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Totally agree.
Yeah I figured people would immediately scream socialism, communism, or some other bull.We are already living with wealth distribution, it's called working and taxes and it's good for everyone. The problem is that the separation of rich and poor and balance of equality is off
The facts are in... in America, the rich have gotten richer, and at the same time the middle class and poor are now poorer. All I'm saying is that maybe the rich could maybe be less rich, only have 100 million in savings instead of 10 billion. No one on the planet needs that much money while the rest of the planet suffers. And maybe the middle and lower class could afford health insurance and a house.
And so has inflation as well as the number of people on the planet. This doesn't really mean anything.
Yup. Agreed and true.
Dude? What?! Anyone on the planet, and I mean anyone, who is rich, has become richer at the expense of someone or something else. Period. You're logic sounds a little nuts. Could you explain more?Here's a little chart to show how the middle and lower class are consistently getting poorer.http://news.yahoo.com/s/yblog_theloo...-to-record-low... and we all know the rich are definitely getting richer and using that money to buy influence in government to again, get even...
I agree they will never do it, but wouldn't it be nice if Apple moved to Detroit and did build factories there? In terms of the unions, maybe they could make a deal, pay people a reasonable wage that doesn't completely devalue their life (like we do all over the rest of the planet) and maybe Apple's profits could be 10 billion instead of 70 billion, and the top executives could only make 10 million a year each instead of who knows what they're making now.
Seriously dude? This is the same thinking that has getting us into the mess we are in. "We need gov't to get out of business way..." How's about screw big business, Wall Street, and the bankers. They are the source of most of the world's problems. Rich getting richer and screwing over the rest of the planet. This argument is so tired it's beyond me. Shouldn't you be watching Fox news or something?
So sick of hearing this... Maybe the CEOs, Wall Street, and Bankers could only make 10 million a year instead of 30 million. This is the same excuse that rich people always use against the unions. And it ridiculous. You can;t blame regular middle class people for wanting to raise a family and be regular middle class people. I know unions have their owns issues so I'm not discounting them, but do we really need people making 30 or 40 million a year every year? How...
Because not every job can be 'upper class'. We need manufacturing jobs. There's a reason 10% of the country is unemployed...
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