free community college.
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