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What language? Didi you watch the video I posted on page rwo. Talk about offensive language...
I'm more in agreement with you than him but I don't like demonizing people who simply have different views especially when they are presented with   some supporting opinions, I felt that posters opposed to his views were distorting the comments he made so I wanted to clarify that although I disagree with his general philosophy I do not approve of of people twisting his words into something that was not originally communicated in sincerity on his part.
No he is right. I am pretty sure he was not referring to communism, etc in the US, just that other attempts at social engineering in the Marxist theme have not been very successful worldwide and that would be correct.
I don't normally come to his defense but he posted a very clear explanation of his views in the form of an audio file which raised some interesting points.
Valid point. I wish Apple would allow ad blockers on Mobile Safari. That is the main reason I don't use my iOS devices for surfing the web. With respect to web ads: Even the most annoying jam packed web ads page, the ads themselves probably contribute and extra 200KB at most. AT&T charges $10 per GB so the obnoxious page costs about $0.002  extra just for the ads. As far as spam is concerned, if you are using Apple, Google, Yahoo, Microsoft, you get almost zero spam due to...
What does that have to do with the price of tea in China?
We are talking about data not voice minutes. The carry over is new to AT&T and it only applies to the previous month. You cannot accumulate data capacity past one month and that data is used last. As I said there is no unlimited data on AT&T or Verizon and hasn't been for quite some time. Paying by the amount consumed is the only fair way to price something. All you can eat restaurants rely on the fact that you can't eat more than your stomach will hold and their food...
Wireless companies are moving back to pay by the bit. You cannot buy unlimited data from AT&T or Verizon today.
This is exactly the point. The OC3 or giganet speeds you can buy from your primary provider effectively stop at the first network peering data center. Once the packets reach Comcast, for example, they can intentionally throttle it.
Where does it stop? Does Apple and NetFlix have to pay every cable and internet provider in the world protection money?
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