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There is not a single 'Editor worth their paying for and with half a brain' that switches to using any brand new software immediately after it is released, as a professional and stable environment in which to work with clients.
Have fun. I HATE Avid.
For the most part I agree. The thing that really gets me though, it that it's not backwards compatible. That really sucks and unfortunately will never be addressed.
Totally agree. I used to recommend LaCie products to tons of people, until they all starting breaking and I had to deal with their horrible customer support. I'll never buy from them again. I'll wait until OWC comes out with their new drives.
So, again, just use the old version until they add in those features you need 6 months from now. Dude, I'm an editor for my career as well. There's no way I would ever upgrade to some new software no matter who it's from for at least 6 months and more likely a year. Even if it had ALL the little features you wanted it still would be buggy and not work right. They gotta work that stuff out. If update after update Apple says it will add things that then never seem to...
So many whiners and complainers bitching and moaning. What a bunch of little babies. Just use the older version. No one is telling you you can't. 99.9 percent of clients have no clue what you're using and honestly could care less if the end product looks good. Personally I think your'e an idiot to upgrade to new software the week it comes out anyways. I've never in my life upgraded to something new and there NOT been problems. Just like I won;t be upgrading to Lion...
I don't care what 'points' you seem to think you are illustrating. The facts are in. The rich have gotten tremendously richer while the middle class has gotten poorer. The rich are paying the lowest taxes ever while millions of people are out of work and are loosing their houses. All while taxes are at the lowest in 60 years, despite whatever GOP lies they are telling. Your Republicans big business tactacs are done. People aren't falling for this crap anymore.
Exactly what? They have BILLIONS of dollars in cash while the rest the people in this country are loosing their jobs and their houses. Forclosures are going through the roof. So what exactly are your points?
You have to be joking right? This is the most ridiculous comment I've read on here yet. Socialists? Where in the world do people get this stuff? Fox news I guess. You all do realize taxes are the lowest in 60 years right? Here's a short 2 min video to illustrate what's going on and to show how the rich are now paying the lowest taxes in US history and the middle class is getting screwed. I think lot of people need to see...
So your idea is to create a better world by slowing raping the planet and taking advantage of the poor guy, wherever he may be, until even he has a few rights? Sounds pretty freaking screwed up to me. That's most positive sounding Republican big businesses spin I've ever heard.Don;t forget unemployment is ridiculously up and we're trillions in debt with no jobs coming back...
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