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Music not for me. I already have professional DJ curated music that suits my old guy taste. they are called Radio Paradise and KOCI.
Anything would be better than the way they pronounce El Capitan. Wow does that really grate on the ears?
No need to tap anything. They have PRISM software running in every major peering data center in the US and probably some other countries as well.
  Or perhaps a Canon 5Ds with a 105mm lens.
Sorry like to discuss this further but iPad dictation sucks so bad that I can't
While I agree with the recent decision with the freedom act of not allowing bulk telephone records to be recorded, I don't really think that the fourth amendment search and seizure applies. The ninth amendment obviously needs Supreme Court interpretation because it's so vague.With the fourth amendment They are not really searching inside your home, they are searching out on the Internet which is public domain. I's similar to the laws that say in cities where the police are...
Which part of the United States Constitution are you referring to?
These Chinese hackers are bad news. It would be nice if we could block them, but I think that is impossible at this point. The internet is just so wide open.  I don't know why everything is on the Internet anyway. Shouldn't the government only allow VPNs to sensitive data like top security personnel's private info?
This could actually be a better deal in that it might cost less, not that cost was really an issue for me. It was just the principle of the thing because with the previous plan you paid the same monthly fee whether or not you owned the device outright. I was always compelled to upgrade as soon as the contract was up because I hated giving them money they didn't deserve. So if they separate the device subsidy from the service then I can upgrade later without overpaying. Now...
I did find the answer on their site: 
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