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Any professional developer has a variety of devices and computers to test with. You don't have to switch to any specific platform, you use them all.
Made with Flash no doubt. Perfect tool for creating the exaggerated UI required for Hollywood. Ability to run full screen, animate with sound effects and super fast, easy development process.
There is a lot room for growth in the home automation space so HomeKit and TV could eventually be huge.
How would that be possible? We already can see every possible frequency of visible light from infrared to ultra violet. 
Fix is very powerful app that even offers tools and features that are better than Photoshop itself. The hair masking is outstanding as well as the warp tool. It even has facial recognition of sorts. It recognizes parts of the face such as eyes, nose, mouth and can act on those facial features independently. I think Adobe is releasing multiple apps that each offer some of the most common features of Photoshop like Mix which has a different feature set so you probably need...
Too bad the new drivers do not affect last year's iMac 5K. I have El Capitan but the bit depth is only 8/8/8   Actually this may not be the case. I was running a script to parse Open GL libraries but it apparently was working differently than I expected.   If I go to About this Mac and inspect the display characteristics it reports Pixel Depth:    CGSThirtyBitColor. So it looks like the new drivers do update last year's iMac 5K to my delight.
Why? You don't have an Adobe ID?
I think it is purposefully old fashion. I found her Hello music video and it IS old fashion to the Nth degree. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YQHsXMglC9A Old flip phones, 1980s style land lines old fashion clothing, and furnishings, etc. And BORING! it just goes on and on.
Must be a lot of fat old ladies in the world. Maybe some millenniums still buy albums, but young people today mostly stream, buy tracks or just listen on YouTube. I've heard a couple short clips of her on TV, and I admit she has a very strong vocal range but I think the music itself is really boring and old fashion. Honestly, I think Apple's relationship with U2 is a mistake as well. They are a has been group. As much as I dislike modern popular music, I believe Apple...
The only people who listen to her are fat old ladies. Music artists make very little off of streaming and CDs are obsolete. Their best source of income these days is touring. If she can't make money on her own by touring why should Apple finance her act?
New Posts  All Forums: