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Back in the old days ads were paid for with click through. When sites got popular the aggregators started paying by impression. I would guess that most of the regulars here would never click on an ad anyway. My suggestion is to white list AI and then use my ad killer script which I have posted before. That way AI gets their impressions and user can instantly remove them for a clean reading experience. The script is so simple to use it is very convenient.
You can always try my script: http://forums.appleinsider.com/t/185450/apples-tim-cook-plans-to-give-away-all-of-his-money/40#post_2699793
BMW has already demonstrated this. The car drops you off at the front door of the mall and then goes and finds a parking space on its own. When you are ready to leave, you call your car on your phone or watch and it picks you up. http://spectrum.ieee.org/cars-that-think/transportation/self-driving/car-park-thyself
I don't think they will remove human control for a very long time. Not until all small roads are completely networked, mapped to the tolerance of a centimeter and the voice control is 99.999% accurate in the interpretation of human requests. Otherwise, I can imagine situations where one might want to make decisions that would seem illogical to a computer. 
It might make restoring your new phone smoother if it was an iOS 9 backup.
I just installed Peace on iPhone 6. Can't tell how effective it is, but some ads are still getting through. Supposedly they use Ghostery's database but it does not seem to work quite as well. Looks like no Ad Blockers are available for iPhone 5, iPad 2,3,4 or iPad mini 1 even though they can run iOS 9.
 Before Apple can manufacture any autos to sell they would need a World Manufacturing Identification number issued by the SAE so they can create VIN numbers. Currently they do not show up on the list. If they intend to test on public roadways using a custom vehicle registration through the DMV, there might be some public disclosure of the details of their car, because in order to register a custom vehicle you need to get all kinds of safety and compliance inspections and...
I have donated to the Red Cross many times, until I learned of their questionable spending practices and complete lack of transparency. They are under a congressional investigation right now.   On Charity Navigator they don't even show up on the list of Syrian refugee charitable organizations.   http://www.charitynavigator.org/index.cfm?bay=content.view&cpid=1523
We had no TV at all. The signal didn't reach us. I never watched anything until I went away to college. Other people would say "Don't you remember that show?" Nope!
More unsubstantiated BS. Where do you get the $100 figure and the thousands of dollars in savings? The Fire tablet looks like a decent tablet, especially for the price. If a business develops a custom app for the Fire that does exactly what it needs, how is that a poor business decision? You can buy 6 Fires for $249.95. That doesn't even buy one iPad.
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