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They showed us sandpaper in the video. They didn't use garnet, but people don't usually encounter garnet paper that often, at least not on their watch.
That is a pretty funny video.
Guess you are not rich then. I think it is a lovely machine for a CEO especially the gold.
You would still need a bunch of dongles because none of the common peripherals are USB-C compatible yet. The reviewers who expressed the opinion that this machine is for rich people are right on and that is what I have been saying from the beginning. Rich people don't need peripherals. They just want a beautiful sleek machine for email and surfing the web. The workers are the ones that need all the flexibility of ports to accomplish whatever unreasonable and nearly...
I'd love to play around with one but I'd probably crash it on day 1.
Agreed.  I wouldn't be at all surprised if they don't custom configure the watch + bands in China, on demand, when you order, and then ship directly from China to your door. I have ordered small items from the Apple online store in the past and received them, in one case, the next day, shipped directly from China to southern California. I doubt they would commit all of their stock to specific combinations in advance.
I wonder how the name Crook County was decided upon.Edit : The county is named after George Crook, a U.S. Army officer who served in the American Civil War and various Indian Wars.
Wouldn't be surprised if Apple sweeps for bugs continuously during the construction process.
Is there any store that lets you test earbuds? Besides the perfectly understandable hygiene issues, the noisy environment of an Apple Store would hardly be the ideal place to test earbuds, although headphones are not quite as impractical, it is still not ideal. I always study online reading reputable reviews before I purchase that type of gear. I have never been to the Apple Store in London, however in California we just open up the Store app and pay using Pay. Then walk...
The only thing I have read about muting the Watch for incoming calls is covering it with your hand, but without a mute button I guess you'll have some means to turn it off within the settings.
New Posts  All Forums: