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TV are not very expensive so when 4k content arrives, if it is not supported, you just buy another TV. Almost every thread about TV someone posts that they have three or more of them in their home. Personally, I'm going to wait until the networks start broadcasting in 4k before I'm investing in a new 4k TV.
I think the Watch will be interesting. Honestly, no one needs one, but I plan to order a Sport version as soon as I wake up on 10 April, at which time I fully expect it to be sold out. I always like to stay current with the latest technology so $400 is a fair price to pay for getting  on board with the newest Apple kit. I expect to wait several weeks to receive it but that is no big deal. I'm more patient in my old age.
You clearly know nothing about the Bible. Fortunately this forum is full of people who have degrees in history, philosophy, religious studies and literature so no neo-con-Christian brainwashed indoctrinated ditto head is going to get away with any typical talk radio talking point. You are not the person to argue that case though.
Honestly, that is probably going to happen even though every one of those pastors' families probably has at least one Apple product in their home. 
Apple does not do business in Iran as far as I know. I believe the US sanctions prohibit Apple to export products to Iran. Although Apple products are sold in Iran they are actually smuggled in from places like  Iraq, Dubai and even Europe, The link you provided is misleading. There are no official Apple Retail or online stores in Iran. Edit:http://www.alarabiya.net/articles/2012/06/23/222333.html
Let's not be so quick to judge. Perhaps he has a better understanding than you give him credit for. This is not D-Day. He's not going to fight his battles on all fronts at the same time. Maneuvering in a politically charge arena requires a bit of tack. Some things are not always apparent or easily understood by irrational fanatics who think in absolutes. 
I'm starting to agree with people here saying Tim should have kept quiet about this. Perhaps it would have been wiser to donate some of is billion dollar net worth to others to take the fight to Indiana and elsewhere. He's going to give away the money anyway. Then he could distance himself one level and just tweet a thumbs up. None of these otherwise rational posters here would have nervous breakdowns and pollute these threads with their their religious zealotry and anger....
Carly is calling Tim a hypocrite but Christians and conservatives are merely giving her a thumbs up. Got it.
You know what is hypocritical? Christians condemning Tim for not speaking out against China when they don't give a shit how oppressive China is as long as they can get all their "Made in China" merchandise.
Everyone knew that murder was wrong before Moses received the Ten Commandments on Mount Sinai. At that time there was no Bible either.
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