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I think the issue for some people, and it is likely the same bunch who complain about the battery life, is that if you are out and about away from wifi, you can go over your data limit pretty quickly streaming music all day. I don't use iTunes Match or even iCloud for that matter. I have a 64GB with lots of music. I do a lot of flying so it is one less thing to think about because the music is always there on the device.
No one knows what advertising looks like better than Google. They know the guy who sent it, where he is, his date of birth, social security number and his mother's maiden name.
I've been using a tried and true method for those multilevel car parks. When I park, I make a mental note of the section and number, that is always posted prominently.
All my incoming iMessages and SMS are gray. The green and blue messages are outbound.
I think a lot of people forget that all devices have pros and cons. Mobile devices are all compromises of some sort or another, even laptops. My Mac Pro with 30" Cinema, Ricoh high volume color laser printer, along with my Avaya multiline business phone have only one compromise, they are not portable. People have differing needs, which is why there are so many choices in the mobile segment. Adding one more is just another possible selection for someone who is willing to...
Which one?
The article was about emerging markets. The idea is based on the presumption that many users in those markets can afford only a single computing device so they are attracted to a phablet with voice calling capabilities. It makes sense from that perspective. In the US people tend to have multiple devices of various sizes.
At this point it is still rumors of rumors. I may suspect there is a probability that something may happen and maybe even hope that it does... but believe, nope.  I think there is a probably a 50/50 chance a 5.5" will be released in the near future. Maybe if we get more parts leaks that are clear and in focus, I'll reconsider.  I don't understand why you are so adamant about it. It is interesting but I'm not as enthusiastic as you are about it.
For me it would be Tim Cook holding one up at the key note or perhaps Gizmodo stealing one.
If your iPhone GPS is that inaccurate, you should take it in an get it replaced. Mine is accurate within about a meter or two, even inside in my home.
New Posts  All Forums: