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I'm seriously considering this model. I checked B&H and they have hundreds of spare parts for all the previous models. Every nut, screw, wire and even the stickers. You could build the entire drone from their spare parts. The Phantom 3 Pro is new so they don't have any parts yet, but I'm guessing they will soon.
I read the reviews on B&H and there are some similar comments from verified buyers. There are also many positive reviews there as well.
I'd love to get one of these. I'm just afraid I'd crash it on day one.
Because it is a US patent the figures show standard ascii characters but the actual purpose for recognizing handwriting is for Chinese based languages which have thousands of characters that can be drawn faster than they can be found shuffling through numerous keyboards. The future of course will be dictation once it gets a little bit more accurate.
Apple had to get into the smart watch sector or be caught flat footed as wearables from other manufacturers were evolving quickly. Apple now owns the smart watch space and it will prove to be an integral part of their HomeKit, HealthKit, ApplePay strategies. 
No, just mentioning it because of the previous legal issues between the two organizations.
I'm surprised AI was approved to have a channel on Apple News.
Cash? In a doomsday scenario you might be better off with junk silver (pre 1964 US coinage). In 1964 you could buy a gallon of gas for a quarter. You can buy a gallon of gas today for that same quarter.
I don't look forward to it at all. All these crap candidates clogging up the media with their scumbag campaign BS for more than a year. There is not one candidate that I would vote for. This will be the worst election ever.
Apple may not release sales figures and Slice probably has no clue, but Instagram, Twitter and Shazam probably know exactly how many were sold.
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