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Theraby? Please...
I have not tested any betas. Do you get to block selective scripts like Ghostery does? In my sites I only use Analytics and jQuery which are both pretty massive load on the device even though they are less than 100 kb. It is all the processing it takes to load and maintain all those functions in memory. This site with all the ads is for all intents and purposes, totally unusable using an iPad over cellular.
I dropped my subscription to Netflix a few years ago because the titles were crap. That is why it can be cheap. If Apple has virtually every song, including all the recently released tracks, it is a much bigger value to the studios than a bunch of crappy movies made in the 80s, hence the Apple Music subscription is more expensive.
And you are saying Siri is doing this? I just did the same search in Airplane mode. Clearly I didn't get any wikipedia hits but it searched every where on my iPhone and returned a very comprehensive list of results. 
 I thought Siri had to be connected to the internet. I'm not sure what 'deep search' is, but I can search my mail while in airplane mode.
Probably. Who ever thought we would have to Jailbreak OS X?
Since most Macs are single user machines, the end user password is actually the root password in many cases. Because of this, Apple has placed restrictions on what that user can do. Only Apple signed code can do certain things like write files inside /System and some other directories. Third party code is also restricted. People type in their password all the time without giving a second thought to the fact that an application is requesting permission to do something and...
Taxi fares are not usually based on a per-person basis. 
My BMW has like 400 HP but it sucks gas like crazy. Balance of processor power and battery life is the key to small portable devices. That is why Apple went with ARM instead of Intel. If it is 30% faster with the same battery usage, I think that is amazing.
Off. I use SonicWall and I am on static IP with ethernet, although if you use just about any WiFi router, they are by default, pretty secure.
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