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What's the big deal about using an iPhone to pay at a brick and mortar store? If Apple accepts a payment, they just have to turn around and bill your credit card through VISA or whoever. Why complicate matters? I can just use my VISA to start with.   Perhaps it makes sense for digital stuff you buy from Apple using Touch ID but groceries or gas…why?   If something goes wrong with fraud or stolen card, you still have to contact the bank. Why should people want to make...
Totally agree and would add that it also serves as an employee retention benefit.
Profit is the stuff you put in the bank. This is operating expenses. $5 billion worth.
I'd be surprised if Apple didn't have dozens of web cams on site, but I doubt they'll ever share it with us.
I appreciate you being so frugal with your carbon footprint. That means there is more for me, and I really know how to waste it, although I am planning to put in solar next year, just because electricity costs so much and the provider is unreliable.
The logistics of bringing green power into an urban shopping mall is not as easy as putting up some solar and wind installation out in the open spaces and feeding it back into the grid. Then you just pick up your power from the regular provider at your retail store location but your net fossil fuel usage is zero.
How's the popcorn Soli?
That is tin foil hat territory so I can't speculate on that. All I know is that if I was in the knowledgeable position that Google was in I would have notified Cisco and Juniper first because like with any cyber threat, we always try to stop the attack as far upstream as possible and they didn't do that so I hold them accountable for negligence against public safety.
If you consider Akamai and CloudFlare as bigs and the federal government, banks, router / infrastructure providers and social media as not big then I consider you confused.
I was unaware that OpenSSL required any NDAs. It was my understanding that only Google was requiring NDAs. I said a few weeks not several, but perhaps I should have said a couple weeks.
New Posts  All Forums: