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It is interesting that undocumented foreigners can hang out in front of Home Depot and get a day labor job for $10+ cash per hour, but you can't get an American to accept a manual labor job for twice that. They just don't want to work that hard. They'd rather collect unemployment.
Every OS and app calls home by default. In Windows 10, Windows updates are automatic and mandatory. The only way to stop it is not be connected to the internet, which is impossible for most people, because that is what they do with their computer. I wonder how this works for secure installations like the government, military and banks. "Houston we have lift off. Oh wait, scratch that. Windows is updating."
I'm not arguing the relative merits of the minimum wage law, just that Apple only hires quality people at every pay grade of their various positions. Why on earth would they, say, only pay a gardener $5.00 who doesn't speak English, homeless, undependable and has no experience, when they can get a quality employee for $15-20 who is bilingual, has a car, a family and tons of experience?
That makes absolutely no sense whatsoever. The minimum wage does not affect Apple hiring practices in any way. 
Who says it is the wrong reasons? Tim and company want racial diversity in their workforce and they usually get what they want.
I think the employees at Apple are all making considerably more than minimum wage, even the gardeners.
Like I said before in the other thread, a software engineering project takes a variety of different skill sets. Not everyone needs to be a genius, in fact it is better if you have some interns and entry level engineers. The team leader isn't looking for a genius to do a task like: "Open all these source files and paste in the revised legal, license and disclaimer copy." No, you get the new young person on the team to do it. People start at the bottom and work their way up...
Well you can sort of do this already although it is a little bit of a kludge. 1. Connect your iPad to your computer and select your device in iTunes.2. Click Apps. The apps that are allowed to transfer files will show in the list.3. Below File Sharing, select an app from the list, and click Add.4. In the window that appears, select a file to transfer, and click Open. The thing that is confusing is in order to copy to your computer you click save to, but to copy to your...
Can you use the Golf Channel app to Airplay?
 You can use a VPN wifi router that is compatible with OpenVPN then connect through a service such as PureVPN for less than $10 a month.All the details: http://www.greycoder.com/best-vpn-routers/ http://vpnpick.com/reviews/purevpn/
New Posts  All Forums: