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I think credit card use and merchant acceptance is generally increasing for all card brands. I don't see business dropping AMEX as much as  businesses that never accepted it to start with. I find it is accepted nearly everywhere I go. Pretty much all the major retailers accept it. Smaller private shops tend to not accept it as much, but I don't shop in those types of stores very often. I also heard that local governments such as water department, or city services are less...
Really? One person? That is pretty pathetic in itself. I use my AMEX Gold card all the time. Great service and good rewards, plus they have offices all over the world in case you need help while traveling. That is the only card I bothered to put in Apple Pay.  I never use my debit card for anything but getting cash from the ATM. If an establishment does not accept AMEX, which I haven't experienced in a very long time, I'll use a Visa.
Even though there may be lots of Android switchers, I can't help but think that the new carrier phone financing policy along with Apple financing policy might actually hurt sales. Now that there is no penalty for keeping your phone past two years, many people may postpone renewing as often. I am very happy with the iPhone 6. Normally I would upgrade to the 7 when it is released but I'm not as motivated as in previous cycles.
So what? Samsung Pay is the most accepted mobile payment, at least that is what they claim in this ad. Why would they lie? /s   https://youtu.be/fpPapvJNpWo
I had one too. It was a day one release. I had ordered it perhaps a month earlier. The sales guy at the computer store called me and said it had arrived. I went down to the store to pick it up and he said, "I have some bad news, we only had the one machine and the boss took it home." I was so mad, I demanded that he bring it back and turn it over. I had already paid something like $17,000 for the the monitor, RAM, HD etc. Anyway the next day to my surprise the boss...
Admittedly my comment was a bit of an exaggeration, but you are right, I only maintain one application and it is on Windows, however I do a lot of web development and I do have to test on all kinds of different devices, platforms and browsers so I probably test on more configurations than you do. BTW have you heard of the programming environment PhoneGap? You can build simple apps using regular CSS and Javascript and it then compiles them for any of the phone platforms. It...
Or... Android is so fragmented you can't possibly test the hundreds of different models with different OS versions and different screen sizes, memory, cpu, etc. Switching to one particular model with one particular OS version isn't going to solve problems in any meaningful way with respect to developing software for Android.
I'd say use them, mike them and if you don't like it do it over in post. At least it would be easier to redo because you could align it in the waveform view so the timing would be easy to follow. Then turn off the original tracks.
It shouldn't matter to Facebook which phones the Chinese are using.
That shouldn't matter. Facebook and Google are blocked in China.
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