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Yes that is an excellent point which I was just about to write.
I'm sorry, I don't want to sound rude, but this makes absolutely no sense to me. How will an Apple watch interface with the car's door lock and ignition if there is no onboard functionality to support it? If the car does not support keyless ignition, an Apple watch is not going to create that capability on its own. If anything I think this feature will be like CarPlay. It will only work on new cars that support it.
Yep, this is definitely coming with HomeKit. I wish I could use it but my doors are too custom and already have expensive locks. I normally enter through the garage anyway which of course has a button in the car so no keys needed. On my new house I am putting in everything HomeKit.
I don't think either the customers or the car companies feel as strongly about a watch replacing their key fob. There is no problem that it is solving like Pay which helps stop fraud and identity theft. An Apple watch unlocking your car is absolutely no better solution than my BMW already has. I have my fob in my pocket and I never have to take it out even to start the engine and drive. It also locks by the touch of my finger on the door handle.
 I've decided that there are 3 groups of people who are ambivalent about the Watch 1) Those who don't need or care about wristwatches 2) Those who already have and wear an expensive wristwatch 3) Those who aren't particularly impressed by the design but happy if Apple has success with it
Beats me. There are a lot of unanswered questions.  I have a difficult time believing that the car systems would permit being essentially reprogrammed. Who is going to do the reprogramming?  The key fob is a very secure system that randomizes the radio frequencies used. How is the watch going to be compatible with every car that has one? Plus, I can't see any car manufacturers being open to allowing this. Why would they? Call me skeptical. The only way I can see it working...
Well common sense should tell us that 99% of people on the planet will not use this feature because it will probably only work on an Apple Car.
  Poor soggy. The stock market is down so he is in a bad mood.
The thing is, if an Watch can open your car so could your iPhone presumably, since it has all the same capabilities as the watch.
I agree completely. Also, in addition to BT there is the normal wireless mode which is also useful and I don't think an Watch is going to be able to support that feature as that would probably require dedicated hardware. Furthermore, the key fob also is necessary when you leave your car at the dealer, valet or the car wash. You are not going to hand them your watch.
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