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Man do I agree. Neither of the ipad videos will play for me. Haven't worked all day. Yet they make a big deal about flash? Seriously what's up?!
No kidding. I think Ives does great work, but there are plenty of young talented new designers who are just waiting for a chance.
Sounds like you're out in the burbs or Texas. No wonder you want to leave. You're in the wrong American city...
Couldn't agree more. What a stupid name. Seriously, just stick with Light Peak. Is this Thor's computer? So stupid...
There's room for grand theft auto and whatever games you like as well. If you don't like something don't buy it. But Rockstar makes some of the hottest games that take in hundreds of millions of $.
I agree with you for the most part and understand what you're saying, but if they bought out the biggest developer they could keep all of those games off the ps3 and xbox and corner the market. I'm not even a huge fan of ea but that would corner the market and Sony and microsoft would be SOL for popular games. Think about how microsoft buying the halo franchise and how that huge that was for them selling consoles. And I'm talkin realgames, not like 99% of the games on...
Apple should buy EA. They could steal the biggest developer and keep it to themselves.
Talk about a good way to piss a lot of people off. I already know of people who are gonna be mad when the 2nd one comes out!
It's hard to debate Fox viewers as being MORE informed, since they really have no clue. I consider myself non-partisan but choose the left more and more as the lesser of two evils. Most government seems owned by big money, but at least Dems have a slight interest in actually helping people instead of killing them. (i.e. Healthcare versus Wars) You may not like Obama, but there are undebatable facts that the majority of FOX news viewers consistently get wrong. The...
Man I totally agree. I've been saying that for a couple years now. Why doesn't Apple make iWeb Pro? That could be awesome!!!
New Posts  All Forums: