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Because in complied code you don't know what is in there. Look at all the malicious coders that try to slip stuff through the App Store with tricky things like hiding attacks behind time disabled features and other disguised malware. Apple doesn't catch them all. There are ways to detect what Javascript is trying to do, like malicious stuff, which is why Google can detect a malware web page before it loads.A dedicated Swift server is the only way you would be able to run...
Nah. There is nothing wrong with Helvetica Neue 37 Thin, it is a very elegant font, but perhaps a little like drinking fine wine with Cheerios and milk. It was just inappropriate for use with many of the backgrounds and color schemes used in iOS. San Francisco is a definite improvement in my opinion.
Theoretically, you could have 60+ layers with effects and view it in real time without rendering, similar to what was demoed in the keynote. 
Doesn't Metal require dedicated hardware? Which Macs are going to get Metal support?
I learned typography many years ago from some of the masters of Madison Ave. and the unspoken guideline was always 6 pt. not 8 pt, and a common output on Linotype 100 was 1200 dpi compared to 400+- on iPhone. That said there is type, even in Apple native apps, that is close to 4 pt. Way too small.
It is better. Sweating the details is what makes Apple DNA. The Helvetica Thin was just a little too thin and slightly incompatible the other styles they had incorporated into iOS 8. The opacity, blurs and varied backgrounds such as in the weather app made some text difficult to read. Just a small tweak but a welcome one in my opinion.
My take away at that time was they would use it to write and compile future OS X, but that OS X would still use UNIX core libraries and kernel. The fact that they are extending Swift to Linux means to me that UNIX will be around a while longer at Apple.
I still think you are completely wrong about this.  For one thing, complied browser scripts would be extremely insecure just like client side Java and Flash are. Conserving bandwidth is continuing to be less and less relevant as the complexity of web pages and faster broadband networks makes it a non-issue while developers continue to ignore any effort to conserve it, just as we have witnessed with the worldwide streaming of Apple's keynote address today. Server side...
I wonder about the same thing. Apple has a plan I'm sure. It is about weighing the pluses verses the minuses in the big picture. They must have their reasons. We just don't know the exact strategy yet.
No mention of the new News app from AI?   I thought that was very interesting. Curious about the Apple News Format. I wonder if it is an extension of iBooks Author.
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