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In other words- they work for Apple. If Apple products weren't made there they wouldn't be making them. Again, I love Apple products and admire the company in many ways, screwing Americans for cheap labor sure ain't one of them. I know it's not Apple and most American companies are doing it. So f'ing what. The CEO's and upper managements are destroying America for greed. It's freaking pitiful.
Maybe he should stay there. I love Apple products but seriously how can you still call them an American company when 99.9% of the workers aren't Americans?
UH, yeah ya think! And I love Apple products but give me an f'ing break. Yeah they don't have enough. ONly 98 Billion in CASH. Meanwhile people are out of work and loosing their houses... I could not agree more. Too bad the entire Republican party thinks it should all be tax free and corporate taxes should be zero. Meanwhile none of these big companies pays taxes anyways. What a joke, and it ain't funny...
I agree. What's wrong with the current Credit card system in cabs anyway? Works fine for me.
I completely agree.
Could not agree more.
Apple, just threaten to take away all the jobs. That would shut them up real F'ing fast. Meanwhile I wish you really did had the balls, leadership, and insight over pure financial greed, to actually do it and bring them back to America...
Couldn't agree more. Look me up. I've been saying it for years. Jobs' legacy should have ended with 'Jobs creates Jobs'... instead he only cared about the money, just like all the other CEOs destroying the country and bribing our politicians.
Dear China, You've stolen billions of dollars of intellectual property over several decades from us. Go F yourself. Sincerely, America
Agreed. And the jobs in the US just keep on going...all for greed and profits....oh and I guess for lobbying money too, can't forget that.
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