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For me it would be Tim Cook holding one up at the key note or perhaps Gizmodo stealing one.
If your iPhone GPS is that inaccurate, you should take it in an get it replaced. Mine is accurate within about a meter or two, even inside in my home.
It does. They were accused of those violations back in the early 2000s and they cleaned it up to earn a very favorable rating now. 
No one is defending murder. No doubt there is a lot of hate in the Middle East, but Dubai is rated as the best city in the entire Middle East and has a human rights ranking higher than the US. It is certainly not a bad place for an Apple store. 
But Maps is an app that uses Google services. I have no experience with Android, however I asked because I thought that it was possible to side load apps from other sources that Google did not control.
Apple could comply obviously but what about Google? Do they have a remote delete ability?
I have a lot of experience in typesetting. In the print industry, the plates are imaged at 2400+ dpi for artwork, which includes vector shapes and text. It doesn't matter how high the resolution is, if the text is below 4-5 point size, at least 50% of humans will not be able to read it without magnification. Now put that same text in a gray color on a lighter gray background and the percent of the population that can read it probably drops to around 25% and even less if...
I need to force myself to learn these new applications. I bought them all when they were released but every time I need to do a video I alway revert to FCP 7 because I know it.
 I think it works much better on the bottom. 1) I like to keep my phone upside down in my front pocket so when I grab it, I have the home button as a grip location, safer not to let it slip plus it is in the proper orientation to view the screen when just checking the time, hence the earphone plug is a better fit pointing up when it is in my pocket. 2) If the jack is on the top, the wire is hanging down sometimes getting in the way of using the screen, 3) If the plug is on...
New Posts  All Forums: