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AT&T voice has always been poor. Their towers or back end is really jammed which makes the data slow. Surprisingly, in mountains of Panama with only 4G (we are getting LTE next year)  the data is much faster than OC in California. And the voice quality is superb. So much for the third world being behind in telecommunications. Of course we have unsightly cell towers all over the place.
You are with Verizon right? We switched to the AT&T shared plan with all of our devices. It costs about the same as before but since I'm the biggest data hog, it is nice to be able to use the shared data.
Same here but I also carry my wireless hotspot. I had the Sierra Wireless before, now I have the new AT&T NetGear which is a lot nicer, and like the previous device, it too is internationally unlocked, which is a must for me.
I haven't been following Chrome because it is of no interest to me personally, since I need a full computer. I don't even use my two iPads very much, at least not at home. Mostly I use my iMac at home and my Mac Pro at work. I prefer a large monitor and comfortable ergonomic desk. What is ironic for me is, prior to getting an iPad, when I traveled, I carried a MBP because I need a full computer, but now I carry both the MBP and an iPad so my luggage got heavier with the...
I think it is amusing how history sometimes repeats itself even in the unlikely tech sector. I recall back in the early 90s when having a computer in the home was not all that common. At that time, my aunt bought some email only machine because having to learn a computer seemed too daunting for her, and the only thing she was interested in doing was email. Now things are coming full circle in that many people are finding out that they don't need a full computer to do the...
I guess you get your feelings hurt pretty easily. Actually Apple had voice recognition long before Google existed. It came standard on my Quadra 840 AV but it didn't work worth a damn. Google built their voice recognition entirely in-house. Apple is still licensing theirs. Personally, I wish Apple could implement their own, but between Google and Nuance there probably isn't a lot of room patent-wise.
Have not used Google Now. Don't even know what it is but as far as the Siri comparison, I use Google Voice Search all the time. I believe that technology was home grown using the now defunct Goog 411 which was a beta phone number look up service that was developed by Google to perfect their voice recognition technology and was abandoned once the voice to text algorithms were ready for prime time. They didn't need to acquire a company for that unlike Apple who had to buy...
Cool! I have on reliable insider info that Apple is developing a mind controlling implant that makes you stupid and empties your wallet. Google struggling to keep up with Apple innovation. Apple fans queue up at the 5th Avenue store to be the first to get the brain implant.
Fine, but other than acquiring other companies for their technology, innovation is simply building a a better mouse trap and Google has done that in spades.
I think you are projecting what you personally wish to happen for Google but it significantly underestimates their impact on the internet connected world. First, perhaps you have heard of YouTube. That is a huge part of people's daily lives. Also just plain search. Almost everyone uses Google when they need to find the facts, with no intention of clicking on any ads. It is even a verb like Photoshop. Next, I would say that many companies actually do use their advertising...
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