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Are you telling me the USA, the greatest country in thew world, can't do what they're doing in China?  Really? Apple has $190 BILLION stashed in Ireland theyuu haven't paid taxes on.Tim Cook is worth hundreds of Millions. Look I know all these huge corps do it but this article is specifically talking about Apple. But no one is making them create hundreds of thousands of jobs overseas instead of here.  We all have a choice. 
Of course our government is involved. These huge companies use the extra billions in profits, stashing them overseas, and not paying taxes to buy our politicians.If it wasn't worth it to them to do it they woundn't be.And thanks to Citizen's United it's much worse, unlimited, anonymous, and totally legal.
Regardless of either of their comments there's no denying that Apple and other huge comapnies have exploited cheap labor overseas to make hundreds of billions in profits while screwing over the American workforce. There's zero patriotism in that.
I guess that was interesting.  I don't know I got bored though.  The video definitely helped.  Judging just by the music It was kinda repetitive. Im openminded though.  Throw some other things at me.  I enjoy seeing new things I otherwise would never know about!
Although the ads look nice I wasn't very impressed with the 'artists'. There has to be better stuff out there doesn't there?
So the pencil only works with the pro? Do we have to wait for 2 more years until the force touch trickles down the iPad mini to get the pencil?
 Your political comments are freaking hilarious.  They make you sound like a 5th grader at best.  Commies...Obama...yadda yadda fox news yadda... We are trillions in debt not from helping poor and middle class people but from giving it all to the rich.  PERIOD. Right now the 6 families of Walmart own more wealth than half the entire country.  Right now any Billionaire can anonymously legally donate as much as they want to anyone.  They've shown in studies that whomever...
The last thing we need is a tax holiday. We need to change the tax code so these companies are always paying taxes like the rest of us.
Guess they had to make a big deal About the video since the song completely sucks. And I'm neutral about eminem, like some dont like some.
Does anyone have the link on apple to check their serial number?  Thanks!
New Posts  All Forums: