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Those who bought back then are in a pretty good position now. I sold my AAPL back in 2008 in order to build a new house. Now I have some capital that I could reinvest, but certainly not enough to live off the dividend. With a $300K investment I would earn about $300 per month in dividends.
iPad by its very nature is sort of half baked. It isn't pocketable and it is not a full portable computer either. There are some very niche applications for it, but I view the iPad as mostly a complimentary device for occasional use. It seems the perceived practicality may be starting to change as many people have come to realize that their expectations of replacing a notebook with an iPad were not realistic.
That is a nice practical future. The only thing you overlooked is that humans are not very practical. Many of us like to drive, polish our cars, admire the fine craftsmanship, and marvel at automobiles we will never afford. For the same reason we anguish over the smallest scratch on a new car and take pride in ownership of a fine automobile, I do not see the on demand, Uber style driverless car revolution taking hold in suburbia anytime soon. Also, the car, is in some...
They could borrow the money, or partner with some other entity. Nokia has also indicated that they might want to remain a partial stakeholder in their maps business. Also Uber is expected to have their IPO this year.
The original article mentioned that a business consortium of European car manufacturers also really wants it because they see autonomous cars on the horizon and Nokia's 3D high resolution maps are seen as absolutely required and they don't want it to fall into the hands of a single company that might block them from using it. If Apple does not bid on this it might be seen as a signal that they are not building an autonomous self driving auto.
Sorry I was trying to make a joke, but I guess it turned out to be extremely opposite.
That was the final decision maker for me. I figured that if I ever hit the limit it would probably be at the most inopportune time, such as using above average data while traveling. If I go over, which only happened once, they just charge me another $10 and I keep my speed. Totally worth not worrying about being throttled.
That is not the Apple way. They will determine how long the battery should last for an average user and then make the watch as thin as possible and still retain that battery life. You might get a slight battery life improvement in a slimmer design, but If you want to predict the future of the Watch just look at the history of iPhone and iMac and Macbook. Thinner taken to the extreme.
The English language is full of words. You don't need to break grammatical rules in order to communicate what you mean. That said, a Google search for the quoted phrase "very unique" returns 19,700,000 hits so it is indeed commonly used, however that doesn't make very correct.
Do these numbers mean that something like 80% of their profit runs through Ireland? Also, I thought a company got taxed on their profits not earnings.
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