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No, just mentioning it because of the previous legal issues between the two organizations.
I'm surprised AI was approved to have a channel on Apple News.
Cash? In a doomsday scenario you might be better off with junk silver (pre 1964 US coinage). In 1964 you could buy a gallon of gas for a quarter. You can buy a gallon of gas today for that same quarter.
I don't look forward to it at all. All these crap candidates clogging up the media with their scumbag campaign BS for more than a year. There is not one candidate that I would vote for. This will be the worst election ever.
Apple may not release sales figures and Slice probably has no clue, but Instagram, Twitter and Shazam probably know exactly how many were sold.
I'm not sure how often iPhones update their time but I remember a few years ago mine had completely the wrong time, like four hours off, and it persisted off and on for a couple days. Then it corrected but a week later it was wrong again. I called AT&T and asked them what was going on. The support tech immediately said you are using an iPhone right? I said why do you ask? She said that a number of iPhone users were experiencing the same issue in Southern California only. I...
Well for starters the hardware accessories need to have licensed MFi chips in them to be compatible with HomeKit. If they don't, no amount of software updates will overcome that. Not that there won't be some potential workarounds such as dedicated hubs and apps, but it is not the same as direct hardware access though iOS or TV.
Not all cities. Welcome to the People's Republic of Irvine, CA. Zero graffiti, zero litter, zero homeless, zero crime, zero potholes, etc. Personally I like it, but some prefer a little more personality instead of a 100% planned community. Irvine is not a huge city but it does have 250K population and a ton of big companies.
People keep saying "cord cutting." What percentage of American households can get their broadband service from any provider other than the cable companies? Every place I've lived since high speed internet became available to residences has been exclusively provided by a single cable company.
I think so. I've seen photos of the manufacturing where they move the phones around in trays with 10 up compartments like this.   Then there is this photo of iPhone 5c being tested at Pegatron. 
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