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I would argue that it is not better for consumers. I know you are trying to make your position sound favorable but it is a smoke screen. You are just repeating the party line. There is no logical reason for the people benefitting from the service to not pay for it. I'm sure you would argue that someone who receives assistance from the government needs to pull their own weight and stop freeloading. How can you argue there is any difference when bandwidth hogs get a free...
These cable television companies aren't really all that big when it comes to networks. AT&T, CenturyLink, Cogent, Deutsche Telekom, GTT , Level 3 Communications, NTT Communications, OpenTransit, Sprint, Tata Communications, Seabone, Telefonica, TeliaSonera, Verizon, XO Communications, Zayo Group These are the tier 1 providers and none of them except AT&T and Verizon sell any consumer level TV service and they are really minor players in that industry. All the cable...
The irony here is that is exactly what will happen without net neutrality. The cable companies will throttle the streaming content to make sure it is crap so they can un-level the playing field and deliver their own preferred content uninterrupted.
Typical Republican thinking. Get the money from someone else. No new taxes. You want to increase military spending, but there is no money for it, so lets close down public education and take their money to build bombs. If the citizens want a bigger military then let them pay for it. None of this rob Peter to pay Paul nonsense. If video streamers want to stream 24/7, let them pay for it themselves.
  The way I see it is that the problem all started with cable offering unlimited bandwidth to residential consumers during the ISDN vs. Cable Internet delivery wars. At that point there was no fiber optics and offering unlimited bandwidth over coax was possible but ISDN providers could not match that service with twisted pair copper. Jump ahead 20 years and the US cable companies have a near monopoly in Internet delivery to residential customers. Now with all the video...
There are plenty more where they came from. Smart and honest people don't usually go into politics. They don't have the stomach for it.
If the cellular industry can have MVNOs why can't internet providers? I want my dumb pipe!
As usual, I disagree with everything you say.
My remarks were certainly not intended to be a personal attack. I'm sorry if you interpreted them as such. I wish only the best for you personally. I simply disagree with your political stance on just about everything.
That is correct at 30fps but in what scenario would you need to move full uncompressed video across a network in real time?
New Posts  All Forums: