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There have not been any nuclear power plants built in the US for more than 30 years. Which "modern" plants are you referring to?
I'm not advocating oil as a better energy source. We already have the mother of all nuclear power plants. It is called the Sun.
Until something goes wrong. Then the worst possible environmental impact imaginable. Did you already forget about the Fukushima disaster?
You are a genius. I must refocus my outlook. Thanks!
If you want the best, order online at Sweet Maria
People love McDonalds too but that doesn't make it good food. Find a true specialty coffee shop and drink it black to make sure it is the real deal.
Okay, let me clear this up. Only Panama coffee rates as the world's best coffee and since Starbucks does not buy Panama coffee they have inferior coffee. Now, some may argue that there are other excellent coffees, true, but none can compare to Panama by evaluation from worldwide coffee experts. Our coffee consistently has the highest selling price of any coffee in the world.
Perhaps they could have a medical research parameter computing how many Starbucks drinks you consume daily.  Starbucks 
Ae you sure the watch can connect to your iPhone over the gym's wifi?  Don't you have to be within BT range?
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