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Glad you recognized where I came up with that shape. There are a few designs that have all four sides curved but lots that have the two long sides curved with the short sides straight.
So the new name is CRT Curved Quadrilateral better put the /s
It can be defined much like the Reuleaux triangle so we should be able to find its area. 
I was looking for the name of a four sided shape that had two pairs of opposing sides of equal length but the sides were truncated circles sort of like a Reuleaux triangle but with four sides instead of three. I don't think there is a name for this shape. 
In the long run we'd all be a lot better off without Christmas. I've really come to dislike that holiday. It just screws everything up with family budgets, travel congestion, drunk drivers, religious tensions, kids off from school, etc. What a pain in the ass. Mandatory greeting cards for businesses...Bah humbug! Also, why don't students go to school year round? The kids just forget everything they learned the year before over the summer and the parents have to pay for...
 I'm pretty sure I'm not buying an iWatch. My iPhone screen is already too small. I can't imaging trying to read text on a watch screen. Perhaps it will be useful for telling time, but I don't really care what time it is and my iPhone already does that.
Does any one remember that there was one land owner who refused to sell? Is that the property with the orange roof at the bottom right corner in the beginning and also in the foreground near the end?
Pretty sweet. Looks fabulous. I like the music a lot too, however, in the beginning of the track I'm hearing some high static in the right channel. Is anyone else hearing that too or do I need to head over to the Apple store for some new headphones? I'm using my older Sony phones at work right now. My new AKG set is at home so I can't test it.
Sounds like you are spreading yourself thin. You are the one who is not objective. You are all Amazon, all the time. You are not convincing anyone here. You are totally wasting your time. But you know that. You just need to keep piling on the BS because it is apparently what you are paid to do. Very few developers, even iOS developers post here because they don't have the time. They are busy developing. You apparently have all the time in the world even though you...
Plus he has iPad, Android, Windows phone, Fire, Fire TV, Apple TV, Google TV, etc, etc. Only a developer would have all that stuff on hand to compare and evaluate.
New Posts  All Forums: