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With preorder coming up I wanted to mention you should be prepared with your wrist info so you know which size band fits. I thought I heard some guys mention they thought the smaller 38mm looked better because the 42mm was too big. The thing is that the 38mm only fits up to 200mm wrist. I don't have particularly large wrists these days and I measure 205mm. The 38mm watch only goes up to 200mm on their largest band, the Sport, which is not going to work for many...
I think it is a bit more than a filter which is super thin. iPhone has f2.2 or there about. When you add another larger mediocre piece of glass, you might add another f4, which makes for a pretty slow lens when you combine them, so it could have an affect on exposure, shadow detail, color, etc.
This still seems like a huge compromise. Shooting through two lenses will screw up your color balance and exposure big time. I know you already paid for the iPhone but a dedicated consumer video camera around $700 is so much better. You get a big fast lens with 10x optical zoom, lots of different shooting modes, big CMOS chip and removable memory cards. The iPhone does give you GPS but that is a small trade off, in my opinion, for much better video quality with a dedicated...
Were there any articles mentioning who is making the Watch?
One thing I wish they would do with Maps is that if your search query is going to take you more than 100km or so from your current location, it would pop up an alert. Sometimes it takes awhile to actually zoom into where you are searching and if Maps takes you across the ocean to another country just because it can't find a Chinese restaurant in Panama, it is annoying to have to make your way back to where you were before being transported away.
TV are not very expensive so when 4k content arrives, if it is not supported, you just buy another TV. Almost every thread about TV someone posts that they have three or more of them in their home. Personally, I'm going to wait until the networks start broadcasting in 4k before I'm investing in a new 4k TV.
I think the Watch will be interesting. Honestly, no one needs one, but I plan to order a Sport version as soon as I wake up on 10 April, at which time I fully expect it to be sold out. I always like to stay current with the latest technology so $400 is a fair price to pay for getting  on board with the newest Apple kit. I expect to wait several weeks to receive it but that is no big deal. I'm more patient in my old age.
You clearly know nothing about the Bible. Fortunately this forum is full of people who have degrees in history, philosophy, religious studies and literature so no neo-con-Christian brainwashed indoctrinated ditto head is going to get away with any typical talk radio talking point. You are not the person to argue that case though.
Honestly, that is probably going to happen even though every one of those pastors' families probably has at least one Apple product in their home. 
Apple does not do business in Iran as far as I know. I believe the US sanctions prohibit Apple to export products to Iran. Although Apple products are sold in Iran they are actually smuggled in from places like  Iraq, Dubai and even Europe, The link you provided is misleading. There are no official Apple Retail or online stores in Iran. Edit:http://www.alarabiya.net/articles/2012/06/23/222333.html
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