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What did you buy? I went with all GE Profile. Highest rated but complete crap in my opinion. I had the refrigerator replaced the first week. The dishwasher had to be serviced twice in the first month and now the microwave circuit board failed as well. I was able to fix it, twice. It apparently is a known defect. You have to disassemble it and clean the connectors on a ribbon cable which get dirty from cooking.  I don't hate Samsung. I just want the best products for my...
Teach that to Tim Cook.
I'm sure the screen is bright and saturated, but is it color accurate? It makes sense to stick with your own ecosystem though. If you have a Samsung phone then a Samsung tablet fits. My ecosystem is all Apple so I would never consider a Samsung device. All the important people in my life have iOS so iMessage and Facetime are must haves for me. 
They don't care. It was a friend of a friend who stole the parts. Feng.com put their logo on the images so they are taking credit for it.
Geesh...AI, get some bandwidth or learn how to make thumbnails. Also reexport those png on the top you can save about 90% file size
Because it is a temporary structure, I doubt it will actually have a second floor. You would need a full reinforced concrete foundation to support load bearing beams. The public safely requirements would be too extensive for a multi-level building that was just to be used for one day. The shape doesn't seem like it would have very good acoustics for a concert either.
That would make sense actually. Because of supply chain constraints they won't be able to release everything at once anyway.  In addition to new hardware I wouldn't be surprised if they announce some new cloud features, partnerships, iOS functionality, software, etc.
No, not with dots without leading zeros. We only use the Y-m-d H:i:s format for computing.
Do you think Gizmodo got an invitation?
Good to see Apple using a proper date format. /s
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