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That is an excellent question because in my area of Panama there were never any official street names until Google maps became ubiquitous. Prior to that we would say something like "at an angle across from the fire station south 100 m near the corner of school road, the building with the blue roof'. That was the official address for the gas company to replenish our propane. Now we are forced to comply with logical addresses and street names. My particular street name is a...
Yes, that is my native country, although half the year I live in California. Even in California I find Apple Maps woefully inferior to Google Maps in finding stores and POI. If you have an exact address and zip, Apple maps seems pretty good. Where it fails is in the fuzzy logic. In Panama it is just simply lack of data. Also the streets are just approximate and usually way off and the smaller streets non-existant. Google is very through and accurate in my experience. On a...
All maps have issues staying up to date and correcting errors. I have found Google to be pretty good. Apple maps is so far off where I live that it shows me driving in a river bed 100 m off the road I am actually on. Google initially had a lot of street names incorrect in my neighborhood and I submitted corrections which were done in about two months.
Honestly, I don't know how anyone can say that. It is the most horrible and inadequate excuse for a mapping app I have ever seen. Granted, it works a little better in the US than elsewhere in the world, but still terrible. Try this:Search for "Terminal de Buses David Panama" Then try it with Google Maps.
To me it always looked like he was thrown under the bus on the Maps debacle. It's been three years since Forstall was dismissed and they still have one of the worst, if not the worst, mapping app on the Internet. Unusable in my opinion.
This is what you have been told on talk radio but it is contrary to scientific evidence. You should spend more time reading factual information and less time on conservative political content. If you were to read the first three paragraphs of the Wikipedia page on global warming, I suspect you would come back say that Wikipedia is a liberal conspiracy, but give it a try anyway. There is a nice chart there plotting the land and ocean temperature...
I'm not so sure they are getting them for free. Perhaps they are being offered a chance to buy advance custom configurations. If they were getting them for free they would all be Edition models because Apple wouldn't want to show favoritism among the celebrities and give J.J a steel watch and Lagerfeld a gold one?
Everyone knows where the money is. I'm sure Google has a slew of Watch apps on the way.
Not trying to be arrogant. Just suggesting a possibility... Based on my experience trying to work with crappy jpegs made with crappy applications on crappy operating systems not on Macs with professional image editing software. Now that's arrogant!
What does your DNS settings look like? I don't get Discoveryd errors at all. I get lots of error entries in the log which is a bit disturbing but, nothing related to DNS. Mostly com.apple.screensharing errors. At the office I have sort of an odd setup though. I have two network connections. One on DHCP and the other a static public routable IP which points to my own primary and secondary name servers as well as the broadband provider's DNS which provides reverse look up....
New Posts  All Forums: