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So is YouTube phasing out HTML video. For me like 80% of the videos don't load unless I restore Flash in Ghostery. Can't figure it out. Of course when you enable Flash YouTube inundates you with ads but the videos work immediately.
There is a ton of open tuning guitar music over at www.youtube.com/candyrat
Yeah. Slack Key is pretty cool stuff. Here is another example of alternate tuning. Jane looks like she is enjoying it. 
Not really just, that Martin guitar sounds better than that particular Gibson. I have lots of guitars but no Gibson right now, used to. I always liked the Les Paul though. I never did think much of their acoustics. I have a Martin D35 and a couple other acoustics, one Spanish made classical and the other a Larrivee bronze string. All my electrics are Fender as are my amps.
They are using a lot of past tense. "Shit just changed! Forbes list came out just 2 weeks ago and now they need to change it."
That Martin guitar of Bromberg's sounds so much nicer than that crappy Gibson from your other video post.
Wow. I followed a link in that article to this page. Just Wow! http://bgr.com/2014/05/09/apple-beats-acquisition-dr-dre/
His theory was that herding of farm animals and being in close proximity to their germs gave humans in Europe immunities to many diseases that were deadly to non-europeans. I don't agree with a lot of his theory which I believe is overly simplistic and sidesteps the inherent human characteristics such as self determination and greed. Much of early technology leading to steel was developed from war and the europeans were generally warlike societies. Another aspect of...
Your comments are closed minded and prejudiced. Music is a continuously changing art form. Art by its very nature is expressive. You may not appreciate an artist's work but that doesn't mean it is not art.  Some people attribute the first rap song to actually play on the radio to a white female. Check out Rapture by Blondie http://vimeo.com/24801226 Also, I believe you mentioned you have a connection to Brasil so you might relate to this artist:Emicida, especially the...
Well then you are going to have to put up with random strangers. Coffee shops are social by nature. People go there to interact. Slightly off topic but something else that I also find rather antisocial is when people are in line at the counter of the coffee shop and they are talking on the phone and even when it their turn to order they still stay on the phone. I've seen people even hold up a their index finger to gesture "Just a moment, can't you see I'm on the phone.",...
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