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I think a Gen. 2 model will be much slimmer which should serve as an incentive to replace the whole watch not just the guts.
Do you think there are really very many grandfathered accounts left? We dropped ours because we wanted to use the shared family plan. As I recall, the original unlimited plan cost more and was mostly selected by power users. By my logic, most power users have made changes to their account to get other features, adding lines, etc. which would mean dropping their unlimited status.  Not so sure about the T-mobile as competition idea because AT&T does not offer new unlimited...
 The problem could be something other than Yosemite. Do you have an older Mac, TV or Airport Express on your network? Some older devices use incompatible versions of discoveryd that can corrupt Bonjour dns cache. Try turning off those devices then reboot your Yosemite machine. Then turn on the wifi. That should establish a clean cache. Then when you turn on the older devices, they will use the current clean cache. Kind of a hassle when you come and go because when you get...
Interest you pay on business loans is usually a deductible business expense.
 It depends on what you search for and where you are, but I don't usually get any ads when searching on Google. I don't mind the 10 Adwords text links on the right or the first sponsored link. In some cases DuckDuck has way more ads. Try searching for the word 'coffee' on each for a nice example. DuckDuck has a whole slew of photo ads for coffee products, Google just points you to the nearest coffee shops and gives you the food specifications of coffee. Try it.
They could make the purchase button in their app say something like: "Pay $13 dollars here in the app or go to our website and pay only $10."   Let the customer decide.
He also wrote the screen reader used in Windows and the voice accessibility used in most ATMs. He said he wished Apple had come to him for some help with theirs.
I have a close friend who has been blind for 40 years as a result of a car accident. He finally switched to iPhone from a really old Nokia about a year ago. He has nothing but complaints about iPhone/iOS. I mean he really, really hates it. He is a Windows computer expert, incredibly a very successful programmer and he just doesn't like the way iOS works. He has a lot of issues some of which he has resolved with a lot of searching on the internet.   He actually wrote a...
Stanford University sold an exclusive license to Google
This conclusion makes no sense to me. Hardware is only commoditized in the Android world where Apple has no software or service offerings, search or otherwise.
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