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In California restraints on trade, aka non-compete agreements, are illegal and void for employees and independent contractors.
Perhaps if they stopped using WWDC as a platform for announcing new products and software and instead used it for training and developer enhancements, they could have a dedicated staff to travel throughout the world holding developer conferences much like Adobe does. And also stop calling WWDC because obviously, they have very limited availability for the world. How would you like to be on a development team where only a random member of your team was allowed to attend?
I think they see Schiller as an easy mark in their attempt to discredit the entire company by association. The fact that the documents reveal Schiller's single focus is on trying to turn things around from a marketing perspective is because he feels the company doesn't have any faith in their own IP as being strong enough to protect them from the onslaught of Samsung products and marketing prowess, hence the patents are worthless. They are attempting to present a deductive...
USB keyboards still don't work completely on Windows or Linux because unlike Macs the USB driver loads after the bios which means you cannot access the bios, and unfortunately that is necessary more often than it should be with Windows. I have to keep an old serial keyboard around just to interrupt the boot to get to the bios. Those keyboards are difficult to find in a computer store, although I would imagine they are still available online. I always thought it was crazy...
Except to change the inputs from your TV to your Apple TV. I still like the physical buttons on the remote better, especially for channel surfing, Guide info and muting or volume adjustments. If the iPhone goes to sleep, you have to enter your password and look at the screen to make any selection. Kind of a hassle (Touch ID would simplify it if you have that). No look, no login is better in my opinion. I personally only used Remote app once to test it when it first came...
Sounds like we need a compatible standard communications protocol, not three proprietary systems. I imagine it to be sort of like gasoline. The car doesn't care what brand it is, it just needs to be formulated to a standard. The problem is AirPlay or CarPlay is patented and any similar functionality from the other providers will likely be as well.
I agree with the in street data for self driving cars. I was unaware that currently the actual map tiles were being sent via cellular for these new smartphone linked in-dash systems. The onboard system must also have its own static map data right? For people who do not have their phone paired.
I would guess that it will always be server based except in respect to functions that deal directly with the device, such as adjusting the brightness. It just makes sense. There are gazillions of database records on the search engines and the data changes all the time. How could anyone expect to have that on the phone itself and keep it synchronized?  Just because Siri is slow doesn't mean the network is bogged down. It is probably the Siri backend servers that are causing...
How many people get their nav data live in their in-car system? Not very many I would suspect. Most people don't update their map data ever. For my BMW they charged me $200 to upgrade my onboard map data. I had to do it because so many highway on ramp location around LA have been redesigned that I was constantly missing exits. Although speed limits don't change that often I would not trust the data if it was a year or two old. 
Sure but having a map take you down a one way street the wrong way is considered a very serious problem. I would imagine erroneous posted speed data could be just as hazardous.
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