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It is not pure capitalism because they are stealing a resource from Apple. Apple's reputation for excellent customer service is tarnished by their actions.
1. Apple IDs are free. 2. Only around 7% of adults in East Asia and the Pacific own credit cards.   http://www.gallup.com/poll/154340/credit-cards-formal-loans-rare-developing-countries.aspx   Not sure what solution is available that doesn't penalize or inconvenience the end user.   Personally, I unlink my credit card from iTunes after each purchase.
The less complex the mold, the looser tolerance to specifications, the less refinement by hand is required.  Just as an example I have a friend who works on CNC for aerospace and they are so dedicated to precision that they take a titanium part and machine it for a few minutes then put it back in storage for a day to keep it from overheating. Then take it out the next day and machine it for a few more minutes over and over/. It is a matter of degrees
Almost none. I have observed injection molding operations for our own products where there is not even anyone observing the machine, The pieces just drop into a bin and are carted off when full but no direct involvement is required in the process unlike our CNC operations where a dedicated operator is observing every step of the operation.   Sometimes if you are molding several units in a single injection you do need to cut and separate them from the tree which involves...
No it has to do with a properly run shop as per your argument. Same manufacturer same designer. The specific product is not at issue.
Good point however it does not explain events such as aluminum dust in the polishing station to explode as happened at Foxconn   With the current design there are literally dozens of mishaps in the wings. Even a slightly misaligned foil stamping in the last stage creates a throwaway. In the leaked designs they have selected black screen print which if accidental misaligned can be recovered with a little solvent and reapply the ink.
Because the multi-step process required for the machined aluminum parts is more complicated with the proximity to shape instruments in the subsequent steps verses the one step process of injection molding.
I believe the poster was referring to susceptibility of scratching during the manufacturing process when it is being moved around in the assembly line in proximity to sharp instruments as it was in reply in that context.   I have no complaints about the anodized surface when in normal use. I've had my iPhone 5, white, since release day, still scratch free, and I don't use a case of any sort. I did use a case for a couple weeks at first fearing that the surface might...
That is complete bullshit. Quit trying to twist my comments into something that was not said or intended. I never said that Apple HAS better yields with injection molding only that typically in manufacturing, in general, this is commonly the case. The one and only point I am making is that machining, anodizing, polishing etc is vastly more difficult, more prone to problems and more expensive than injection molding. If you find something in error with that opinion please...
I would disagree with this. I much prefer surfing the web and using email on my 30" Cinema screen with a mouse. I have purchased a few iPads and they are an inferior experience to an actual computer in a number of ways. Their primary benefit is that they are extremely light and portable. They are also more secure but inferior in virtually every other factor in my opinion.
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