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I wish Siri, and auto spell correction for that matter, could work within a bilingual environment. For me, I type messages and emails in English and Spanish and it is a pain to have to switch the languages in the settings. There should be a setting with checkboxes to select which languages you use. There are many people who use more than one language, like half the population of Europe and perhaps a third of us in Southern California. Most business people around the world...
Two different things. Apple doesn't have the encryption key to a user's phone but they definitely have the encryption key to the files on the server otherwise they would not be able to serve any of your files such as iCloud documents, iTunes, email, or anything else you might view in a browser.
 In my opinion an iPad Pro would only be "Pro" if the professional needed to be mobile. If someone was working long hours as a graphic artist, an iPad is absolutely horrible from an ergonomic perspective regardless of its digital performance.
If you consider a real wood, graphite and rubber eraser pencil, you will notice that the graphite is a sharpened point and the eraser has a stubby flat profile. You can draw extremely fine detail, but you can only erase broad areas. With the Apple Pencil you can erase with the same level of precision that you can draw.
That was my initial thought as well, but it does seem incredibly inefficient constantly storing and deleting what could be a long duration of high MB images while you are waiting for the right shot, and it still doesn't answer the question of the flash. If it is recording continuously without the flash and then you trip the shutter and the flash goes on, it seems like the exposure might be completely different in some cases.
I can understand how the camera can take some more photos after the shot, but how does it know to take some photos before you release the shutter? If the flash is required, wouldn't the portion of the photos before the actual shot have a different exposure? Very confusing. I hope they are not just recording for one second after the shutter release and then choosing the middle image in the sequence as your static shot. The shot I usually want is the one when I release the...
In my experience AT&T has always been very helpful in working out your options. Perhaps you should call them. Unless you are really strapped for cash and can't afford the first month loan payment without first selling your current phone, I think you'd be better off paying the early termination fee (approximately $200+) and then have AT&T, or whoever, legally unlock your phone before you sell it. Adding a new line is only $10 and you will more than make up that difference...
 I'm sure you can continue your current plan if you want, just like always. I think there will be some legal requirements in the fine print for the loan program. They probably want to make sure that it is activated as an end user and not a scalper. Although if you were a scalper you could probably activate it with the minimum data plan and cancel after one month and still be able to ship it overseas for a profit.
At time code 30:48 of the video, Jony says that it can be used simultaneously with the finger. Not sure what that means but right after that the video shows what appears to be two really brief scenes of the artist resting the drawing hand on the screen.
One thing they didn't talk about with the Pencil is how they avoid unintentional touches with the drawing hand. Anyone who has used real art pencils knows that resting one's hand on the artwork is often necessary to stabilize the pencil for precise work. In real pencil art they make a one or two fingered glove to avoid smudging the art with your little finger. Perhaps they need something like that to prevent touches while using the pencil. In the video demonstrations...
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