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Flash export to QuickTime works fine, but you need to know how to configure the settings and it is best to have your frame rate doubled first. Personally I use png sequences because then every frame is pristine. Importing swf into AfterEffects is another fantastic way to leverage the power and ease of use of Flash to get quality animations into video. So many TV commercials are made this way. 
I'm liking this deal even less than Beats.
IBM is using Apple to get customers onto their own Bluemix Marketplace. iPads are ok for simple business tasks when you are on the go, but the type of services IBM is offering are far more intense than anything you would want to do sitting at the gate waiting for your flight.    Seriously take a look at their website and tell me if any of the services they are offering are something you would expect people use on an...
I have no problem with PayPal. Works for me. What is your complaint with them? I don't know anything about Square.
Google is pretty smart so I suspect you are correct about them knowing there is an alternate page, however that in itself, is a major change for Google because previously the bot would never execute any Javascript for concern of being attacked or trapped in a loop. But until we learn more I would still be interested to know the threshold as it could be relevant to both the end user and also to the developer who would probably like to know if they need to make changes to...
Perhaps they have wisely switched to iPhones. I don't see it that way at all. I think what is happening is that Flash is now being reduced to a role where it belongs and should have always been. The reason Flash became so ubiquitous is because Apple, Microsoft and Google were stupidly battling for control of Internet video with incompatible formats, which is still going on to some extent, so in a way, Steve Jobs was partly responsible for the ascendance of Flash. Flash is...
Where does it say "Mostly Flash". I wonder what amount of Flash will trigger this response and does Google know whether or not the developer already has an alternate page to show iOS users when they land on the site. People who use Flash to design the navigation and interface of a website are clueless. Maybe some really old sites still have that but anything new should never use Flash for anything other than complex technical presentations that would be too difficult or...
…was released? disseminated? publicized?
I think in this case 'collectable' means that if it comes in multiple styles and colors, people might buy several. It is sort of like the wife's collection of shoes. It is fashion not just utility. Personally I think it is a ridiculous product for Apple to get into, but that is just me, I don't like wristwatches. 
This rumor was originally delayed by an alleged glitch in an algorithm used by a Taiwanese rumor generation firm, but the problem was rectified so this rumor was ultimately delivered on schedule.
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