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Siri has always been really good with sports and also making calls, texts and reminders. Where she still sucks is finding very specific information on the web. I always ask Siri first but usually end up using Google, or asking Siri to use Google. Recently she said she had no information on a particular subject yet displayed the exact answer I was looking for in the search query results. She should be able to at least read her own web search. I recently asked her for...
To be fair you really only need to click on File Explorer in the dock tray, then right click on the drive and choose eject. 
If you don't want your bag searched, don't bring a bag to work.
Does anyone forget their phone these days? Once, years ago, I forgot my phone. When I told a coworker, they gasped in disbelief.
With maps, you need to redo everything every couple years so aside from the technology, the data has to be new to be relevant. A major new street just opened near my home so I went to Apple Maps to report it. The street is not on Google Maps either. I didn't report it to Google. I wonder which maps will have it updated first. I recently worked with Apple Maps Connect for our office building which had some mistakes and they fixed it right away. Very impressed with the...
I actually enjoy quality ads in the many high end magazines we subscribe to. The problem with the web ad brokers is that they have crap ads that are just annoying. I would welcome a few quality ads on a page not two dozen crap ads. It is the website owner and the ad brokers who are causing the problem. If a website had a large readership, quality companies might want to place ads directly with the website and bypass the broker. The only way that an ad blocker can work is...
Apple is offering two things with this update. 1) Safari users would have a choice to install ad blocking extensions.  2) Developers can build blocking into an app. It is about choice. Clearly, if the developer is including iAd they are not going to block ads. The big upside is for end users being able to block ads in Mobile Safari. I for one am very happy about this news because I hate wading through dozens of ads on a page like here on AI. One or two ads is no big deal...
No way Apple is going to make the same mistake twice. Not that they did anything wrong in the iBooks deal except make careless statements in emails that left some legal wiggle room for the sleazy attorneys.
Well if she is going to enter in all that other data, she might as well record whether she experienced and orgasm or not. It's all private right? Might as well record the partners name in case she has multiple partners. 
The comedic intro was horrible. There were a couple other lame joke attempts in the presentation but all fell flat in my opinion. Even last year with Steven Colbert wasn't very good. Apple should stay away from comedy.
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