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So in February the 5.5 was still a prototype where as the 4.7" was apparently final since it does not have the word "Proto". Looks like the 5.5 design progress is behind that of the 4.7 which could explain why some of the rumors have suggested a delay for the 5.5, although they mentioned production challenges not design schedule.   Looks more likely though that there may be a 5.5 after all.   I think the protruding camera is a bit unfortunate as I do use my phone...
Yeah, true. The moral of the story is really, if you are a tourist in Central America, don't break any laws and especially don't drink and drive, It will cost you plenty. We did have a few drinks, but the laws are different for locals. They can speed and even drive the wrong way on a one way street, but don't try that as a tourist.
I was in Panama a couple weeks ago and my two best friends and I went out for lunch at a really upscale restaurant in a touristy area called Amador.  Anyway, as we were leaving I slipped out the back street since I knew it is faster, but there was a cop on bicycle who saw this SUV pulling out thinking probably tourists. So he steps out in the middle of the road and flags us down. He was probably thinking we had a few drinks and he might make a little cash. So I rolled down...
I'm just kidding you. I drive exactly the speed limit and since both of my vehicles are pretty much status symbols, people who want to speed just go around without incident. In Panama my Prado has all tinted windows, and although the locals do drive a bit crazy, they always stop and wave me through. When you see a big luxury SUV in Panama you really don't want to mess with them, you never know who might be inside.
Ha ha! Stress free my ass. You drive 60 mph on the highway around OC and people will cut you off, flip you off, honk at you, and maybe fire gunshots at you. ;-)
Is that app any good? It gets some decent reviews. I'm not sure that i need anything like that as I'm already a super conservative driver and I have never lost track of where I parked either, even at  Lot C at LAX for two weeks.
I wish they would fix the bug in Preview that sometimes displays grayscale images in a pdf document as negative. I have not figured out what causes it because it only happens to some images. It might have something to do with the histogram balance of highlight shadow ratios, but it is really annoying. I have since quit using grayscale images inside of an otherwise full color document. I turn them into color images that just appear to be grayscale. The document previews...
Are all those devices on the network? Last time I was in the hospital, a couple years ago, the IV wasn't even plugged to power most of the time let alone have a network connection unless it was wireless. The thing would always wake me up with the low battery alarm. The hospital is only a few years old but for some reason they put far too few wall outlets in the patient rooms so they would just charge the IVs up somewhere else and roll a new one in to the room when the...
I think the issue for some people, and it is likely the same bunch who complain about the battery life, is that if you are out and about away from wifi, you can go over your data limit pretty quickly streaming music all day. I don't use iTunes Match or even iCloud for that matter. I have a 64GB with lots of music. I do a lot of flying so it is one less thing to think about because the music is always there on the device.
No one knows what advertising looks like better than Google. They know the guy who sent it, where he is, his date of birth, social security number and his mother's maiden name.
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