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I'm with some of the other posters-no more Lacie for me. Way too many of them died and bad customer service. I dont' care what they come out with, I won't buy it.
Awesome. Now for the love of God can Facebook please do the same thing?!
Of course the conservatives (and I'm not a liberal) are the same ones saying our debt is destroying us while they champion huge billion dollar companies paying zero taxes. And all while saying we need even more trillions for their military contractor buddies. Who do these morons think pays if billion dollar companies don't?
Then they need to leave for good.  You get to use the US, the military, and the infrastructure to make it where you are, then F'ing pay your taxes like the rest of us.     Corporate profits are at an all time high, stock marklet all time high, wages lowest ever.  Lobbying, Citizen's United, companies buying our government-  F that.  Period.
All online purchase should be taxed and eventually they will.  Just wait, it's already started on Amazon in several states and it will eventually go nationwide.
I love Apple but they need to pay their taxes like the rest of us, along with the other corporate welfare recipients!
Sounds like another wall street douchabag to me. By the way apple pay your taxes like the rest of us.
The phone is fine.  If you want something bigger get a tablet.  Seriously who wants to carry something that big?  I think the iphone 5 is perfect combination of both.
What sales? Who's actually buying these things? I've been dying to buy a new Mac Pro for years but there's o way I'm spending several thousand on such old tech. How long have thunderbolt ports been out? So much for a 'PRO' machine...
Maybe they should make a mac and someone will buy one.     I've been wanting to buy a new Mac Pro for 3 years but I'm not spending several thousand on several year old tech.  Aren't APPLE the biggest company in the world?   You can make iphones and mac pros you know.  It's possible.
New Posts  All Forums: