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I am alive thankfully...recovering not out of the woods just yet.
Often when I ask Siri a question she simply shows a list of what she found on the web which is useless when driving. I'm not tempted to read it but I imagine some people are.
I may not be able to post again any time  soon as I am going into surgery for pulmonary  thrombosis. If I don't make it, I wish you all well.
Jony is overweight, not a proper representable for Apple. He may design, but TC is more fit and HeathKit needs role models. Jony isn't it. Fashion no way. the design is not elegant in my opinion.
How did you ever pass the bar? No attorney would ever post such stupid comments.
Is his YouTube channel so profitable that he can afford to damage all these brand new phones. I wonder if anyone fronted him the money to buy all those gadgets.
I have decided to resign from this forum. Goodbye to long time friends. The likes of BF have made my participation too taxing, He wins. So long. I was going to do a Soli when I reached 10K posts but now I will just concentrate on my other interests. Enjoy!   Yeah and continue the hate, I just bought three Asus Windows computers today/
So explain why Tim continues to buy from Samsung.
For a company like Samsung, it is difficult to say specifically what is working and what is not with their advertising. They have announced that their profits are down due to things like smartphone saturation, but they have never had much luck with their tablets. The thing that Samsung lacks compared to Apple or Microsoft, is an operating system. Apple has a halo factor working for them because they have unique phone, tablet, computer and aTV box. Microsoft has all of that...
In the earlier iOS 8 betas it still had a blue logo as mentioned in the article.
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