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Apple should buy TWC. $60B should do it.
Not totally out of Apple's control. More like a deliberate decision to not update the app using the new APIs... because... the devices are EOL  anyway, regardless of the status of YouTube. Deprecated devices do not usually receive software updates.
 There are different use case scenarios for people who have multifaceted lifestyles. When relaxing in the family room watching TV, I might occasionally use my iPad to look up something. When at the office, I use a Mac Pro or an iMac. When traveling, I use my rMBP. I also use my home iMac if I want to compose a lengthy email or do some serious writing. You don't need to characterize people as uptight or bored just because they work and relax differently. I look at it as...
I've never heard of shredding tissue. Burning I think could be possible. Tattoos are below the epidermis so I guess that is technically in the tissue. I can't see how a tattoo could cause damage to the MRI machine, although a loose magnetic item like an unsecured fire extinguisher sailing across the room and striking the patient in the head could perhaps leave a mark.
  You do realize that an MRI uses so much power that ferromagnetic objects in the room must be bolted down or they would be literally picked up and pulled into the core of the magnet. More than enough power as to be unaffected by any metal in tattoo ink. Conceivably if the ink contained iron oxides the magnetic field could heat them up and possibly burn the person. Besides it is two different situations. One is optical and the other magnetic.
The foot print is not the problem. It is the thickness that is a bit too much, but I think that is mostly a factor of the required battery size.
 If you check out https://www.ifixit.com/Teardown/Samsung+Gear+2+Teardown/23990 You will see almost the exact same sort of circuitry. Some even more complex because it has a camera. The differences are the parts you don't see like the internal design of the processor and, of course, the software and OS running on it, which is the major differentiation. Also the fit and finish and materials are always the thing that stands out with Apple products.
Exactly. I would like to see Apple put in fiber just like Google is doing except make it only for Apple devices.
Downloading all those map tiles can potentially eat through your data plan and is sometimes kind of slow. I'm fine with the BMW nav system. It worked as advertised the few times I have used it, and because it is integrated into the dash it is a nice clean look. I'm not sure how people mount an iPad in a BMW.
That is probably not possible because of all the third party vendors. All of those chips are full of IP that would need to be licensed and some of the manufacturers would probably not be willing to license it. I agree it would be nice because the watch could potentially be thinner but I just don't see it happening anytime soon.
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