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Seriously dude? This is the same thinking that has getting us into the mess we are in. "We need gov't to get out of business way..." How's about screw big business, Wall Street, and the bankers. They are the source of most of the world's problems. Rich getting richer and screwing over the rest of the planet. This argument is so tired it's beyond me. Shouldn't you be watching Fox news or something?
So sick of hearing this... Maybe the CEOs, Wall Street, and Bankers could only make 10 million a year instead of 30 million. This is the same excuse that rich people always use against the unions. And it ridiculous. You can;t blame regular middle class people for wanting to raise a family and be regular middle class people. I know unions have their owns issues so I'm not discounting them, but do we really need people making 30 or 40 million a year every year? How...
Because not every job can be 'upper class'. We need manufacturing jobs. There's a reason 10% of the country is unemployed...
Couldn't agree more. Be a real leader. Being jobs home. Period.Talk about something you could brag about."Jobs bring jobs..." Does a headline get any better than this?
Apple should jut buy Netflix and Spotify and call it a done deal. They have hoards of cash and it will keep Microsoft away. Just my 2 cents.
What's Samsung valued at? Would it be totally bad business for Apple to just buy them? Just an idea.
Couldn't agree more.(more politics again...sorry)Anyone see the list put out last week showing were your tax dollars are spent?20% on militaryanother 2.8 of something on Homeland Security.Education 2.9%.What a joke. No wonder we have a nation of inbred idiots and thugs and can't built prisons fast enough. Who cares how safe your country is (which it isn't anyways...) when it's full of backwards white trash and prisoners...Others countries with an educated population will...
Does this really surprise anyone? I mean the army is full of idiots, why would they want to do something smart? Anyone remember the story where insurgents in Afghanistan were tracking our million dollar drones with scraps made from Radio shack parts that costs about $3.50? More waste of taxpayer dollars... (getting political...) We'd be a lot better off (and a hell of a lot smarter with a hell of a lot less social problems) switching the military and...
Only thing I wish is that everything would go slightly darker. White and more white is hard on the eyes when staring at a computer all day.
I wish Adobe combine it's software instead of fracture it. They could make 6 different products that do what currently 25 or who knows have many do. And it's all this way to make it seem like you get more for your money. Sucks and makes actually using the stuff more complex than it needs to be.
New Posts  All Forums: