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What percent of Amazon deliveries are even drone deliverable? Since the drones can't be very far from the dispatch center anyway, why not hire some college kids on bicycles instead? Whatever saves a few bucks is what they will do I guess. Isn't a professional drone pilot going to earn more than double what you would pay a bicyclist. Plus a bicyclist can deliver 100% of the small to medium size packages.
Ok, never been to India.I remember that in the 60s they only had a couple different keys, at least in Panama. People could unlock and start other people's cars. 
I think Datsun was just a US name. In Panama they were always Nissan, back as far as I can remember, like mid-sixties.
Oh, my first Watch app idea: Tackymetre
Self driving cars are more idealistic than realistic. Perhaps in the US and Western Europe it might be possible to a limited extent, but in the rest of the world, not likely for decades or even centuries. Apple wants to build products that it can sell worldwide. If it does include self driving capabilities, it will likely not be exclusively self driving, at least not at first.
This is a personal injury attorney's wet dream. There will be scam artists jumping in front of slow moving Cars at every corner.
Well, Spanish girls aside, @sog35  the all knowing rules! My favorite TV channels are irrelevant.
Please llet us know which channels are on Apple TV and why all other channels are irrelevant or POS as you say. Just because you don't speak Spanish doesn't mean the channels are POS.
Judging by reliable  poster  @GregInPrague Apple Pay is already well accepted in Europe as long as the card is from the US. You guys are going to have to wait, as usual, for full implementation abroad. 
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