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Somebody needs to visit Wikipedia...
I understand your concern but I would have to disagree because the 'burner' part clearly refers to the machine not a person. To me, it simply means wicked fast machine, made in Japan, in even a complimentary way.  Sometimes bikers call Japanese race bikes rice rockets and it is definitely not an insult.
I meant apartments that have interior hallways, multiple floors or other types of physical restrictions.  We have an apartment in the city like that where you have to press the intercom and get buzzed in to unlock the gate.
I just don't see how it saves any money.   They have to hire professional pilots or train them They have to lease a bunch of small local dispatch locations Many deliveries will not be drone compatible Expensive equipment that probably has a substantial failure rate Incompatible with bad weather conditions Increased liability and insurance costs Strong opposition by general public damaging brand Vandalism and theft opportunists...
Sorry my mistake. I asked my brother about this and it turns out I was mistaken. We did have Datsuns in Panama. Only the trucks were Nissan which is what we had. Nice 60s era SUV, 4 wheel drive Nissan Patrol. Where we lived, there were mostly trucks because it was rural and the roads were mostly gavel or worse. Now, of course, everything is modern.
True but cities are full of apartment buildings. How can a drone deliver to an apartment?
What percent of Amazon deliveries are even drone deliverable? Since the drones can't be very far from the dispatch center anyway, why not hire some college kids on bicycles instead? Whatever saves a few bucks is what they will do I guess. Isn't a professional drone pilot going to earn more than double what you would pay a bicyclist. Plus a bicyclist can deliver 100% of the small to medium size packages.
Ok, never been to India.I remember that in the 60s they only had a couple different keys, at least in Panama. People could unlock and start other people's cars. 
I think Datsun was just a US name. In Panama they were always Nissan, back as far as I can remember, like mid-sixties.
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